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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
100 LINCOLN STREET INCC/O ABU CONSTRUCTION INC0LINCOLN STREET 2150750004100000 F_614188_293952903/31/20052015
100 LINCOLN STREET INCC/O ABU CONSTRUCTION INC0LINCOLN STREET 2150750004200000 F_614084_293972003/31/20052015
100 LINCOLN STREET INCC/O ABU CONSTRUCTION0LINCOLN STREET 2150750004300000 F_613921_293974003/31/20052015
100 LINCOLN STREET INCC/O ABU CONSTRUCTION INC0LINCOLN STREET 2150750004400000 F_613884_293964403/31/20052015
122 GREEN STREET CORPORATION 122GREEN STREET 2150260002500000 F_612715_295037210/30/20142015
14-24 BELMONT SERIES OFTHE NADER REALTY SERIES, LLC24BELMONT STREET 2151090002700000 F_612556_292798810/06/20052015
14-24 BELMONT SERIES OFTHE NADER REALTY SERIES, LLC14BELMONT STREET 2151090002800000 F_612323_292798412/17/19862015
240 TURNPIKE INC 1BELMONT STREET 2151090000200000 F_611158_292855601/02/20082015
242 GREEN STREET LLC 242GREEN STREET 2150210001400000 F_611283_295105910/10/20072015
25 CASTLE ROAD LLC 25CASTLE ROAD 2150580001200000 F_606280_294308012/27/20122015
277 MAIN STREET LLCD/B/A TROMBETTA'S FARM277MAIN STREET 2150470000500000 F_623420_294456409/16/20102015
318 POST ROAD CORPAKA/FISKE'S GARDEN CENTER INC318MAIN STREET 2150470009300000 F_624355_294453310/30/19492015
325 WEST MAIN STREET LLCC/O GINO DEFEUDIS325WEST MAIN STREET 2150810001200000 F_612971_293662607/08/20072015
345 MAIN STREET LLC 345MAIN STREET 2150470007200000 F_624934_294524204/19/20052015
35 LYMAN LLCC/O PARSONS COMMERCIAL GROUP INC35LYMAN STREET 2150660001200000 F_625959_294090607/23/20082015
35 LYMAN LLCC/O PARSONS COMMERCIAL GROUP INC35LYMAN STREET 2150660001200010 F_625959_294090607/23/20082015
360 CEDAR HILL HOLDINGS-3 LLCC/O LINCOLN PROPERTY COMPANY360CEDAR HILL STREET 2150670000200000 F_630835_294085406/19/20132015
375 SOUTHWEST CUTOFF LLCC/O MASSAD PAMELA A ESQUIRE 375SOUTHWEST CUTOFF 2151140000200000 F_609932_292719801/03/20082015
39 PLEASANT STREET LLC 39PLEASANT STREET 2150550008800080 F_615393_294195209/14/20142015
41 LAWRENCE LLC 41LAWRENCE STREET 2151050002600000 F_613441_293014903/28/20062015
5 BEEMAN ROAD LLC 5BEEMAN ROAD 2150710001500000 F_628219_293839501/17/20132015
50 BOUNDARY LLC 50BOUNDARY STREET 2150330002900000 F_627957_294767502/01/20122015
51 SOUTHWEST CUTOFF LLC 51SOUTHWEST CUTOFF 2150950001300000 F_614125_293589902/03/20132015
79-81 SOUTHWEST CUTOFF LLC 79SOUTHWEST CUTOFF 2150950003900000 F_613912_293500112/27/20122015
85-87 SOUTHWEST CUTOFF LLC 85SOUTHWEST CUTOFF 2150950004100000 F_613940_293477312/27/20122015
86-88 MAIN STREET LLC 10CHURCH STREET 2150630006500000 F_617239_294199612/27/20062015
86-88 MAIN STREET LLC 88MAIN STREET 2150640002100000 F_619451_294178111/06/20012015
86-88 MAIN STREET LLC 86MAIN STREET 2150640002200000 F_619389_294176111/06/20012015
ABATE CHRISTOPHER ANDABATE MARY E26EDMUNDS WAY 2150290002000000 F_620573_294824712/14/20002015
ABBIS JOSEPH P JR ANDSYLVESTER ANNE MARIE 9GOODNOW CIRCLE 2150340005400000 F_623012_294604809/25/20032015
ABBONDANZA JOHN ANDHILL JANETTE19HEMLOCK DRIVE 2150520007000000 F_624773_294356410/25/19902015
ABBOTT RAYMOND ANDABBOTT MARY490MAIN STREET 2150330004602110 F_627827_294665007/12/20092015
ABDOU, MAGDA F. & GAYED, MICHAEL S. & BAHAA S.77MEADOW ROAD 2150940021400000 F_616316_293442705/30/20072015
ABERMAN, RACHEL 87CHURCH STREET 2150550003500000 F_615588_294281709/28/19992015
ABOUCHLEIH MOHAMMAD 97SUNSET DRIVE 2150930002500000 F_619708_293574607/29/20122015
ABOUCHLEIH MOHAMMAD 11HITCHING POST LANE 2151060001000110 F_612239_293130901/24/20052015
ABRO KENNETH E. &DARLENE M.42FERNBROOK ROAD 2150820010800000 F_615927_293762602/28/19852015
ABRUSAMRA BRADFORD J &ABRUSAMARA LINDA A20SOLOMON POND ROAD 2150300004300000 F_623063_294881209/29/20082015
ABTAHI MEHDI 19STRATTON WAY 2150530006000000 F_619630_294309706/29/20002015
ABU A ANTHONY ANDABU KATHLEEN S41LYDIAS WAY 2150620004400410 F_614116_294100410/24/20132015
ABU A ANTHONY TRUSTEEFAB REALTY TRUST290WEST MAIN STREET 2150820001000000 F_613278_293728311/23/19992015
ABUSAMRA LINDA A 46RICE AVENUE 2150450013200000 F_619010_294458711/06/20052015
ABUSAMRA, JAMES &JENNIFER19FORREST ROAD 2150940005900000 F_616652_293535205/28/19912015
AC R CORPORATION 41TALBOT ROAD 2150710001800000 F_626484_293872502/28/19862015
ACCERIS REALTY ESTATE LLC 373HOWARD STREET 2150200000300000 F_613761_295059804/30/20132015
ACHKINAZI, IGOR &ELENA KORI38COOLIDGE CIRCLE 2150140003700000 F_619041_295325109/27/20012015
ACKERNECHT JOSHUA ANDACKERNECHT KIMBERLY 30CHESTERFIELD ROAD 2150940019000000 F_616423_293479008/08/20132015
ACKLEY THOMAS L TRUSTEETHOMAS L ACKLEY LIVING TRUST135BRIGHAM STREET 2150730005500000 F_621531_293955906/12/20132015
ADAM ALLISON LLC 107OTIS STREET 2151050004700000 F_614492_293049105/03/20052015

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