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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
  1005NEWMAN AVE 2650270000002340 F_701810_277854209/02/20112018
  1058FALL RIVER AVE 2650070000000150 F_702522_275093602/19/20152018
  0COUNTY ST REAR 2650090000002680 F_699871_275569001/12/20162018
  0MEAD ST 2650070000003540 F_703666_274920912/31/20082018
  0MEAD ST 2650070000000450 F_703731_274917412/31/20082018
  1241FALL RIVER AVE 2650070000000910 F_703928_274923912/31/20082018
  0FALL RIVER AVE 2650070000001690 F_703829_274931112/31/20082018
  1275FALL RIVER AVE 2650070000000380 F_704705_274869211/29/20162018
  108OLD FALL RIVER RD 2650030000000370 F_711912_274584406/02/20142018
  120OLD FALL RIVER RD 2650030000000380 F_712050_274540312/08/20052018
  132OLD FALL RIVER RD 2650030000000400 F_712146_274529612/08/20052018
  100OLD FALL RIVER RD 2650030000000430 F_711734_274555706/02/20142018
  110OLD FALL RIVER RD 2650030000000440 F_711915_274548606/02/20142018
  1683FALL RIVER AVE 2650010000000610 F_708587_274622810/21/20102018
  1587FALL RIVER AVE 2650010000001030 F_707427_274672204/01/20052018
  0PINE ST REAR 2650290000000340 F_703280_278347910/22/20122018
  0PINE ST 2650290000000360 F_703846_278390610/22/20122018
  195PINE ST 2650290000000370 F_703892_278382910/22/20122018
  2COMMERCE WAY 2650070000003290 F_703806_274979807/02/20142018
  20COMMERCE WAY 2650070000003310 F_703977_275006707/02/20142018
  200WALKER ST 2650240000000830 F_703926_277292410/26/20152018
  1741FALL RIVER AVE 2650010000000990 F_709253_274584103/27/20122018
  23CIRCLE DR 2650020000000070 F_705471_274758204/04/20142018
  33ANTHONY ST 2650040000000250 F_706069_274818009/26/20142018
  295HIGHLAND AVE 2650080000001270 F_702046_275096009/10/20032018
  30INDUSTRIAL WAY 2650010000001200 F_709911_274477109/21/20122018
  1551FALL RIVER AVE 2650010000001980 F_706970_274679601/08/20042018
  32INDUSTRIAL CT 2650010000001580 F_708802_274481701/07/20002018
  320FALL RIVER AVE 2650140000000780 F_700882_275968312/29/20142018
  322FALL RIVER AVE REAR 2650140000000782 B12/29/20142018
  350FALL RIVER AVE 2650140000000960 F_700763_275896311/14/20122018
  0HUNT ST 2650200000001500 F_698507_276102409/28/20152018
  62TAUNTON AVE 2650200000001530 F_698551_276090309/28/20152018
  60MEAD ST 2650070000001330 F_702972_274881701/12/20102018
  775FALL RIVER AVE 2650080000001240 F_701732_275394705/02/20022018
  78LEAVITT ST 2650070000001320 F_702671_274874012/31/20082018
  150CENTRAL AVE 2650310000001530 F_701605_278482307/03/20082018
  90OLD FALL RIVER RD 2650030000000690 F_711656_274573201/30/20092018
  822FALL RIVER AVE 2650080000001130 F_702587_275385208/09/20112018
  35FIELD ST 2650240000001160 F_700174_276861603/31/20142018
  390FALL RIVER AVE 2650130000000450 F_701030_275835403/16/20102018
  965FALL RIVER AVE 2650080000001010 F_702013_275216805/14/20142018
  21LEANN DR 2650170000001580 F_709774_276483306/10/20162018
  258PINE ST 2650280000000050 F_704641_278330309/06/20132018
  43CHERRY HILL DR 265033A000000680 F_705393_278673407/26/20072018
  38TANAGER RD 2650250000002680 F_703578_277834808/19/19982018
  48READ ST 2650240000005950 F_703168_277354201/31/20022018
  1588FALL RIVER AVE 2650040000000070 F_707488_274696702/18/19972018
  0INDUSTRIAL CT 2650010000002540 F_709037_274390912/22/20002018
  405WARREN AVE 2650010000000120 F_708096_274326501/24/19962018

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