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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
35 MAIN STREET LLC 35MAIN ST 3261040000000870 M_46183_89975009/09/20162020
5 SILVER MINE REALTY TRUSTC/ SHALIT, SOL5SILVER MINE LN 3264010000000230 M_45912_90102401/27/20052020
75 EAST ALFORD LLC 75EAST ALFORD RD 3264080000000150 M_43744_89519709/12/20162020
ADAMS, MARY ELLEN 44MAIN ST 3261040000000080 M_46132_89969212/19/20032020
ADORNO MARCOC/O BLAND, T. & PAPPAS, D.0SWAMP RD 3261010000000190 M_46247_90048909/16/20192020
ALBERT, LESLEY B 8ALBANY RD 3261010000000050 M_45900_90019909/26/19952020
ALDRICH PHILIP 55MAPLE HILL RD 3264030000000060 M_44383_89818408/24/20182020
ALDRICH PHILIP 0MAPLE HILL RD 3264030000000070 M_44107_89841008/30/20062020
ALFORD BROOK CLUBC/O BRUCE PERSON14WILSON RD 3264060000000900 M_42457_895705 2020
ALLEN, GEORGE E & MARY L 3MAPLE ST 3261040000000730 M_46283_89980308/20/19712020
ALPERT, LAURIE S TRUSTEELAURIE S ALPERT REV TR176WEST CENTER RD 3264080000000350 M_42763_89549605/14/20032020
ALWARD, JAMES R & MARTHA VOSBURGH 112WEST CENTER RD 3264060000001240 M_43198_89767507/10/20092020
ANDEREGG, DAVIDDELORENZO, CAROL K.10IRON MINE RD 3264010000000430 M_45858_90131606/25/19862020
ANDERSEN, NICHOLAS W. 23HIGH ST 3264100000000660 M_45944_89166309/02/20112020
ANDERSON, PETER S & BEVERLEE A 24MAIN ST 3261040000000310 M_46112_89984805/20/19912020
ANGELINI, MICHAEL 16GT BARRINGTON RD 3261050000000110 M_45861_89896212/20/19952020
ANGERMAN, A. & NICHAMAN, S. 306GT BARRINGTON RD 3264100000001010 M_44930_89181507/07/20142020
ANTOSZYK, PETER, TRUSTEE 64PIXLEY HILL RD 3264100000000210 M_45689_89281205/18/20172020
ANZALONE, DOUGLAS D & CAROLYN M 27IRON MINE RD 3264010000000560 M_45738_90155905/28/19972020
ARIENTI, RICHARD & PAULINE 22STATE LINE RD 3261020000000300 M_45566_90027004/22/20112020
ARKY, DAVID & BARBARA 9ROBIN RD 3264100000000290 M_45886_89234606/26/20002020
ARMSTRONG, DANIELC/O FABIO INC6WEST ALFORD RD 3264060000001160 M_42961_89721811/12/20192020
ARMSTRONG, DANIELBEDFORD KRISTINA157WEST CENTER RD 3264060000000270 M_43164_89590702/20/20082020
ARMSTRONG, KEVIN J. & VIRGINIA C. 24GT BARRINGTON RD 3264040000000280 M_46012_89867812/02/20112020
ARNSTEN, PAUL L & PAMELA 0RED ROCK RD 3264030000000930 M_42091_90012502/16/19992020
ASTORE LLC 0GT BARRINGTON RD 3264050000000450 M_45051_89720306/16/20062020
ATTAL, MARION 33ALBANY RD 3261020000000520 M_45579_90053607/21/20162020
ATWOOD, RICHARD & SHARON 62HIGH ST 3264100000000390 M_46076_892316 2020
AUSTERLITZ ROAD NOMINEE TRC/O JACKMAN, M. & S. 22AUSTERLITZ RD 3264030000000720 M_42142_89993810/29/20042020
AUSTIN, RANDY EPSTEIN TRC/O DAVIS ROBERT & LENORE 0PIXLEY HILL RD 3264090000000500 M_45784_89319606/07/20192020
AX, YOKO 62EAST ALFORD RD 3264060000000330 M_43881_89559310/13/19982020
BAILLY DANIEL  207NORTH ST 3264100000000550 M_45586_89150809/17/20182020
BALBONI, ROBERT A 5CONE HILL RD 3264010000000790 M_46269_90153601/13/19862020
BALDWIN FAMILY FARM, LLC 24WEST CENTER RD 3264030000000230 M_43719_89951410/01/19922020
BALDWIN FAMILY FARM, LLC 0RED ROCK RD 3264030000000880 M_42629_89997110/22/19912020
BALDWIN, HENRY & LISA  41WEST CENTER RD 3264030000000260 M_43022_89980401/02/19912020
BALDWIN, HENRY & LISA  2CENTER ST 3261040000000300 M_46073_89985802/19/20102020
BALESTRO, ANTHONY & SUZANNE TR 117GT BARRINGTON RD 3264050000000120 M_45803_89656909/12/20172020
BALGEN MACHINE CO INC & GENNARI, A P SR& WILDE, H GEORGE0STATE LINE RD 3264020000001080 M_43994_90047612/30/19882020
BALGEN MACHINE CO INC & GENNARI, A P SR& WILDE, H GEORGE0BAKER ST 3264020000000530 M_42958_90150012/30/19882020
BALGEN REALTY TRUST 0GT BARRINGTON RD 3264090000000980 M_45218_895277 2020
BALGEN REALTY TRUST 0GT BARRINGTON RD 3264090000001000 M_45065_895173 2020
BALLEN, JAMES W. 9STOCKBRIDGE RD 3261040000000930 M_46266_89955705/18/20152020
BARNARD, MATTHEW & MICHELE  287GT BARRINGTON RD 3264100000000070 M_44951_89239503/17/20102020
BARNARD, ROBERT F 124STATE LINE RD 3264020000000500 M_42749_90150607/09/20022020
BARON, ROSALYN 16GLENDALE RD 3264090000000180 M_45810_89443805/29/19982020
BARRETT, RICHARD A. ,JR 0SMITH RD 3264020000000020 M_43406_90074307/17/20082020
BARRETT, TIMOTHY J. 6WASHINGTON SQUARE 3261020000000294 M_45539_90037503/12/20152020

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