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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
  0LEONHARDT ROAD 0222030001800000 M_66049_89649009/23/20052017
   TYNE ROAD 0222030005010000 M_66309_89542609/09/20052017
   PERCH CLOSE 0224130008700000 M_71561_89381012/22/20082017
  302SHERWOOD DRIVE 022215002010000D M_71390_88967708/15/20132017
  162BONNY RIGG HILL ROAD 0222180012800000 M_72174_89102608/23/19882017
  114SHERWOOD DRIVE 022216004000000D M_71274_89022907/10/19752017
  331WELLS ROAD 0222160059100000 M_70822_89073211/19/20142017
  746BENTON HILL ROAD 0224110001500000 M_70368_89818707/17/19972017
   BENTON HILL ROAD 0224110001600000 M_70319_89794905/05/20032017
  37ALDER LANE 022413000080000C M_71445_89484610/12/20112017
  201LANCELOT LANE 022216007020000D M_71146_89090512/01/19992017
   HIAWATHA HILL 0222180013400000 M_72069_89093602/27/20042017
  170HIAWATHA HILL 0222180013500000 M_72030_89086307/13/20042017
  47PORCUPINE LOOP 022218000330000D M_71641_89083601/31/20022017
   PORCUPINE LOOP 022218000370000D M_71663_89078301/31/20022017
   WILLIAM HOLMES ROAD 0224170003600000 M_75190_89208902/08/20072017
  231SHERWOOD DRIVE 022215002100000D M_71376_88990307/25/20002017
   COUNT EDWARDS WAY 022219000510000D M_71771_88960806/19/19872017
   ALAN A DALE DRIVE 022216004580000D M_70879_89041206/22/19872017
  62WASHINGTON STREET 0222060003600000 M_69351_89921612/09/19912017
   CAPTAIN WHITNEY ROAD 0224180001900000 M_74999_89338002/08/20022017
  161WINTER DRIVE 022219000890000D M_72166_88922702/24/20062017
   WINTER DRIVE 022219000920000D M_72226_88916804/30/20072017
   ANDREWS ROAD 0224040003800000 M_64896_89230709/10/19842017
   ANDREWS ROAD 0224040003900000 M_64870_89242609/10/19842017
  74ANDREWS ROAD 0224040004300000 M_65073_89232103/20/19842017
  59TECUMSEH DRIVE 022211000290000C M_70540_89486103/24/19982017
   MAIN STREET 0222110011900000 M_71023_89455812/05/19862017
  104STANLEY ROAD 0224100000400000 M_66518_89816607/07/20102017
  305WELLS ROAD 0222160058900000 M_70809_89079511/04/20162017
  56GREENWATER DRIVE 0222020003900000 M_64401_89355504/14/20052017
  52BLUE BOAR LANE 022215000810000D M_70408_88942709/22/20162017
   LITTLE ROBIN ROAD 022217002000000D M_70084_89131305/06/19702017
   JOHNSON ROAD 0224060000300000 M_69506_88928808/23/20132017
   JOHNSON ROAD 0222140007700000 M_69487_88935008/23/20132017
  140LELAND ROAD 0224110000320000 M_70346_89916912/11/20062017
  24WESTERN AVENUE 022211000950000C M_70841_89438310/07/19812017
  18WESTERN AVENUE 022211000980000C M_70872_89439609/26/19972017
  32NOCHER ROAD 0224100001400000 M_67728_89948806/27/19972017
  98ACCESS ROAD 022213000050000W M_67822_89119707/30/19932017
  312WELLS ROAD 0222160056100000 M_70736_89073510/20/20152017
   WELLS ROAD 0222160056200000 M_70715_89076510/20/20152017
   LEONHARDT ROAD 0222080001900000 M_68052_89670301/04/19912017
   LEONHARDT ROAD 0222080002000000 M_67984_89669009/18/19872017
  34PERCH CLOSE 0224130009000000 M_71666_89372309/24/20012017
   GREENWOOD COURT 022219001860000D M_71597_88944309/12/20032017
   BIG BASS LANE 0224130005400000 M_72454_89307908/12/20032017
   ROBIN HOOD LANE 022215000570000D M_70277_88985708/12/20032017
   SIR EDWARDS WAY 022215001290000D M_70671_88967108/12/20032017
  90DAWN DRIVE 0222040007300000 M_65428_89133711/18/20112017

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