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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
1119 RIVERSIDE REALTY LLC 1119RIVERSIDE AVE 273001B000000590 F_750376_272706801/14/20092020
1165 WILBUR AVENUE LLCC/O JASON BONANCA1165WILBUR AVE 273005A000000640 F_743973_272428105/09/20142020
1233-35 RIVERSIDE LLC 1233RIVERSIDE AVE 273002B000000600 F_750550_272762008/18/20162020
251 REALTY CORP  CHACE ST 273007C000004920 F_753207_273770904/18/20082020
317 WOOD ST LLC 317WOOD ST 273003C000001260 F_753605_273476206/20/20142020
317 WOOD STREET LLC 1333COUNTY ST 273003C000001240 F_753598_273461304/01/20162020
3235 RIVERSIDE AVE LLC 3235RIVERSIDE AVE 273009C000001280 F_755487_273568108/23/20132020
34 ANCHOR DRIVE LLCC/O SABBATIA HOLDINGS LLC34ANCHOR DR 273002D000000060 F_759867_274291105/31/20182020
557 SOMERSET LLC 557WILBUR AVE 273007A000000030 F_746700_272301712/07/20092020
593 BRAYTON AVE LLC 593BRAYTON AVE 273004B000000580 F_748639_272718203/11/20082020
610 COUNTY STREET LLC 610COUNTY ST 273001C000001050 F_752509_273123105/31/20182020
76 SHAWOMET AVE LLCC/O JEFFREY DRISCOLL76SHAWOMET AVE 273005C000002270 F_752544_273234909/13/20102020
927 COUNTY ST LLC 927COUNTY ST 273005C000002260 F_752744_273244902/16/20122020
927 COUNTY STREET REALTY LLC 2903COUNTY ST 273005E000000150 F_754730_274188209/07/20172020
A RODRIGUES LLC 1821COUNTY ST 273008C000001640 F_754467_273687307/31/20182020
ABDALLAH BRIAN GABDALLAH ELIZABETH M171HINCHEY LN 273005C000002070 F_750331_273471009/15/20112020
ABDALLAH MAUREEN 10BRIGGS AVE 273005A000000520 F_744369_272355901/15/20022020
ABDOW ELIZABETH 149POCASSET ST 273001A000001950 F_743392_271977610/31/20142020
ABH HOLDINGS INC 181RIVERSIDE AVE 273007A000000370 F_747708_272348401/25/19942020
ABRAHAM INDIRA 159MT HOPE RD 273007D000000810 F_753959_274016505/06/19982020
ABRAMO SEBASTIANABRAMO JENNIFER85DEER ST 273007C000000160 F_752439_273778610/17/20162020
ABRAMS GLENN E ABRAMS THERESA190NEW JERSEY AVE 273008D000001890 F_750786_274180907/24/19982020
ABRATES MANDY J 270VERMONT AVE 273008D000003970 F_752597_274041210/06/20172020
ABREU JAMES 300CHATTERTON AVE 273004B000002060 F_749191_272790408/14/20182020
ABREU MARIO C & MENDONCA ORIANO 38TRAVERS ST 273008B000001850 F_743974_272978304/03/20182020
ACCARDO MARIE L 100LUCY LN 273007C000002950 F_751510_273692404/07/20092020
ADAMS CHRISTOPHER JADAMS KERI E317HILLSIDE AVE 273006B000000590 F_747157_272783911/18/20052020
ADAMS WENDY L 31CHURCH ST 273002D000001310 F_758254_274179407/15/19982020
ADBOW MICHAEL J & LYNN T TRUSTEES OFTHE MICHAEL & LYNN ABDOW TRUST3200COUNTY ST 273004D00020032E F_756017_274276010/04/20182020
AFFANE SAIDAFFANE KAYTLYN960LEES RIVER AVE 273008B000000530 F_743043_272999408/07/20132020
AFFONSO DAVID A & MARIA TERESA M C/O AFFONSO DAVID A & MARIA-TERESA M TR105KELLY DR 273002B000001590 F_751139_272984605/17/19912020
AFFONSO JEFFREYAFFONSO KIMBERLY54HAZELHURST RD 273007B000000960 F_745879_273048010/29/20152020
AFFONSO JESSEAFFONSO PATRICIA122YANKEE PEDDLER DR 273005D000003200 F_757557_274479004/20/19902020
AFFONSO PATRICIA 78ALMY RD 273012D000001770 F_750577_273907803/01/20182020
AFFONSO STEVENPONTE NELIA744ELM ST 273004E000000670 F_752606_274714509/01/20062020
AGOSTINHO EUGENIOAGOSTINHO ERMELINDA6BRUSHWOOD DR 273007C000002630 F_751214_273807211/17/19862020
AGOSTINHO MARIA R L/E 4SKYLAR DR 273005C000003090 F_752144_273348905/24/20182020
AGUAIR PAUL J 360VELOZO AVE 273012A000001010 F_742021_272686901/23/20092020
AGUAR MANUEL C AGUIAR MARIA S53FORTIER ST 273005A000000270 F_743715_272360903/24/20042020
AGUIAR ALVARO S & ELVIRA MC/O AGUIAR ELVIRA M TRUSTEE13HOLIDAY CR 273012A000000680 F_741714_272614509/25/19812020
AGUIAR ANTONIO A L/E 359LAFAYETTE ST 273007C000000930 F_752925_273719704/18/20182020
AGUIAR ARTUR CAGUIAR MARIA E310OLYMPIC RD 273005E000000100 F_753018_274332611/13/20152020
AGUIAR ARTUR CAGUIAR MARIA E511WHETSTONE HILL RD 273005E000003560 F_753014_274354306/01/20152020
AGUIAR BARBARA BELLINO 10STAGECOACH LN 273009C000001640 F_755176_273717404/01/19872020
AGUIAR BARBARA LLIFE ESTATE80LEWIS AVE 273006B000000810 F_747393_272876006/24/19992020
AGUIAR BRIAN C & VANESSA L 57MOHICAN RD 273012D000002650 F_751960_273987011/07/20172020
AGUIAR DENNIS S & EDWINA C LIFE ESTATE12WOOLEY AVE 273006C000001290 F_752611_273556103/27/20012020
AGUIAR ELAINE M 360EASTVIEW AVE 273008D000001660 F_753204_274118704/02/19962020
AGUIAR FATIMA 202CLEARVIEW AVE 273008D000000970 F_753090_274146403/13/19922020

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