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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
100 ACRES INC 290MILLVILLE RD 3040300276800000 M_190073_86781910/23/20152017
1025-1045 QUAKER HIGHWAY LLC 1045QUAKER HWY 3040560211700000 M_191923_86275910/21/20152017
1025-1045 QUAKER HIGHWAYLLC 1025QUAKER HWY 3040560211400000 M_191923_86275908/20/20142017
1025-1045 QUAKER REALTY TRUSTBEVILAQUA STEPHEN-TRUSTEE QUAKER HWY 3040560285300000 M_191768_86262502/03/20152017
119 NORTH MAIN STREET LLC 119N MAIN ST 304018B304400000 M_188781_87010712/07/20122017
121 CARRINGTON LAND LLC 121CARRINGTON LANE 304012A068800130 M_188777_87177103/29/20132017
121 CRANE STREET REALTY TRUST 511HARTFORD AVE WEST 3040160372600000 M_185314_86997207/18/20142017
127 HECLA STREET LLCC/O N/O GAGNE JAMES127HECLA ST 304025023150000A M_190673_86926602/15/20112017
127 HECLA STREET LLCC/O N/O GAGNE JAMES127HECLA ST 304025023150000B M_190673_86926602/15/20112017
278 N MAIN ST UXBRIDGE NOMINEE TRMANN MARC W & LAURA A -TRUSTEES278N MAIN ST 304012C433400000 M_188244_87087007/17/20132017
278 N MAIN STREET UXBRIDGE NOMINEEMANN MARC WL & LAURA A-TRUSTEES282N MAIN ST 304012C358900000 M_188219_87091107/17/20132017
29 CHOCOLOG ROAD, LLC 29CHOCOLOG RD 3040390233600000 M_189145_86610007/13/20152017
301 NORTH MAIN STREET REALTY LLC 301N MAIN ST 304012C352900000 M_188245_87102301/17/20132017
35 BUXTON STREET REALTY LLC 35BUXTON ST 3040560222700000 M_192204_86284810/15/20122017
396 NORTH MAIN ST LLC 396N MAIN ST 304012D103300000 M_188104_87158607/10/20072017
3P PROPERTIES LLCC/O N/O KOOPMAN 12DOUGLAS ST 304024A084700000 M_189145_86953603/12/19982017
3P PROPERTIES LLCC/O N/O KOOPMAN52COMMERCE DR 3040400372500000 M_190301_86559212/03/20012017
405 RIVER ROAD REALTY TRUSTSPICER JOHN E & MERRIBETH-TR405RIVER RD 3040460456400000 M_192030_86438404/08/20132017
410 SUTTON STREET REALTY TRUST 410SUTTON ST 3040040388300000 M_185419_87186407/07/20142017
420 WEST STREET LLC 420WEST ST 3040330016800000 M_186194_86740703/02/20052017
46 DEPOT ST LLCC/O PARACO GAS CORP46DEPOT ST 3040250182900000 M_189680_86925312/21/20072017
510 HARTFORD AVENUE WEST LLC 510HARTFORD AVE WEST 3040160388100000 M_185429_86992610/23/20092017
510 HARTFORD AVENUE WEST LLCC/O N/O SUN EDISON530HARTFORD AVE WEST 3040160452800000 =10/23/20092017
518 HAZEL STREET LLC 546HAZEL ST 3040220154700000 M_185584_86939909/18/20142017
518 HAZEL STREET LLC 518HAZEL ST 3040220155200000 M_185691_86932906/17/20112017
518 HAZEL STREET LLC 506HAZEL ST 3040220167100000 M_185815_86931907/15/20152017
518 HAZEL STREET LLC  HAZEL ST 3040220239500000 M_185785_86909406/17/20112017
56 IRONSTONE ASSOCIATES LLC 56IRONSTONE ST 3040450399100000 M_190787_86454203/30/20112017
586 QUAKER HIGHWAY LLC 586QUAKER HWY 3040450148700000 M_190444_86499104/04/20142017
639 UXBRIDGE INVESTMENT LLCC/O N/O A&G REALTY TRUST639ALDRICH ST 3040480285300000 M_186752_86370803/12/20142017
725 QUAKER HIGHWAY LLCC/O N/O A-1 QUAKER HIGHWAY LLC725QUAKER HWY 3040450488600000 M_190950_86433003/24/20142017
A & J REALTY HOLDING LLC 56INDUSTRIAL DR 3040400465900000 M_190545_86542808/06/19992017
A F P INVESTMENTS 730ALDRICH ST 3040480344900000 M_186301_863477 2017
ABATE STEPHEN S & DEBRA J 59HARVEST RD 304013006920033A M_190592_87164901/19/19902017
ABBOT GEORGE JR & ABBOTT LAURA J TE 24ROGERSON CROSSING 304012B383200000 M_188936_87105311/23/20042017
ABBOTT FREDERICK H IIIC/O N/O VARJIAN CHRISTOPHER90BLACKSTONE ST 3040200347500000 M_191281_86984103/28/19942017
ABDON S GEORGE 1STRATHMORE SHIRE 304012A21920001E M_188688_87131004/01/20042017
ABIMERHI JOHN 43OAK ST 3040190268600000 M_189711_87003103/05/20072017
ABIMERHI JOHN Y 5GRISWOLD CT 3040250179300000 M_189562_86917812/27/20022017
ABIMERHI SUNY 129QUAKER HWY 3040350012500230 M_189495_86748506/07/20072017
ABIRAMIA PIERROT 7MORRISON ST 3040190188400000 M_189667_87022510/26/20152017
ABONGWA CHRISTOPHER T & SINAIN BRENDA8MANOR HOUSE LN 304029022340023C M_189028_86820207/20/20012017
ABRAHAM EUGENIA S 242N MAIN ST 304018D041500000 M_188354_87067202/10/20112017
ABRAMO RALPH JR & MARIA 64ERIC DR 3040080416300000 M_191267_87190703/13/20152017
ABRAMS KATHERINE M 0SCHOOL ST 304006035670000A M_188268_87202312/19/20072017
ABRETTI MARC V 26CHURCH ST 3040060445700000 M_188390_87188108/29/20062017
AC TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION 630DOUGLAS ST 304028025950000T M_186219_86783411/03/20042017
AC TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION 350WEST ST 3040280373300000 M_186091_86774908/16/20072017
ACKERMAN DOUGLAS & LISA TE 42WAUCANTUCK DRIVE 3040410149400000 M_192252_86612303/30/19942017

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