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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
160 WATER, LLCC/O BRENDA IACUSSA0WATER ST 3411310011500000 M_60691_94076702/20/20152019
160 WATER, LLC - CABLE MILLSC/O BRENDA IACUSSA160WATER ST 3411210009100000 M_60757_94089306/20/20072019
1611 COLD SPRING ROAD, LLCC/O DES SEN CARE HOLDINGS 1611COLD SPRING RD 3413020000100000 M_57490_93756508/16/20102019
1611 COLD SPRING ROAD, LLCC/O DES SENIOR CARE HOLDINGS0COLD SPRING RD 3413020000200000 M_57579_93737908/16/20102019
170A IDE ROAD NOMINEE TRUSTC/O RICHARD STRATTON0IDE RD 3411320000800000 M_60274_94026906/11/20042019
1772 HOUSE LLC 530MAIN ST 3411210003500000 M_61406_94109610/31/20142019
180 WATER, LLCC/O RAGGORTH COMPANIEST0WATER ST 3411210009100010 M_60821_94095702/20/20152019
180 WATER, LLCC/O RAGGORTH COMPANIEST0WATER ST 3411210009100020 M_60764_94083502/20/20152019
194 WATER LLC 194WATER ST 3411310090200000 M_60704_94087704/03/20172019
21 SPRING STREET LLC 21SPRING ST 3411300010000000 M_60384_94148412/30/20102019
259 MAIN ST MA, LLC 259MAIN ST 3411120000900000 M_61906_94042605/25/20162019
41 SPRING STREET LLC 0SPRING ST 3411300010200000 M_60371_94144112/30/20102019
430 MAIN HOTEL, LLC 430MAIN ST 3411210010700000 M_61619_94088406/21/20172019
430 MAIN HOTEL, LLC 0ORCHARD LN 3411110002600000 M_61699_94093106/21/20172019
47 SPRING STREET LLC 0SPRING ST 3411300010400000 M_60367_94142112/30/20102019
55 NORTH STREET, LLC 55NORTH ST 3411300005500000 M_60003_94192601/20/20162019
60 KNOLLS ROAD LLC 60KNOLLS RD 3411310011300000 M_59966_94119809/20/20162019
60 SPRING STREET LLC 60SPRING ST 3411300090300000 M_60414_94135912/30/20102019
61 SPRING STREET, LLC 61SPRING ST 3411300010700000 M_60351_94137505/25/20072019
63 HOXSEY STREET, LLC 63HOXSEY ST 3411300008700000 M_60126_94144111/30/20062019
63 NORTH STREET LLC 63NORTH ST 3411300000900000 M_60020_94195707/03/20152019
65 NORTH STREET LLC 65NORTH ST 3411300000900010 M_60004_94196307/03/20152019
71 SPRING STREET LLC 69SPRING ST 3411300090200000 M_60345_94135512/30/20102019
74 ELM, LLC 74ELM ST 3411200003300000 M_61572_94176306/26/20172019
742 NORTH HOOSAC ROAD LLC 742NORTH HOOSAC RD 3411180007300000 M_61641_94263204/16/20082019
777 FINE DINING, INC 777COLD SPRING RD 3411530000400000 M_58550_93995506/16/20092019
95 WATER STREET LIMITED PARTNERSHIPC/O LEGEND INTERESTS95WATER ST 3411310004300000 M_60660_94117402/04/20092019
AALBERTS, DANIEL P &ERICA ADANKMEYER1133MAIN ST 3411400012600000 M_59745_94175610/03/20142019
AALBERTS, DANIEL P & ERICA 290POTTER RD 3412130000900000 M_59089_93526409/19/20112019
AALBERTS, LEON K 489WATER ST 3411230000400000 M_60679_94000207/15/20142019
ABATE, VICKEY J 48BIRCH LN 3411080000200000 M_61847_94276007/11/20112019
ABDOU, JAMES I 0WHITE OAKS RD 3411150001500000 M_61449_94449503/11/20132019
ABDOU, JAMES I 392WHITE OAKS RD 3411160000500000 M_61470_94443803/11/20132019
ABEL, ROBERT G & CHRISTIANNA L 323HOPPER RD 3412070000400000 M_59900_93722209/28/20052019
ABUISI, KEITH - TRUSTEEH2O NOMINEE TRUST4WATER ST 3411200022600000 M_60793_94142802/01/20082019
ACHESON, BETH HIAM 107WHITE OAKS RD 3411170006600000 M_61033_94372208/12/20152019
ACHESON, DAVID HIAM 210WATER ST 3411310090600000 M_60686_94083408/14/20152019
ACKLEY, FRED L JR & DEBORAH H 265ADAMS RD 3411210007700000 M_61421_94093010/31/19752019
ACOSTA, REIMUNDO 0 & PATRICA E 185LINDLEY TERR 3411270007200000 M_60720_94355104/21/20152019
ADAM, NABIL R & ANTJE M & TAREK N ADAM 100OLD MILL RD 3413040002500000 M_56390_93513107/11/20082019
ADAMS COMMUNITY BANK 273MAIN ST 3411120000800000 M_61852_94044407/15/19872019
ADAMS, ALDONA M 39ARNOLD ST 3411190013203900 M_61540_94203609/07/20052019
ADAMS, COLIN C & AMELIA M 585PINE COBBLE RD 3411090004200000 M_62324_94239410/06/19992019
ADAMS, ROBERT L 78WOODLAWN DR 3411200009500000 M_61364_94147702/19/20092019
ADKINS, JUSTIN L 72LINDEN ST 3411200003900000 M_61455_94178712/12/20082019
ADLER, MARGARET C 121CHESTNUT ST 3411080003000000 M_61888_94252904/28/20152019
ADLER, SUSAN R 123CHESTNUT ST 3411080000500000 M_62469_94256411/12/19992019
ADLER, SUSAN R 0CHESTNUT ST 3411090000500000 M_61877_94245411/12/19992019
AFTOSMIS, STEPHEN F & AMBER B 761HENDERSON RD 3411050001500000 M_62488_94480701/05/20152019
AGNEW, J THOMAS & CAROL L 1248NORTH HOOSAC RD 3411270008700000 M_60562_94371706/07/19722019

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