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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
16 LAUREL LAKE RD REALTY TRUSTDOMENIC FINELLI, TTEE16LAUREL LAKE RD. 2550030006700010 F_480274_308364707/26/20112019
AB JR. & BL COOK 157WARWICK RD. 2550060001700000 F_459278_307794007/29/19802019
ADAMS, CRAIG P. 10BOLTON RD. 2550110005100010 F_469857_306849910/27/20022019
ADAMS, JONI L  WINCHENDON RD. 2550120001500060 F_482531_307254908/10/20072019
ADAMS, JONI L 88WINCHENDON RD. 2550120001500070 F_482686_307262408/10/20072019
ADAMS-LICHMAN,MICHAEL R. 9THE COMMON 2550190000100000 F_471097_307165407/08/20162019
AHORANTA, MAILISWAYNE JARVENPAA16JARVENPAA RD. 2550150005900000 F_486465_305889708/12/19972019
AHORANTA, MAILIS K.WAYNE JARVENPAA15JARVENPAA RD. 2550150006000000 F_486098_305872308/12/19972019
AHORANTA, MAILIS K.WAYNE JARVENPAA0JARVENPAA RD. 2550150005700000 F_486168_305964108/12/19972019
ALDEN, RICHARD F.ALDEN, JANET B.0NE FITZWILLIAM RD. 2550070000100030  09/22/20142019
ALDEN-SPACKMAN,ELEANORMANNING,THOMAS COWAN118BLISS HILL RD. 2550010004700000 F_450210_308206410/16/20172019
ALDRICH, JOSHUA & JENNIFER 31MORSE RD. 2550150002900000 F_488816_306182605/31/20162019
ALDRICH, LAURA E. 23NEALE ROAD 2550150005000000 F_485781_306058601/07/20002019
ALGER, LINDA M.SKOWRONSKI, NANCY C.4RICHMOND COURT 2550220003400000 F_482568_305552711/14/20152019
ALGER, LINDA M.SKOWRONSKI, NANCY C.13SCHOOL ST. 2550220003500000 F_482564_305536106/06/19902019
ALISAUSKAS,WILLIAM L. 20ATHOL RD. 2550110005500000 F_469415_307057209/23/20162019
ALIX, CLAIRE 172NE FITZWILLIAM RD. 2550030005700000 F_478975_308640404/05/20012019
ALLARD, JEFFREY C.ALLARD, LAURA A.176NO.FITZWILLIAM RD. 2550030002700000 F_474351_308392208/04/20152019
ALLEN YOUNG IRREVOCABLE TRUSTYOUNG, ALLEN, TTEE75BUTTERWORTH RD. 2550090001500000 F_453008_307030107/30/20102019
ALLEN, BRENT M 0BALDWINVILLE RD. 2550170002300000 F_483609_305322708/16/20102019
ALTIERI, LOUISEC/O STEPHEN M. ALTIERI30WINCHENDON RD. 2550110008100000 F_477864_307105511/16/20122019
AMADON, FLOYD L.AMADON, PAULA M.41NEALE RD. 2550150004100000 F_485709_306289805/15/19852019
AMADON, FLOYD L.PAULA M. AMADON0NEALE RD. 2550150003800020 F_485247_306310608/18/19942019
AMUNDSON, SAMANTHA L. 400ATHOL-RICHMOND RD. 2550010006000010 F_451604_308863711/01/19912019
ANAIR, RAYMOND M & GAGNE, LYNNE A 9NORCROSS RD. 2550120001500010 F_482773_307173909/09/19972019
ANDERSON JR., KENNETH G. A.ANDERSON, NANCY274ATHOL-RICHMOND RD. 2550050003500000 F_456263_307845507/13/19742019
ANDERSON, MAXWELL P 202BLISS HILL RD. 2550010003200040 F_450954_308817104/11/20122019
ANDERSON, SHIRLEY I. 180WARWICK RD. 2550060003000000 F_457187_308039611/09/19922019
ANN CLASBY, PHIL LEGERDR. LARRY P. TURNER60BUTTERWORTH RD. 2550090002200000 F_452549_307256509/24/20042019
ARAFAT, WAEL S.  WARWICK RD. 2550050002300000 F_453186_308038210/25/19902019
ARGIRO, ANTHONY P. 33DELAND RD. 2550070006200000 F_481112_308025006/03/19822019
ARSENAULT, STEVEN JARSENAULT, JENNIFER R165NO.FITZWILLIAM RD. 2550030001200000 F_472594_308591809/27/20112019
ATHERTON, JAY B. 58BLISS HILL RD. 2550050006500000 F_450729_307651009/15/19972019
ATHOL CREDIT UNION 10KING ST. 2550220000600000 F_482533_305442808/06/20072019
BAAB, JAMES BAAB, PAULINE336ATHOL-RICHMOND ROAD 2550010006900020 F_454694_308399608/22/20142019
BABINEAU NORMAN 223ATHOL-RICHMOND RD. 2550060002900000 F_457333_307348308/01/20002019
BAHERY MICHAELC/O MOUNTAIN STREAM INC0NE FITZWILLIAM RD. 2550070000100000 F_475494_307399103/09/19982019
BAKER, COREY 27ATHOL RD. 2550110005200000 F_469839_306915201/30/20032019
BAKER, COREY 27ATHOL RD. 2550110005300000 F_469839_306905301/30/20032019
BAKER, DENNIS 19RIVER RD. 2550200003400000 F_483802_305677708/19/20022019
BAKER, RANDOLPH W 240DELAND RD. 2550080004200000 F_489704_307924104/28/20112019
BARCLAY, JAMES M. & MARY C. 0FRYE HILL RD. 2550070003200000 F_471207_307752207/17/19782019
BARCLAY, JAMES M. & MARY C. 0FRYE HILL RD. 2550070003300000 F_471183_307690412/22/19812019
BARCLAY, JAMES M. & MARY C. 11NE FITZWILLIAM RD. 2550180001800000 F_471694_307425302/15/19892019
BARCLAY, JAMES M. & MARY C. 0NO.EAST FITZWILLIAM 2550180002000000 F_471767_307367802/15/19892019
BARRY, ALVIN J.KATHLEEN E. BARRY94WARWICK RD. 2550060003700000 F_463906_307642602/28/19972019
BARRY, KEVENKARAN BARRY0WINCHENDON RD. 2550110007900000 F_479440_307160812/24/19962019
BARRY, KEVEN R.KARAN D. BARRY11STONE RD. 2550110006900000 F_477860_307317512/05/19832019
BARTELSON, RICHARD T.CARLA A. BARTELSON BLISS HILL RD. 2550050005900000 F_450005_307990502/10/19812019

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