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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
ADAMS, L.P.,INC. 0NONE 1834040000100000 M_71568_89882510/14/19552018
ALBEE, KEITHFORSMAN, TINA117CLARK WRIGHT RD 1834110002900010 M_79426_90077011/30/20162018
ALLEN, AARON & PATRICK, ERIN 17HARRY PEASE RD 1834060006300000 M_74397_90031607/10/20152018
ALLEN, WILLIAM F. JR. , TRUSTEE 83CONE RD 1834100002300020 M_77764_90294305/21/20032018
ALLEN, WILLIAM F. JR., TRUSTEE 0CONE RD 1834100002200000 M_78221_90320705/21/20032018
ALLSOP, ROBIN C. 0CHESTER RD 1834120000700000 M_77098_89758102/08/20062018
ALLSOP, ROBIN C. 0CHESTER RD 1834120000800000 M_77291_89776802/08/20062018
ALMEIDA , JEFFREY M & KELLY M 0RIVER RD 1834100001900000 M_78931_90277210/25/20042018
AMERICAN TEL & TEL CO. 0SKYLINE TRAIL 1834060008900010 M_75459_900512 2018
ARCHETTO, PAUL 0SKYLINE TRAIL 1834110004100000 M_77858_89895702/05/20102018
ARTHUR, DAVID & LINDA 0WEST HILL RD 1834030001500000 M_72715_89986402/09/19892018
ARTIOLI, SCOTT  99ARTHUR PEASE RD 1834070003400000 M_75917_90189004/21/19922018
ASTE, DELILAH 100RIVER RD 1834100003200000 M_79229_90305409/02/19882018
ASTE, DELILAH 0RIVER RD 1834100002000000 M_79184_903156 2018
AUSTIN, THOMAS F. & GLENNIS 97CHIPMAN RD 1834070005300000 M_76719_90243708/01/19832018
BAKER, KENNETH 156CHIPMAN RD 1834110000500010 M_77422_90079812/02/19872018
BAKER, KIM 86CHESTER RD 1834050004800100 M_76970_89797112/03/20012018
BAKER, STEVEN & AMY 71TOWN HILL RD 1834060012000000 M_73654_90004101/31/19912018
BAKER, SUSAN & DAVID 160SKYLINE TRAIL 1834060001400000 M_75168_90098705/12/19892018
BANDOSKI, STANLEY 58CHESTER RD 1834050004800050 M_76637_89849510/14/20142018
BARBER, DANIELBARBER, CATHERINE 140SKYLINE TRAIL 1834070001400000 M_75093_90157310/30/20172018
BARCOME KARL W & CAROL J 199TOWN HILL RD 1834050002500000 M_74080_89655107/31/19952018
BARNETT, DANIEL L. & FINCH, GERARD M. 74ARTHUR PEASE RD 1834070004200000 M_75690_90253705/20/19972018
BAROFF, BURTON 9BELL RD 1834060008600000 M_75693_900761 2018
BARRY, ROBERT 145SKYLINE TRAIL 1834070001900000 M_74870_901306 2018
BARUZZI, ANNE M., TRUSTEE  138SKYLINE TRAIL 1834070001300000 M_75038_90203001/01/19822018
BASAK, BELYNDA A. 107CHIPMAN RD 1834100000400000 M_76928_90216606/21/20172018
BEAUDRY, SUSAN C. 162SKYLINE TRAIL 1834060001500000 M_75191_90096701/30/20062018
BECKETT, RICKEY J. JR. & ELIZABETH A. 0WEST HILL RD 1834030002600000 M_72652_90084812/30/20022018
BEEMAN, THOMAS & CHERRYL 28TOWN HILL RD 1834060006600000 M_74247_90072812/15/20152018
BEEMAN, THOMAS & CHERRYL 32CHESTER RD 1834060004800000 M_76290_89917401/15/20152018
BEEMAN, THOMAS E. & CHERRYL L.  0TOWN HILL RD 1834060006600030 M_74403_90076808/20/20072018
BEEMAN, THOMAS E. & CHERRYL L. 0TOWN HILL RD 1834060006700000 M_74580_90073707/23/20082018
BEEMAN, THOMAS E. & CHERRYL L. 0TOWN HILL RD 1834060009000010 M_75081_90085008/12/20052018
BEEMAN, THOMAS E. & CHERRYL L. 161SKYLINE TRAIL 1834060000300000 M_75072_90093905/28/19932018
BEEMAN, THOMAS E. & CHERRYL L. 0TOWN HILL RD 1834060000200010 M_74907_90097204/27/20012018
BEEMAN, THOMAS E. & CHERRYL L.  0TOWN HILL RD 1834060009500000 M_74855_90063208/12/20052018
BEGIN, SUSANC/O SCHNELLER, SUSAN188RIVER RD 1834110002600000 M_79795_90064303/15/20062018
BELL, GEORGE & LOIS 10BRYAN RD 1834060002700010 M_75997_90087504/27/19872018
BELTANE HILL, LLC. 16BELL RD 1834060002200010 M_75690_901169 2018
BENICHOU, JENNIFER A. 0CHIPMAN RD 1834100001000000 M_77534_90135607/25/20012018
BENWELL, DANIEL K. 0ROBIN DR 1834020002900000 M_71387_90140607/27/20122018
BERGE, STEVEN W. 0CHIPMAN RD 1834110001400000 M_78127_90055110/27/20152018
BERGE, STEVEN W. 69CLARK WRIGHT RD 1834110003500000 M_78344_90037004/30/20142018
BERGE, STEVEN W. 0CLARK WRIGHT RD 1834110003600000 M_78300_90019210/27/20152018
BERKSHIRE NATURAL RESOURCES  RIVER RD 1834090000600000 M_78483_904304 2018
BERMAN MAGNER, JOANN 0SKYLINE TRAIL 1834110005000000 M_78114_899064 2018
BERNIER, THOMAS 183SKYLINE TRAIL 1834060008900020 M_75337_90047001/03/20082018
BEYRANEVAND, ELIZABETH S.C/O MIDDLEFIELD, TOWN OF0TOWN HILL RD 1834060009600000 M_74006_90066907/20/20152018
BLACK, STEPHEN A & DOREEN 206TOWN HILL RD 1834050001900000 M_73926_89652712/16/19932018

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