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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
1XO, LLC 6FAIRFIELD AVE 340011K000001790 M_101192_90307811/10/20172019
49 SOUTH ST IRREV TRUSTLYNN O'CONNELL & LORI CHAILLANE, C0-TRS49SOUTH ST 340007G000000330 M_98698_90420804/06/20122019
5 MAIN STREET LLC 5MAIN ST 340010J000001310 M_98750_90543008/24/20162019
ABRAHAM JUDITHJEAN M WILLIAMS13VILLAGE HILL AV 340010J000000210 M_98464_90598206/01/19932019
ABUZA, LEAH EJOSHUA B COPEN1HILLENBRAND RD 340010J000001950 M_99589_90512311/19/20182019
ACER REALTY TRUSTDAVID I HOFF,TRS/ROBINSON HILL, LLC45DEPOT RD 340004D000000632 M_99985_90605807/01/20112019
ACHESON, PAMELA TRUSTEEPAMELA P ACHESON REV TRUST6N MAIN ST 340010J000000550 M_98641_90557405/25/20182019
ADAIR MARLENE 166MAIN ST 340011K000001490 M_101305_90316109/03/19972019
ADAIR DAVID BDARLENE STONE ADAIR47BRIAR HILL RD 340001A000000151 M_96579_90951607/01/20112019
ADAIR, MICHAEL RNORMA WHITLEY17N FARMS RD 340008H000000260 M_103133_90420602/25/19942019
ADAMS SANFORD R JR.CATHLEEN W ADAMS23SOUTH ST 340010J000001570 M_98813_90482207/13/20072019
ADAMS THOMAS JMELISSA L ADAMS29SOUTH ST 340010J000001540 M_98756_90467704/30/20042019
ADLER, NORMA P & TORREY, SUSAN P 14N FARMS RD 340008H00000029L M_102810_90414807/29/20052019
AKIMOTO HIROSHIKIMOKO AKIMOTO201MAIN ST 340011K000001261 M_101978_90311910/22/19912019
ALBRIGHT, MARK & MARY MORIARTY 2PINE ST 340011K000001050 M_101196_90327406/08/20112019
ALBRIGHT, MARK D.MARY A. MORIARTY28S MAIN ST 340011K000002490 M_100954_90304903/01/20072019
ALLCROFT ERICA REVELLO 69ADAMS RD 340005E000000550 M_102018_90671412/30/20052019
ALLCROFT, ERICA 73ADAMS RD 340005E000000431 M_102263_90679702/27/20072019
ALLEN GORDONCHARLENE ALLEN48NASH HILL RD 340004D000000270 M_99144_90657807/31/19732019
ALLEN JR, ROBERT G TRUSTEEROBIN KARLIN TRUSTEE99MAIN ST 340011K000000040 M_100317_90422708/11/19942019
ALLEN JR, ROBERT G TRUSTEEROBIN J KARLIN TRUSTEE34O'NEIL RD 340004D000000631 M_99916_90650503/03/20062019
ALLEN JR, ROBERT G TRUSTEEROBIN J KARLIN TRUSTEE59DEPOT RD 340004D000000850 M_100067_90647401/17/19892019
ALLEN, KATHERINE FERIC E HESS34BRIAR HILL RD 340001A000000191 M_97095_90911106/21/20122019
ALTOBELLIS, ANGELINA MANDREW JOHNSON45BRIAR HILL RD 340001A00000014A M_96615_90941310/11/20162019
AMERICAN DREAM REALTY, LLC 142MAIN ST 340011K000001920 M_100948_90332101/07/20162019
AMERICAN TEL & TELATTN PROP TAX DEPT31SOUTH ST 340010J00000152A M_98739_90461207/02/19642019
AMES, JONATHAN & SABINEJUSTIN & LAILA TOMSOVIC7CIDER MILL 340008H000000840 M_102936_90342008/15/20172019
ANDERSON NEAL G,TRUSTEESARA R WEIN, TRUSTEE3NORTH ST 340010J000000470 M_98679_90559112/22/19982019
ANDERSON NEAL GSARA R WEIN3NORTH ST 340010J000000541 M_98686_90556110/09/20032019
ANDERSON, MATTHEW P  192MAIN ST 340011K000001340 M_101546_90296003/30/20162019
ANDERSON,ASTRID WILLIAM 6FORT HILL RD 340011K000002200 M_101011_90288708/24/19732019
ANDRULIS, CHRISTINE 146ASHFIELD RD 340001A000000351  08/14/20182019
ANGLIN FRANKLIN D III 9GROVE ST 340011K000000950 M_101229_90349208/31/20112019
ANTILL CARY WJENNIFER P MILLER7SOUTH ST 340010J000001690 M_99008_90505908/01/19862019
AQUADRO ROBERT 60ASHFIELD RD 340004D000000080 M_98536_90824612/06/19632019
ARBIB, ALLISON RSAMUEL A MASINTER5MAPLE ST 340011K000000670 M_101100_90370707/07/20172019
ARCHBALD LEATRICE T 49S MAIN ST 340011K000002630 M_101000_90261407/12/20062019
ARCHBALD PATRICKKATHLEEN UNRUH24NASH HILL RD 340010J000000340 M_98927_90590411/24/19922019
ARNOLD EDWARD W 125OLD GOSHEN RD 340003C000000010 M_95360_90854609/07/20052019
ARNOLD MARTHA 92MAIN ST 340007G000000690 M_100101_90414208/31/19932019
ARNOLD, ROBERT, MARTHA & PAMELAC/O EVELYN E ARNOLD124GOSHEN RD 340003C000001040 M_96144_90804702/21/20142019
ARTS PETER AONALIE ARTS68NASH HILL RD 340004D000000521 M_99556_90719809/29/20062019
ASHER JR HAROLD AMARY ELLEN GAZDA7PINE ST 340011K000001090 M_101146_90336607/01/19812019
ATWOOD ROBERT L 11WILLIAMS ST 340010J00000095A M_98522_90543402/09/20062019
AUCLAIR ALAN LDOLORES I AUCLAIR1EASTERN AVE 340010J000001630 M_98867_90486711/26/19862019
AYRES JAMES RKEIRA B DURRETT20KINGSLEY AVE 340011K000000640 M_101053_90371610/30/20082019
BACHAND PATRICIA 11PINE ST 340011K000001100 M_101139_90341402/18/20092019
BACKER ANNA MARY 11N MAIN ST 340010J00000059B M_98522_90557608/04/20042019
BACON ALDENLOUISE BACON121SOUTH ST 340007G000000250 M_99406_90264504/11/19802019
BACON ALDEN E IIILOUISE E BACON121SOUTH ST 340007G000000260 M_99955_90279002/28/20052019

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