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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
  10SHASTA DR 2130730000000110 M_236274_92608110/03/20182020
  112HAVERHILL ST 2130410000000510 M_234332_92468408/01/20122020
  112HAVERHILL ST 2130410000000560 M_234314_92473008/01/20122020
  12LOWELL RD 2130250000000140 M_231687_92568206/05/20182020
  134NORTH ST 2130270000000120 M_232338_92653203/20/20172020
  142MAIN ST 2130250000000030 M_231749_92550901/23/20152020
  144MAIN ST 2130250000000040 M_231825_92555001/23/20152020
  160PARK ST 2130540000001280 M_234562_92488805/15/20132020
  161MAIN ST 2130250000000340 M_231838_92589501/19/20122020
  174HAVERHILL ST 2130530000000110 M_234530_92557603/06/20182020
  18NORTH ST 2130450000000890 M_234004_92662710/15/20182020
  184PARK ST 2130420000000040 M_234181_92480712/16/20042020
  19ERWIN RD 2130740000000200 M_236413_92569304/12/20052020
  200PARK ST 2130420000000070 M_233954_92484907/17/20092020
  208MAIN ST 2130140000001140 M_231575_92624910/16/20122020
  14NIBLICK WAY 213085A000900370 M_238146_92531311/16/20172020
  21OLDE COACH RD 2130500000000530 M_235027_92755711/09/20182020
  210MAIN ST 2130140000001130 M_231565_92628009/28/19962020
  234PARK ST 2130420000001470 M_233538_92480210/20/20112020
  24MAIN ST 2130220000000790 M_232123_92413005/31/20172020
  24SPRUCE RD 2130250000000960 M_232548_92572002/06/20182020
  235MAIN ST 2130130000000020 M_231550_92656112/21/20052020
  286MAIN ST 2130120000000010 M_231264_92709409/24/20122020
  290MAIN ST 2130120000001150 M_231234_92713608/05/20162020
  300RIVERPARK DR 2130010000000030 M_230284_92274910/05/20172020
  303MAIN ST 2130120000001290 M_231278_92730902/01/20172020
  1SHAY LN 2130180000100740 M_231491_92399210/31/20162020
  3SHAY LN 2130180000200740 M_231467_92408910/31/20162020
  5SHAY LN 2130180000300740 M_231482_92413710/31/20162020
  7SHAY LN 2130180000400740 M_231535_92415110/31/20162020
  9SHAY LN 2130180000500740 M_231622_92414310/31/20162020
  11SHAY LN 2130180000600740 M_231665_92405210/31/20162020
  6SHAY LN 2130180000700740 M_231630_92403310/31/20162020
  4SHAY LN 2130180000800740 M_231571_92406810/31/20162020
  2SHAY LN 2130180000900740 M_231533_92403910/31/20162020
  0SHAY LN 2130180001100740 M_231559_92408910/31/20162020
  5JILL CIR 2130030000000690 M_230326_92403403/14/20182020
  50CONCORD ST 213019A001800010 M_231136_92349810/12/20172020
  50CONCORD ST 213019A001800020 M_231136_92349810/12/20172020
  50CONCORD ST 213019A001800030 M_231136_92349810/12/20172020
  50CONCORD ST 213019A001800040 M_231136_92349810/12/20172020
  103CONCORD ST 2130020000000130 M_229923_923177 2020
  50MAIN ST 2130230000000270 M_231967_92439503/01/20162020
  52MAIN ST 2130230000000280 M_232008_92444103/01/20162020
  66CONCORD ST 2130190000000070 M_230821_92323110/23/20122020
  237MAIN ST 2130130000000080 M_231533_92661807/21/20002020
  72CONCORD ST 2130020000000050 M_230695_92314110/03/20172020
  9FAIRVIEW ST 2130780000000890 M_237512_92509007/20/20182020
  77ELM ST 2130780000000790 M_237601_92504607/20/20182020
  18MAPLE RD 2130430000000170 M_233552_92559712/05/20182020

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