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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
2PHANEUFS, LLC 15CENTRAL STREET 3230410014400000 M_146951_88725608/01/20162017
46 NORTH MAIN, LLCBROZ GWEN,SIMON /JONES/WILSON46NORTH MAIN STREET 3230410009200000 M_147337_88765312/17/20142017
A & S HOMES LLC 25ATWATER AVE 3230470011500000 M_145299_88848212/08/20102017
ACEVEDO THOMASLINOZZI SYLVAIN157SHORELINE DRIVE 3230520008300000 M_142867_89019806/02/20042017
ACEVEDO THOMAS R 153SHORELINE DRIVE 3230520008400000 M_142889_89019307/08/20162017
ACKERMAN LEONARD WACKERMAN JOAN M37LAKE SHORE DR EXT 3230470010200000 M_145408_88864703/27/19702017
ADAMS CONEY FREW INCAMER LEGION POST 2445WARE STREET 3230370001700000 M_146039_88709711/09/19772017
ADAMS KENAI M 10HIGH STREET 3230380004500000 M_147012_88713409/14/20162017
ADAMS KURT DADAMS RENEE COOK12HIGH STREET 3230380004600000 M_147035_88711906/01/19892017
ADAMS MARK H 121EAST MAIN STREET 3230090001000000 M_147755_88686310/28/20082017
ADAMS MARK H 34BIRCH HILL ROAD 3230160000600020 M_146646_88904810/28/20082017
ADAMS MARK H & DORMAN MELVIN FC/O WESTBROOK PROPERTY MGMT, LLC19CHURCH STREET 3230410007900000 M_147244_88773812/30/20052017
ADAMS NORMAN KADAMS PHILLIS28ROY TERRACE 3230450000600000 M_146439_88801811/02/19932017
ADAMS TINA ALIZAK ALICE F36FRONT STREET 3230380007900000 M_146898_88678708/27/20142017
AHEARN RICHARD DAHEARN MARY J240WIGWAM ROAD 3230270000800000 M_148445_89147702/19/20042017
ALDRICH ELIZABETH A 26BEACH DRIVE 3230440010700000 M_145475_88835104/25/19912017
ALDRICH ELIZABETH A 25BEACH DRIVE 3230440010800000 M_145501_88836704/25/19912017
ALDRICH JOSEPH P 21LAKE STREET 3230410003200000 M_146923_88763908/22/20082017
ALLARD CHRISTOPHER S 12GILBERTVILLE ROAD 3230230000300000 M_140840_89126507/13/20112017
ALLARD LAWRENCE 105CEDAR DRIVE 3230550002900000 M_143685_89129706/07/20012017
ALLARD LAWRENCE M 99CEDAR DRIVE 3230550003000000 M_143696_89126807/31/19902017
ALLARD LAWRENCE M 97CEDAR DRIVE 3230550003100000 M_143715_89122707/31/19902017
ALLARD LAWRENCE M 91CEDAR DRIVE 3230550003200000 M_143719_89119107/31/19902017
ALLARD TONI LALLARD GERARD131LAKE SHORE DRIVE 3230440013100000 M_145626_88824209/07/20012017
ALLEN DAVID 7OLD NO BROOKFIELD RD 3230120001300010 M_148795_88817503/09/20042017
ALLEN EARLE IALLEN PHYLLIS P45WIGWAM ROAD 3230170000800000 M_147951_88852904/29/19662017
ALLEN EARLE IALLEN PHYLLIS P177RAGGED HILL ROAD 3230240001200000 ------------------01/27/19942017
ALLEN EARLE IALLEN PHYLLIS9PINE TRAIL 3230480003100000 M_145943_88900111/03/19882017
ALLEN EVERETT SALLEN BLANCHE I133WEST MAIN STREET 3230370004200000 M_145968_88724101/13/19662017
ALLEN GREGORY SALLEN DAWN M17WOODS ROAD 3230300001500050 M_144682_892595 2017
ALLEN JOSHUA RALLEN MICHAEL T & SARAH J67JUNIPER STREET 3230530006800000 M_143454_89073408/02/20112017
ALLEN MICHAEL TALLEN SARAH J & VIRGINIA A19COUNCIL GROVE AVE 3230480006400000 M_146175_88870002/28/20112017
ALLEN MICHAEL TALLEN SARAH J134LAKE SHORE DRIVE 3230440012100010 M_145573_88822404/06/19882017
ALLEN ROGER CALLEN NANCY G26LAKE STREET 3230410002600000 M_146865_88775603/23/19722017
ALLEN TODD CALLEN TINA I10WESTWOOD TERRACE 3230390000100000 M_145547_88728010/01/19992017
ALM KARL JALM ROBIN L398WICKABOAG VLY RD 3230300002100010 M_145314_89305305/23/19972017
AMBACH ETHEL D 5WICKABOAG VLY RD 3230460001300000 M_147006_88797510/07/19942017
AMENTA SALVATORE A 30CEDAR DRIVE 3230530016200000 M_143852_89074102/03/19782017
ANAIR MICHAEL SHOWELL BRIANA M0OFF LYON ROAD 3230280000700010 M_141279_89258408/31/20152017
ANDERMAN LAURA J 68LAKE SHORE DRIVE 3230390003700000 M_145498_88782309/28/20122017
ANDERSEN KEVIN WKEITH PHYLLIS C64WHITE BIRCH DRIVE 3230550007100000 M_143445_89087107/22/20022017
ANDERSEN SANDRA I 9ATWATER PLACE 3230440003300000 M_145305_88841905/06/20142017
ANDERSON ALBERT G JR & JERRY "TOWN"C/O ANDERSON MELVIN236SHORELINE DRIVE 3230520006000000 M_143066_89052705/22/19722017
ANDERSON BRUCE B 77LAKE VIEW AVE 3230450002500000 M_146402_88804411/18/20102017
ANDERSON, BEVERLY J 5OAK STREET 3230430002000000 M_144658_88820007/14/19772017
ANDERSTROM DEBORAH JBIBO THOMAS C71LAKE SHORE DRIVE 3230390004000000 M_145550_88782808/31/20002017
ANDREA JOSEPH J JRLOMBARDOZZI MARIE M18BIRCH STREET 3230430000700000 M_144821_88791206/03/19852017
ANDREASSI LUIGI 256SHORELINE DRIVE 3230530002100000 M_143236_89053302/14/20052017

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