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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
1 OLD SAW MILL RD LLC 1OLD SAW MILL ROAD 110028000000014B F_602132_291029309/22/20162018
10-12 BRIDGE STREET LLC 12BRIDGE STREET 1100270000000190 F_599540_290898311/16/20152018
10-12 BRIDGE STREET LLC 10BRIDGE STREET 1100270000000200 F_599664_290901811/16/20152018
100 UPTON STREET LLC 100UPTON STREET 110075000000027A F_610453_289955712/15/20162018
103 WORCESTER STREET LLC 2BERNARD ROAD 1100460000000150 F_602022_290510908/24/20162018
103 WORCESTER STREET LLC 103WORCESTER STREET 1100460000000190 F_602106_290529708/24/20162018
104 CREEPER HILL ROAD LLC 104CREEPER HILL ROAD 110017000000008A F_594309_291145710/11/20162018
123-125 ADAMS ROAD LLC 123ADAMS ROAD 1100240000000010 F_614672_291121711/18/20052018
13 CENTENNIAL REALTY LLC 13CENTENNIAL DRIVE 110005000000001G F_604953_291587508/07/20142018
13 NORTH ST GRAFTON LLC 13NORTH STREET 1100650000001080 F_606332_290112605/11/20162018
130 FERRY STREET LLC 130FERRY STREET 1101230000000060 F_605574_288713107/25/20082018
130 FERRY STREET LLC 130FERRY STREET 1101230000000130 F_605542_288748307/25/20082018
14 NORTH ST GRAFTON LLC 14NORTH STREET 1100650000001470 F_606590_290083905/11/20162018
15 WE REALTY LLC 15MAIN STREET 1101150000000700 F_606468_288956901/17/20132018
155 SOUTH GRAFTON LLC 155MAIN STREET 1101130000000730 F_600282_288977212/12/20062018
22 NORTH STREET LLC 22NORTH STREET 1100650000001440 F_606763_290120812/05/20052018
274 PROVIDENCE RD LLC 274PROVIDENCE ROAD 1101150000000310 F_606659_288979007/25/20162018
3 CENTENNIAL DRIVE LLC 3CENTENNIAL DRIVE 110005000000001B F_605893_291578011/05/20132018
342 PROVIDENCE ROAD LLC 342PROVIDENCE ROAD 1101240000000560 F_608925_288746412/05/20052018
38 SAMPSON STREET LLC 40SAMPSON STREET 1101140000000660 F_604126_288906312/05/20052018
47 NORTH MAIN REALTY LLC 47NORTH MAIN STREET 1100270000000800 F_599584_291018610/27/20152018
62 BRIGHAM HILL ROAD LLCC/O EUGENE J MANRIANI JR62BRIGHAM HILL ROAD 110064000000003B F_601808_290172002/08/20082018
75 WORCESTER STREET LLC 75WORCESTER STREET 1100550000000010 F_603882_290361404/15/20112018
797 GRAFTON STREET, LLC 797GRAFTON STREET 1100110000000990 F_598812_2914412 2018
85 GREEN STREET LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 8MILLENNIUM DRIVE 110005000000001J F_604835_291473607/12/20032018
86 WESTBORO ROAD LLC 86WESTBORO ROAD 110012000000012A F_601684_291351504/20/20122018
89 WORCESTER STREET LLC 89WORCESTER STREET 1100550000000840 F_602929_290434701/13/20122018
99 BRIGHAM HILL ROAD LLC 99BRIGHAM HILL ROAD 1100630000000120 F_599660_290208708/17/20072018
99 CREEPER HILL ROAD LLC 99CREEPER HILL ROAD 1100180000000340 F_595514_291109610/25/20122018
AASRUD JESSICA 57OAK STREET 1100650000000060 F_604470_290255205/22/20092018
ABBOTT GLADYS 7ELIZABETH STREET 1100350000001450 F_596011_290704810/29/19792018
ABDALLA MAMDOUH MABDALLA GINA M34BUTTERCUP LANE 1101330268400020 F_616184_288688710/28/20052018
ABDELAHAD MICHAELABDELAHAD SELMA45CREEPER HILL ROAD 1100100000000450 F_597012_291270812/07/19922018
ABDULLAH MUHAMMAD KALEEM 46LINCOLN LANE 110043070020002L F_594429_290442904/17/20092018
ABERG ROBERT OABERG LORI L43SOUTH STREET 1100740000001110 F_606606_289875601/17/20142018
ABERIZK KATHLEEN 23AZALEA LANE 110099003050004A F_605338_289361910/18/20052018
ABRAHAM ELIZABETHABRAHAM MATTHEW A17GREANY DRIVE 1100280000001090 F_603352_290931404/25/20142018
ABT EDWARD G 5DEERFIELD COURT 1100830050100010 F_604649_289676907/01/19872018
ABU CONSTRUCTION INC 1COACH HOUSE ROAD 110024000000300B F_613938_291263808/19/20032018
ACCIARDI JAYNE EACCIARDI EDWARD J31GORDON CIRCLE 110083009310009A F_604536_289803705/14/19872018
ACHARYA JAIRAJACHARYA USHA37VALLEY VIEW DRIVE 1100410000001100 F_614402_290701902/22/20052018
ADAMO MARK WADAMO MARIA P8MAGILL DRIVE 1100840000002120 F_607295_289766710/23/20142018
ADAMS ADAMADAMS AMY M100FITZPATRICK ROAD 1100880000002020 F_596712_289580911/14/20142018
ADAMS BRIANADAMS SHANNON27FALMOUTH DRIVE 1100360000000690 F_599120_290727804/25/20112018
ADAMS CORP. 35CROSBY ROAD 1100720000000800 F_600671_289939103/04/19872018
ADAMS DAVID EADAMS MADELYN M104MILLBURY STREET 110081000000008B F_599552_289810207/06/20012018
ADAMS DAVID EADAMS MADELYN M106MILLBURY STREET 110081000000008E F_599335_289796406/13/20002018
ADAMS EMANUELA GADAMS RICHARD J100ADAMS ROAD 110032000000013F F_615329_290987103/28/19912018
ADAMS JILL K 15LELAND AVENUE 1100190000000600 F_600159_291095708/10/20112018

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