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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
ABELE ANNA RABELE JAMPA 0MONTAGUE RD 3194010000000030 M_121463_91987508/13/20092017
AFFERICA, JOAN M (AKA BIALER, JOAN) 70OLD STAGE RD 3194090000000740 M_125869_91834810/06/19662017
AFFERICA, JOAN M (AKA BIALER, JOAN) 0OLD STAGE RD 3194090000000780 M_126199_91845910/06/19662017
AFFERICA, JOAN M (AKA BIALER, JOAN) 0JENNISON RD 3194090000000870 M_126129_91799310/06/19662017
AINSWORTH, GAIL L & KRUTKA, JAY E 70LOCKES VILLAGE RD 3194080000000680 M_125737_92144408/30/19832017
ALBERT, GRACE EC/O PERKINS, ANNE0GATE LN 3194100000000640 M_128860_91944306/14/19932017
ALLEN, CLINTON W TRUSTC/O ALLEN, ARTHER N0DEPOT RD 3194070000000570 M_126827_92352105/31/19962017
AMBO STANLEY 278LOCKES VILLAGE RD 3194090000000110 M_124103_91901507/29/20112017
AMERICAN TOWER MANAGEMENT INC. 70LOCKE HILL RD 3194090000000480 M_125641_91933303/27/20002017
AMIRO, GARY & TRAHAN, SHERRI L 452WENDELL DEPOT RD 3194140000000510 M_129451_92724010/03/20022017
ANDERSON, BRIAN F 5MORSE VILLAGE RD 3194070000000700 M_126404_92239404/30/20042017
ANDERSON, MICHAEL T & JUDITH AC/O JUDITH A ANDERSON31KENTFIELD RD 3194140000000293 M_129734_92716907/29/19882017
ANTONOVITCH, DEBORAHC/O WILDER, DAVID & JUDITH0DEPOT RD 3194140000000560 M_129372_92716405/26/19772017
ARMITSTEAD, LYNNE  172WEST ST 3194010000000240 M_123687_91892309/13/20062017
ARNOLD, GORDON DC/O BONNIE VOSSBRINCK / MARK ARNOLD0JENNISON RD 3194090000000680 M_124606_91819806/01/19792017
ARNOLD, T MATTHEW 10LADYSLIPPER LN 3194090000000453 M_125031_91903607/30/20012017
ARSENAULT, DAVID A & MARTHA J 107WENDELL DEPOT RD 3194070000000460 M_126081_92403403/31/20112017
ARSENAULT, DAVID A & MARTHA J 0WENDELL DEPOT RD 3194070000000470 M_125693_92417103/31/20112017
ASMANN, RICHARD B 23RUSH RD 3194100000000091 M_127046_91934404/02/19912017
AVERY ESTATE, RAYMONDC/O ROBERT AVERY0WENDELL DEPOT RD 3194140000000520 M_129438_927505 2017
AVERY ESTATE, RAYMONDC/O ROBERT AVERY0ROUTE 2 3194140000000230 M_129693_92766701/01/19702017
AVERY ESTATE, RAYMONDC/O ROBERT AVERY0DEPOT RD 3194140000000150 M_129397_92765011/11/19502017
AWARD MICHAEL J 0WEST ST 3194090000000084 M_123940_91924711/08/20052017
AWARD, MICHAEL J 274LOCKES VILLAGE RD 3194090000000082 M_124051_91917812/31/19932017
AWARD, MICHAEL J 0WEST ST 3194090000000097  11/20/20012017
BACIGALUPO, DANIEL F & MINNIE EC/O BACIGALUP0 M AND GORDON M AND S10POSK PLACE 3194040000000610 M_123357_92790604/17/20092017
BADO, CHARLES R & JENNIFER C WHITCOMB 22CHECKERBERRY LN 3194080000000540 M_125998_92011804/25/19862017
BALDWIN, RICHARD D & JOY BRENNEMAN 90BULLARD PASTURE RD 3194080000000880 M_124522_92088406/24/19812017
BALENO CHARLSIE M 50LOCKES VILLAGE RD 3194080000000700 M_125926_92168810/22/20082017
BALLOU, WILLIAM H C/0 ANN LINT 0COOLEYVILLE RD 3194100000000010 M_126795_91938603/10/20322017
BALLOU, WILLIAM H C/O ANN LINT 0COOLEYVILLE RD 3194100000000030 M_126724_91892103/10/20322017
BARILLA, JEROME J 10BLUEBERRY LN 3194080000001010 M_124365_92145402/10/19832017
BARNES, DEBORAH M 0JENNISON RD 3194100000000170 M_127488_91890711/25/19802017
BARNES, PAULA 132LOCKES VILLAGE RD 3194080000000580 M_125586_92052706/22/19942017
BARRETT SEAN 207THOMPSON RD 3194050000000201 M_124527_92725305/14/20102017
BARROS AUDERICIO A 435WENDELL DEPOT RD 3194140000000130 M_129219_92743405/01/20132017
BARRY, JAMES P & KIM K 0NEW SALEM T/L 3194100000000751 M_129464_91918806/17/19922017
BARTLETT, DONALD, II & JOHANNA B 299FARLEY RD 3194040000000411 M_123042_92623402/15/20072017
BAUMAN, JEFFERY & JUDITH STAWARTZ-BAUMAN 52LOCKE HILL RD 3194090000000494 M_125620_91956009/19/19862017
BECK DAVIDBECK ELIZABETH9DAVIS TURN RD 3194120000000370 M_126737_92216906/24/20112017
BECKER, MYRON J & KATHY ANN 136LOCKE HILL RD 3194090000000430 M_124933_91885512/12/19792017
BECKER, MYRON J & KATHY ANN 0LOCKE HILL RD 3194090000000650 M_124983_91880912/12/19792017
BEDAW, LOLA M 49LOCKES VILLAGE RD 3194080000000290 M_126053_92173710/30/19912017
BELANGER, ALBERT & O'REILLY MICHAEL 66FARLEY RD 3194070000000416 M_125158_92401007/16/20042017
BENNETT, THEODORA M 102WEST ST 3194010000000100 M_123604_91986710/19/20012017
BERGMANN, MILTON H JR & FLORENCE E 145WEST ST 3194090000000050 M_123848_91926507/29/19772017
BERNARD, DEAN J & KRISTEN A 50WENDELL DEPOT RD 3194070000000600 M_126311_92312609/09/19972017
BERNARD, DEAN J & KRISTEN A 0DEPOT RD 3194070000000630 M_126801_92305506/22/20002017
BLACKBIRD CHAD MBLACKBIRD MANDY S12BULLARD RD 3194130000000430 M_128538_92424207/05/20112017
BLACKBIRD, THELES J & FLORENCE D 11BULLARD RD 3194130000000320 M_128381_92434305/02/19742017

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