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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
ADAMS, ALBERT J & COLLEEN A 0PERU ROAD 3450130000000310 M_72986_916130 2019
ADRIANCE, PHILIP J &ADRIANCE, LORI R435NORTH STREET 3450060000000350 M_70431_92012108/04/20172019
ALDEN, SETH A &ALDEN, BERNADETTE G12ACCESS ROAD # 2 3450040000000800 M_78538_92201802/28/20172019
ALDEN, SETH A &ALDEN, BERNADETTE G0ACCESS ROAD # 2 3450040000000810 M_78529_92195702/28/20172019
ALDERMAN, TRUMAN E & KEITH C 0WINDSOR BUSH ROAD 3450030000000110 M_77248_92243611/21/19982019
ALLARD, DONALD E JR & LILA A 50SAVOY ROAD 3450100000000040 M_71975_91928111/19/19192019
ALLISON, EDDIE &ALLISON, LORETTA G151MONAHAN ROAD 3450090000000880 M_67623_92010411/26/20132019
ALMEIDA, AMADEU  94ACCESS ROAD # 3 3450040000000180 M_78105_92168807/09/20012019
ALPERT, LUCAS LAWRENCE &TOMASI, JENNA MARIE3759ROUTE 9 3450110000000570 M_76953_91675909/04/20182019
ANDERSON, SEAN F &ANDERSON, JENNIFER M86ACCESS ROAD # 3 3450040000000280 M_78285_92159310/02/20172019
ANDERSON, SEAN F & ANDERSON, JENNIFER M85ACCESS ROAD # 3 3450040000000290 M_78313_92158210/02/20172019
ANDERSON, SEAN F &ANDERSON, JENNIFER0ACCESS ROAD # 3 3450040000000120 M_78285_92151910/02/20172019
ANDERSON, SEAN F & JENNIFER M 93ACCESS ROAD # 3 3450040000000050 M_78087_92162309/05/20022019
ANELLO, BROCK J & MEGAN B &ANELLO, FRANK535PERU ROAD 3450100000000621 M_72057_91766605/19/20162019
ANTONANGELI, BENJAMIN & LINDA M 199SHAW ROAD 3450110000000610 M_77758_916474 2019
ANTONE, ANN P 715ROUTE 9 3450090000000470 M_68617_918571 2019
ARMSTRONG, KIMBERLY 194NORTH STREET 3450090000001020 M_70929_91953308/15/20162019
ARNOLD, GURDON C  840RIVER ROAD 3450080000000250 M_77545_91907406/17/20092019
AUBIN 2000 REVOCABLE TRUSTC/O AUBIN FREDERIC E & GLORIA M2ACCESS ROAD # 1 3450040000000530 M_78179_92200510/10/20002019
AUBIN 2000 REVOCABLE TRUSTC/O AUBIN FREDERIC E & GLORIA M0OFF WEST ST. PLAINFI 3450030000000360 M_79159_92114111/04/19202019
AUGE, GENE &AUGE, KAREN M161MONAHAN ROAD 3450090000000870 M_67699_92008312/26/20172019
AVEYARD, TRACY A &SAWYER, CRYSTAL L614NORTH STREET 3450060000000510 M_70131_92069711/30/20162019
BAILEY, JAMES R & JUDITH A 775NORTH STREET 3450060000000560 M_69793_92092906/30/19892019
BAILEY, JEFFREY B & JENNIFER A 978HIGH STREET HILL 3450110000000230 M_76527_91791512/17/20042019
BAKER, DANIEL & BAKER, MITCHELL &ATWOOD, ELIZABETH105TIRRELL HILL ROAD 3450110000001200 M_78041_91664811/15/19192019
BAKER, NORMAN 106TIRRELL HILL ROAD 3450110000001230 M_78126_91627711/25/20092019
BAKER, NORMAN 0SHAW ROAD 3450110000000330 M_77847_91661405/18/19982019
BANFIELD, STEPHEN W & JANET M 30ACCESS ROAD # 3 3450050000000560 M_78812_92192611/18/19852019
BARDIN, J EDGARC/O PETER BARDIN0OFF ROUTE 9 3450120000000390 M_66926_917163 2019
BARGERON, HEATHER 0SCHOOLHOUSE ROAD 3450080000000090 M_77852_91946907/05/20162019
BARGERON, HEATHER 205WINDSOR BUSH ROAD 3450080000000130 M_78101_91912107/05/20162019
BARGERON, HEATHER 0SCHOOLHOUSE ROAD 3450080000000350 M_78116_91940607/05/20162019
BARGERON, HEATHER 0WINDSOR BUSH ROAD 3450080000000360 M_78174_91966507/05/20162019
BARGERON, HEATHER 0WINDSOR BUSH ROAD 3450080000000370 M_78594_91940607/05/20162019
BARNES, RICKY J 130HIGH STREET HILL 3450140000001320 M_77018_91542307/09/20042019
BAROLI, JOHN F (LE) &BAROLI, MICHAEL A3623ROUTE 9 3450110000000810 M_76696_91699307/11/20122019
BAROLI, MICHAEL A & RHONDA J 1700ROUTE 9 3450100000000400 M_71445_91901201/09/20022019
BATANGLO, NICHOLAS 1785EAST WINDSOR ROAD 3450140000000910 M_77480_91476807/06/20162019
BATOR, RICHARD B SR 1195EAST WINDSOR ROAD 3450140000000260 M_76230_91565010/10/20022019
BAUMANN, DAVID J JR & KRISTA M 301PERU ROAD 3450100000000710 M_71677_91814012/16/20042019
BAUMANN, DAVID J SR 0PERU ROAD 3450100000000730 M_71803_91801612/29/20092019
BAUMANN, DAVID J SR 0PERU ROAD 3450100000000740 M_71899_91793912/29/20092019
BAUMANN, DAVID J SR 440PERU ROAD 3450100000000910 M_71689_91780512/29/20092019
BAUMANN, DAVID J SR 0PERU ROAD 3450100000000560 M_71953_91857212/29/20092019
BAUMGARTNER, KATHLEEN E &BOODY, TERI L0OFF DRISCOLL ROAD 3450060000000450 M_68819_920605 2019
BEAUCHEMIN, MARK T 98ACCESS ROAD # 3 3450040000000150 M_78059_92171610/05/20042019
BEAUCHEMIN, RICHARD L JR (LE) &BEAUCHEMIN, SCOTT A & CURRO, SUSAN M96ACCESS ROAD # 3 3450040000000160 M_78078_92170406/06/20162019
BEAUDOIN, RONALD W 45ACCESS ROAD # 3B 3450050000000840 M_78879_92191811/15/19192019
BEAULIEU, PATRICIA L 539FLINTSTONE ROAD 3450090000000290 M_69080_91972810/06/19802019

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