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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
ABASCIANO, PAULABASCIANO, DEBORAH76BULLARD RD 241013A000800180 F_564399_299041904/20/20102015
ABERMANIS, JOHN A.ABERMANIS, MARA S.324BALL HILL RD 2410110004600000 F_542741_298448706/16/19992015
ACHILLES, REGINALDACHILLES, MARIE162STERLING RD 2410130006700020 F_562784_298628404/24/20062015
ACTON, DAVID L. 96MAIN ST 241009A002800000 F_564039_299824408/29/19962015
ADAMS, JAMES B. JRADAMS, DENISE A.0REDWOOD DRIVE 241015C001000010 F_555375_298004910/22/19922015
ADAMS, JAMES B. JRADAMS, DENISE A.19REDWOOD DRIVE 241015C001100000 F_555494_298009410/22/19922015
ADAMS, LARSADAMS, ANDREA33MAIN ST 2410090002900000 F_566500_299629107/28/20112015
ADAMS, MICHAEL S.JOHNSON, CHERYL A.260WORCESTER RD 2410150003100000 F_554416_297593804/27/20042015
ADAMS, WAYNEADAMS, BARBARA104MERRIAM RD 2410080002500030 F_552883_299275308/15/20102015
ADAMS, WAYNEADAMS, BARBARA0MERRIAM RD 241008000250003A F_553460_299352508/15/20102015
AGUIAR, LORI A.AGUIAR, JULIAN19REDEMPTION ROCK TR 241005A000900010 F_562723_299993805/25/20062015
AIJALA, EERO A.AIJALA, JOYCE S.8OAK CIRCLE 2410150004700340 F_556319_297810804/14/20052015
AIJALA, EERO A.AIJALA, JOYCE S.0OAK CIRCLE 2410150004700341 F_556549_297785811/01/20062015
AKERLEY, ROBERT W. 16PINE HILL LANE P.W. 2410040004300010 F_554542_300276506/26/20022015
ALBRECHT, CHARLES F.ALBRECHT, LINDA J.166BEAMAN RD 2410050000400000 F_560953_300097707/10/19742015
ALDEN, PETER B.ALDEN, RHONDA L.39MAIN ST 2410090002800000 F_566192_299630508/07/20122015
ALEXANDER TRUST JANE DEP. 0MERRIAM RD 241008B002100000 F_555513_299086410/18/19942015
ALEXANDER TRUST JANE DEP. 0EAST PRINCETON RD 241012B002500000 F_555634_299063312/31/19002015
ALICANDRO, BERNARD M.HALL-ALICANDRO, HANNAH26STAGECOACH ROAD P.W. 241015F001000000 F_553499_297865510/28/20032015
ALLAN, JOSEPH M. IIIALLAN, MARIANNE W.358MOUNTAIN RD 2410040000300140 F_553691_300575007/13/19952015
ALLARD, MARIA HESKES 140GATES RD 2410070000600010 F_540764_299628805/14/20062015
ALLEN, ARTHUR IIIBRAVO, JENNIFER V.13TOWN FARM RD 2410130001700000 F_566100_298751108/07/20032015
ALLEN, AUTHUR IIIBRAVO, JENNIFER V.0TOWN FARM RD 2410130002200030 F_566470_298699612/20/20072015
ALLEN, JOHNALLEN, LORRIE173MOUNTAIN RD 2410080001900000 F_552426_299670508/25/20092015
ALSDORF, CHRISTOPHER A.ALSDORF, JOYCE L.92GLEASON RD 2410090003000010 F_565517_299592607/09/19892015
ALVES, FRANCISALVES, NOREEN182STERLING RD 2410130006400000 F_564075_298564310/29/20022015
AMERICAN TEL & TEL 0EAST PRINCETON RD 2410080005300000 F_559173_299447710/13/19642015
AMERICAN TOWER L.P. 0THOMPSON RD OFF 2410070002200000 F_546141_299671306/02/19992015
ANDERSON LIVING TRUST~ANDERSON, DOUGLAS & JOYCE192BALL HILL RD 2410140000800000 F_547543_298050705/25/20052015
ANDERSON, ROBERT C.ANDERSON, KATHLEEN S.34STAGECOACH ROAD P.W. 241015F000900000 F_553450_297899406/04/20012015
ANDERSON, ROGER 15CALAMINT HILL RD N 2410120001600020 F_548911_298731502/06/20132015
ANDRYSICK, MARY E. 183BEAMAN RD 241005C000800020 F_561826_300059704/19/20042015
ANTONIO, CHRISTOANTONIO, DOROTHY L.85HOBBS RD 2410050002300000 F_563581_300537812/31/19002015
APPELL REVOCABLE TRUST LAURA W.R. 0CALAMINT HILL RD 2410110005100000 F_547879_298444407/02/20012015
ARCHAMBEAULT, DAVIDARCHAMBEAULT, HEATHER51BEAMAN RD 2410040003300040 F_557361_299930306/18/20022015
ARELLO, JOANNE 133WORCESTER RD 2410150003700000 F_555574_298207101/25/20092015
ARELLO, PHILLIP S.ARELLO, JOHNA A.157WORCESTER RD 2410150004000000 F_555840_298032511/11/19712015
ARELLO, ROBERTARELLO, JOANNE135WORCESTER RD 2410150003800000 F_555197_298181604/03/19862015
ARMSTRONG, DANA C.ARMSTRONG, MARGARET L.40BEAMAN RD 2410080004200010 F_557402_299846011/02/19952015
ARMSTRONG, RICHARD D. & DIANA MARMSTRONG INVESTMENT TRUST63OAK CIRCLE 2410150004700530 F_556911_297899504/12/20122015
ASH, JERRY FRANCISASH, SHARON E.41EAST PRINCETON RD 241008B000600000 F_555852_299177711/23/19712015
ASH, SHARONSORBLOM, CAROL11MIRICK RD 241008B001100000 F_556099_299166003/16/20082015
ASHEY, RONALD J.ASHEY, GAIL A.94CALAMINT HILL RD N 2410110005300010 F_545308_298538303/12/19872015
ASHTON, MELLARD J.ASHTON, CORINNE J.62BULLARD RD 241013A000800140 F_564594_298918803/25/20042015
ASMUS, DAVID P.ASMUS, SHIRLEY J.153WORCESTER RD 2410150003900000 F_556012_298074409/08/19832015
ASSELIN, DENNIS A.WRIGHT-ASSELIN, DOLORES E. 31REDEMPTION ROCK TR 241005A001200000 F_562619_300029710/13/19992015
ATKINS, SUSAN D. 34GOODNOW RD 2410120001000005 F_550013_299047503/05/20062015
AUBUCHON, WILLIAM E. IIIAUBUCHON, KARSON Y.105MOUNTAIN RD & MERR 241008A000600000 F_552950_299199903/31/19852015
AUGUST, DOUGLAS E. 122HOBBS RD 2410050003000070 F_564899_300370009/28/19952015
AYARS, WILLIAM 0WHEELER RD 2410110002100000 F_537264_298871102/26/20092015

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