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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
1170 BOARDMAN STREET TRUSTBRESSETTE KELLY S, TRUSTEE1170BOARDMAN ST 2670350000100170 M_47173_87825811/23/20132020
121 VEELEY ROAD LLCC/O ROSENTHAL JESSE S0VEELEY RD 2670020000100112 M_43838_87018712/18/20122020
121 VEELEY ROAD LLC 121VEELEY RD 2670020000100120 M_43743_86974212/18/20122020
1699 NORTH MAIN STREET NOMINEE TRUSTWEBSTER CORNELIA E, TRUSTEE 1699N MAIN ST 2670330000200030 M_45893_87961704/11/20032020
1939 NORTH MAIN STREET NOM TRUSTKATHY J ANDRUS, TRUSTEE1939N MAIN ST 2670330000200071 M_45808_88037107/18/20142020
328 PEACON LANE LLCC/O SEBASTIAN BRECHT0BULL HILL RD 2670030000300020 M_46146_87003109/27/20162020
328 PEACON LANE LLCC/O SEBASTIAN BRECHT132BULL HILL RD 2670030000300021 M_45944_87011309/27/20162020
570 BOW WOW ROAD FAMILY NOMINEE TRUSTC/O LEVIN ANDREW & WILLIAM 570BOW WOW RD 2670300000100030 M_44433_87677112/22/20052020
ABBOTT BLANCHE E 54COTTAGE LN 2670050000100100 M_48482_86948408/02/20182020
ABBOTT JENNIFER CABBOTT MELISSA & JESSICA0GUILDER HOLLOW 2670280000100101 M_41441_87746303/12/20082020
ABBOTT JENNIFER C 213GUILDER HOLLOW RD 2670280000100102 M_41353_87752302/17/19932020
ABCD'S DREAM LLCC/O ANDREASEN ROBERT135FIDDLEHEAD TRAIL 2670360000200063 M_50790_87812711/05/20132020
ADVOCATE MICHAEL & WENDY J ATWOOD 254S UNDERMOUNTAIN RD 2670140000200110 M_41905_87418611/28/20032020
AEP NOMINEE TRUSTERIC J & PATRICIA J CARLSON TRUSTEES259PIKE RD EAST 2670200000400242 M_48559_87236011/10/20162020
AFRICAN METH EPIS CON OF AMER TRS  BEARS DEN RD 2670270000100221 M_44819_87514509/25/19112020
AGAR ARNOLD & DIANA L 199CANAAN RD 2670080000200113 M_50838_86801609/07/19772020
AGAR ARNOLD C JR & DIANA L 203CANAAN RD 2670080000200120 M_50897_86797407/01/20082020
AGAR ARNOLD C JR & DIANA L 501HEWINS ST 2670100000100110 M_49090_87330206/24/20032020
AGAR CLIFDEN A 0CANAAN RD 2670080000100115 M_49942_86797605/06/20092020
AGAR MELINDA L 40NANCY LN 2670080000500170 M_50578_86865302/25/20112020
AGAR MICHAEL D 283E STAHL RD 2670080000400230 M_49547_86926706/26/20152020
AGAR MICHAEL D 289E STAHL RD 2670080000400231 M_49571_86925006/26/20152020
AGINS NEUMA  15MAIN ST 2670250000100020 M_46520_87469211/16/20042020
AHMAD JAMAL REVOC TRUST OF 2015AHMAD JAMAL TRUSTEE1194ASHLEY FALLS RD 2670060000300040 M_48115_86887505/04/20152020
AHMAD JAMAL REVOC TRUST OF 2015AHMAD JAMAL TRUSTEE RANNAPO RD 2670060000300050 M_48080_86884605/04/20152020
AHMR INC 21BERKSHIRE SCHOOL RD 2670190000200130 M_46419_87457705/01/20152020
AHMR INC 31BERKSHIRE SCHOOL RD 2670190000200140 M_46391_87460605/01/20152020
ALDAM WENDY A 48GLENNANA WAY 2670140000300120 M_42072_87293307/23/19992020
ALDEN DALE L & SANDRA J 1079ASHLEY FALLS RD 2670040000100010 M_48046_86927005/22/20032020
ALDEN DALE L & SANDRA J 52OLD JOE RD 2670220000400101 M_49848_87636205/04/20072020
ALEXANDER THEODORE G SR & ROSEMARIE 0IVY TRAIL 2670160000600064 M_42707_87460009/22/19662020
ALICE COOPER LUSTIG TRUSTLUSTIG ALICE COOPER TRUSTEE690SILVER ST 2670120000100150 M_45814_87155710/18/20122020
ALLEN CATHERINE 313SALISBURY RD 2670170000100181 M_45615_87388208/11/19872020
ALLEN G MORVEN  MAPLE AVE 2670200000400340 M_48069_87460107/06/20042020
ALLEN G MORVEN 0HEWINS ST 2670200000400360 M_48387_87400707/06/20042020
ALLEN G MORVEN 229HEWINS ST 2670210000100040 M_48757_87413107/06/20042020
ALLEN G MORVEN 275HEWINS ST 267021000010004J M_49461_87410604/10/20152020
ALLEN G MORVEN 269HEWINS ST 267021000010004K M_48952_87401107/06/20042020
ALLEN G MORVEN 0HEWINS ST 267021000010004L M_48956_87415807/06/20042020
ALLEN G MORVEN  MAPLE AVE 2670240000100050 M_47867_87468607/06/20042020
ALLEN G MORVEN  MAPLE AVE 2670240000100060 M_47725_87477907/06/20042020
ALLEN G MORVEN  MAPLE AVE 2670240000100070 M_47572_87483307/06/20042020
ALLEN G MORVEN & MULLEN GAIL B 0HEWINS ST 2670200000400364 M_48648_87396707/06/20042020
ALLEN MORVEN 199HEWINS ST 2670210000100041 M_48625_87417108/17/20112020
ALTAMIRNAO SEGUNDO & ESCALANTE ALBA 540CLAYTON RD 2670070000100033 M_49885_86880608/13/19992020
ALTMAN ALLEN B & KARIN M 80WEST RD 2670320000200140 M_45272_87793509/17/19862020
ALTMAN-ORENSTEIN FAMILY 2018 TRUSTW ORENSTEIN & G ALTMAN-ORENSTEIN T1137HOME RD 2670340000100190 M_48953_87804011/15/20182020
AMEDY EUGENE W & EUGENE CC/O AMEDY EUGENE C0CEDAR ST 2670160000500121 M_42690_87480504/16/19792020

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