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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
007 LIMITED AS GP OF192 NO. MAIN ST ASSOC. LTD PARTNERSHIP192NORTH MAIN ST 2121060000301920 M_151756_89110610/26/20072019
007 LIMITED, GP OF206 NO. MAIN ST ASSOC. LTD PARTNERSHIP206NORTH MAIN ST 2121060000302060 M_151755_89112910/26/20072019
123 KIDS, LLC 75HILLSVLE SPENCER RD 2120350000600750 M_155893_89098409/28/20152019
17 MAIN STREET REALTY, 11WILLOW ST 2121010002300110 M_151990_89167012/19/20162019
181 NORTH MAIN NORTH BROOKFIELD LLC 181NORTH MAIN ST 2121060000301810 M_151711_89103405/31/20132019
19 GRANT, LLC 19GRANT ST 2121070003100190 M_151936_89081110/20/20082019
231 NORTH MAIN STREET, LLC 231NORTH MAIN ST 2121060000302310 M_151677_89119305/19/20092019
25 GRANT NORTH BROOKFIELD, LLC 25GRANT ST 2121070003100250 M_151972_89082210/20/20082019
5 GILBERT, LLCC/O RETAIL BUSINESS SERVICES5GILBERT ST 2121070000400050 M_151876_89083310/20/20082019
9 GILBERT, LLCC/O NORTH BROOKFIELD SAVINGS BANK9GILBERT ST 2121070000400090 M_151804_89079010/20/20082019
A. R. BELLI DEVELOPMENT, LLC 85BROOKFIELD RD 212046000550085A M_150414_88736606/19/20062019
ABDELMASEH, DAVID G. & DIANE P. 47NEW BRAINTREE RD 2120140008100470 M_151598_89276805/17/20052019
ABERNETHY, DAVID & LORI 95BELL ST 2120200007800950 M_151398_89200706/30/19982019
ABYSALH CHARLES & MARIANNE 30WARD ST 2121110010000300 M_151640_89018209/19/19722019
ABYSALH, CHARLES & MARIANNE 27WARD ST 2121110010000270 M_151649_89026003/27/19982019
ACHORN, MARGARET R 55RUFUS PUTNAM RD 2120090008400550 M_152614_89407205/30/20062019
ACHORN, MARGARET R. 75RUFUS PUTNAM RD 2120030008400750 M_152582_89456010/22/20152019
ACKERMAN, GREGG & DARLA A 65WAITE CORNER RD 2120190004000650 M_149193_89234905/30/19972019
ADAMS, MEARL H & PAULETTE T 13BELL ST 2121010007800130 M_151617_89161508/23/19762019
ADMASS, LLCC/O JRJ METRO REALTY LTD60PROSPECT ST 2121090003700600 M_151246_89067907/07/20162019
ADOMAITIS, MALCOLM J. 68NEW BRAINTREE RD 2120140008100680 M_151357_89318502/25/20142019
ADOMAITIS, MALCOLM J. 68NEW BRAINTREE RD 212014000810068A M_151389_89321602/25/20142019
AGURKIS, ELISABETH M. 7WALKER RD 2120370005800070 M_151451_88900312/22/20142019
AHEARN, JOSEPH P & LINDA M 54WAITE CORNER RD 2120180004000540 M_149569_89249008/10/19822019
AHEARN, JOSHUA T. 41SMITH HANSON RD 2120270006500410 M_149252_89144502/17/20122019
AHEARN, THOMAS J & ANGELLA A 100DOWNEY RD 2120070007401000 M_150426_89393004/15/19822019
ALBRO, DANIEL G. &TOOMEY, KELSEY E.15GREEN RD 2120390010400150 M_154308_88981003/24/20172019
ALEXANDER, ELLEN M. &MARTINEAU, LYNNE26ELM ST 2121070000700260 M_152122_89094712/27/20002019
ALEXANDER, PATRICIA A 21LAKEVIEW RD 212003L090400210 M_154376_88744002/19/19982019
ALEXANDER, PATRICIA A 23LAKEVIEW RD 212003L090400230 M_154370_88745502/19/19982019
ALEXANDROVICH, JULIANN 12MILL RD 2120080007500120 M_150763_89399610/27/20172019
ALFORD, MARK A. & RUTH E. 4SOUTH MAIN ST 2120370000200040 M_151418_88983504/21/20042019
ALGOO, RAMKUMAR & PARBKUDAI, TRUSTEESD & P REALTY TRUST12GILBERT ST 2121060000400120 M_151752_89076205/18/20042019
ALLEN, ANTHONY A. III & EMBAIR, ANGIE M.2STODDARD RD 2120020008500020 M_151147_89414807/29/20162019
ALLEN, CODY 26DONOVAN RD 2120370005600260 M_151334_88878201/30/20152019
ALLEN, JAMES K & SHELLY A 11BIRCH HILL RD 2120420005300110 M_150707_88821607/23/19982019
ALLEN, MATTHEW 40PROSPECT ST 2121060003700400 M_151312_89091007/27/20122019
ALLEN, MATTHEW L. 40BROOKS POND RD 2120110009100400 M_155293_89378004/08/20082019
ALLEN, PAUL D. & ELAINE R 9OAKHAM RD 2120210008300090 M_152139_89235705/31/20002019
ALLEN, TROY E. 44WEST BROOKFIELD RD 2120420000100440 M_150568_88846001/25/20122019
ALPHIN, JOHN S. 27ASHLEY RD 2120340010100270 M_154666_89090408/14/20022019
ALTOBELLI, JAMES G & SHEILA L 51NORTH COMMON ST 2121040002200510 M_152311_89152908/12/19812019
AMANN, JAMES M. SUSAN E 11BULLARD RD 2120430010700110 M_153390_88813907/31/19982019
AMONS, JUDITH M. & KENNETH P. TRUSTEESAMONS LIVING TRUST35MURPHY RD 2120060007200350 M_149005_89423211/29/20102019
ANDERSON, BRIAN K. & JENNA R. 79WARD ST 2121100010000790 M_152337_89028112/14/20152019
ANDERSON, BRIAN K. & JENNA R. 79WARD ST 212110001000079A M_152333_89032412/14/20152019
ANDERSON, DARIN GC/O ANDERSON, DARIN & ANDERSON, ALICIA8STODDARD PL 2121100004700080 M_151926_89043702/16/20052019
ANDERSON, DAWN J. 10ST JOHN ST 2121040002000100 M_152125_89131606/27/20132019
ANDERSON, DENNISC/O THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON42SMITH HANSON RD 2120270006500420 M_149428_89132207/20/20062019
ANDERSON, JOHN M 41FULLAM HILL RD 2120380006100410 M_152096_88945602/20/20042019

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