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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
~DEAN & DIANNE CROSBY REVOCABLE TRUST 0FLOWER HILL RD 3124060000000242 M_128667_93946909/16/20162019
18 NANCY ROAD REALTY TRUST 0ORANGE RD OFF 3124140000000030 M_131736_93079312/08/20042019
18 NANCY ROAD REALTY TRUST 0ORANGE RD OFF 3124140000000040 M_131967_93081212/08/20042019
26 LAUREL LAKE ROAD REALTY TRUST 26DUSTY RD 3124130000000090 M_128818_93053306/14/20042019
32 DUSTY ROAD REALTY TRUST 32DUSTY RD 3124130000000110 M_128763_93054006/21/20072019
528 REALTY TRUST 129BASS RD 3124070000000052 M_127863_93684609/06/19952019
ABBONDANZA, ALFRED J.CAMPAGNONE, FRANK C.0NORTHFIELD RD 3124060000000020 M_128841_93783405/28/19822019
ABBOTT, FREDERICK H. IIIABBOTT, KATHRYN E.188OLD WINCHESTER RD 3124050000000611 M_131918_93805507/21/20042019
ABELS, JAMES F.ABELS, JEANNE M.0HASTINGS POND RD 3124080000000921 M_131953_93639806/16/20162019
ABELS, JAMES F.ABELS, JEANNE M.73HASTINGS POND RD 3124080000001020 M_131775_93638506/16/20162019
ALBERT THIBODEAU REVOCABLE TRUST 136WENDELL RD 3124080000000210 M_130868_93555603/20/20072019
ALDEN, ANDREW, P.ALDEN, JANICE, NANCY, GROSBECK, SUSAN0HOLDEN RD 3124080000000112 M_130791_93610312/20/20172019
ALDEN, ANITA 25NORTHFIELD RD 3124080000000790 M_131032_93714712/28/19892019
ALDEN, JANET 28REVERE HILL RD 3124080000000170 M_130971_93650612/05/19662019
ALDEN, JANICE C. 0ATHOL RD OFF 3124050000000530 M_131668_93787608/05/20042019
ALDEN, JANICE C. 0ATHOL RD 3124050000000550 M_131689_93744106/05/20092019
ALDEN, JANICE C.  655ORANGE RD 3124110000001040 M_131837_93233908/22/20052019
ALDEN, KENNETH C. JR 57WINCHESTER RD 3124050000000370 M_131164_93776307/19/19992019
ALDEN, KEVIN L. 0OLD WINCHESTER RD OF 3124050000000790 M_132206_93814904/13/19872019
ALDEN, KEVIN L. ALDEN, ANITA L.511FLOWER HILL RD 3124020000000120 M_129422_94118112/30/20042019
ALDEN, KEVIN L.ALDEN, ANITA655WINCHESTER RD 3124020000000190 M_129728_94161210/24/20132019
ALDEN, KEVIN L.ALDEN, ANITA L.0ORANGE RD 3124140000000152 M_132222_93122010/07/20022019
ALDEN, MARTHA A.ALDEN, KEVIN L.0ORANGE RD OFF 3124080000001250 M_132228_93518506/16/20142019
ALDEN, MARTHA A. 88ATHOL RD 3124050000000560 M_131797_93743910/20/20102019
ALDEN, MARTHA A. 0OLD WINCHESTER RD 3124050000000570 M_131855_93750507/17/19842019
ALDEN, TRACEY D. 25HOLDEN RD 3124080000000111 M_130936_93624511/16/20072019
ALDERMAN STERSTE, BRENTALDERMAN STERSTE, LEANNA12CHASE HILL RD 3124090000000170 M_134478_93675706/17/20162019
ANDERSON, JOYCE C. 634WINCHESTER RD 3124020000000150 M_129518_94129309/01/19922019
ANTHONY, CONNORFARRELL, DANIELLE11ORANGE RD 3124080000000870 M_131236_93714003/23/20182019
ARGUIMBAU, NICHOLAS C.  24KIRK RD 3124110000001160 M_132260_93430704/21/20052019
ARSENEAU, JEAN LOUISARSENEAU, BETHANY81HASTINGS POND RD 3124080000001000 M_131981_93630401/16/20042019
ASTRELLA, RICHARD F. 0WHEELER RD 3124140000000010 M_131879_92996005/18/20172019
ASTRELLA, RICHARD F.ASTRELLA, DONNA M.11WHEELER RD 3124150000000090 M_132094_92982505/18/20172019
ATFAB LLC 21PAUL RD 3124110000001180 M_132281_93391606/01/20052019
ATFAB LLC 0ORANGE RD 3124110000001190 M_131948_93390206/01/20052019
BABBITT, MARGARET 0QUARRY RD OFF 3124120000000030 M_128147_93293603/11/19812019
BAKER, DOUGLAS A. 0ROBBINS RD 3124020000000270 M_130322_94036406/06/19882019
BARBER, SUSAN J. 409FLOWER HILL RD 3124010000000250 M_129374_94036205/02/20132019
BARGER CAMP REALTY TRUST 0ORANGE RD 3124140000000576 M_132562_93057009/26/20082019
BARGER CAMP REALTY TRUST 0ORANGE RD OFF 3124140000000580 M_132660_93032712/17/19982019
BARGER CAMP REALTY TRUST 0ORANGE RD OFF 3124140000000590 M_132526_92986512/17/19982019
BARGER, SETHKALOMBRATSOS, KALLIOPE10WHEELER RD 3124150000000080 M_131928_92981606/24/20162019
BARRY STELL 0BRUSH VALLEY RD 3124110000001280 M_133063_93199407/25/20072019
BASS, VERNON E.GLEASON, KIM M.0NORTHFIELD RD 3124060000000190 M_128616_93873107/27/19892019
BASS, VERNON E.GLEASON, KIM M.44LELAND HILL RD 3124060000000200 M_128726_93882107/27/19892019
BASS, VERNON E. 295GALE RD 3124090000000020 M_133375_93507703/05/20132019
BELLEMARE, GARY R.BELLEMARE, PATRICIA M.0WENDELL RD 3124110000000621 M_130325_93415708/21/19962019
BELLEMARE, GARY R.BELLEMARE, PATRICIA M.350WENDELL RD 3124110000000622 M_130323_93413908/21/19962019
BELLEMARE, GARY R.BELLEMARE, PATRICIA M.0WENDELL RD 3124110000000623 M_130320_93411310/11/20022019
BENNETT, GEORGE N.BENNETT, ANA76RICHMOND RD 3124040000000111 M_133000_93764805/07/20042019

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