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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
10 SILSBEE NOMINEE TRUSTJODY M. ALLEN, TRUSTEE10SILSBEE ROAD 2100200002900000 M_230167_93863608/15/20122017
100 ELM STREET REALTY TRUSTC/O RCG 100 ELM LLC100ELM STREET 2100540000300000 M_230650_93895307/15/20152017
100 MAIN STREET TRUSTDAVID MERMELSTEIN, TR98MAIN STREET 2100290003000000 M_230195_93928405/14/19992017
101 SPRING HILL RDC/O ADAM CHARLES BENNETT DRAKE101SPRING HILL ROAD 210107A024100000 M_233898_93456201/09/20062017
1040 REALTY TRUST CORPORATIONW J SHAHEEN & J M PALLONE861TURNPIKE STREET 210107C072100250 M_232297_93421611/26/19862017
1040 REALTY TRUST CORPORATIONW J SHAHEEN & J M PALLONE861TURNPIKE STREET 210107C072100260 M_232297_93421607/22/19882017
105 FOXHILL ROAD REALTY TRUSTHEIDI GLADSTONE, TR105FOXHILL ROAD 210037C004200000 M_232346_93741107/31/20032017
105 MASS AVE LLC 13ELMWOOD STREET 2100060002300000 M_229467_93847008/01/20142017
105 MASS AVE, LLC 105MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE 2100060002600000 M_229415_93844606/02/20142017
105 MASS AVE, LLC 0MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE 2100060001800000 M_229426_93853006/02/20142017
105 MASS AVE, LLC 0DANVERS STREET 2100060001900000 M_229396_93848306/02/20142017
105 MASS AVE, LLC 119MASSACHUSETTS AVENU 2100060002000000 M_229453_93849206/02/20142017
105 MASS AVE, LLC 0MABLIN AVENUE 2100030000800000 M_229371_93838306/02/20142017
105 MASS, LLC 115MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE 2100060006300000 M_229451_93851706/02/20142017
1060 SALEM STREET REALTY TRUSTC/O 1060 SALEM STREET REALTY TRUST1060SALEM STREET 210106A005800000 M_235175_93498107/31/20152017
107 SALEM STREET, LLC 817SALEM STREET 2100650005900000 M_234374_93539808/09/20132017
109 NUTMEG LANE REALTY TRUSTGORMAN, ROBERT & ELIZABET TRUST109NUTMEG LANE 2100380029100000 M_233369_93571106/18/20042017
11 PINE RIDGE ROAD REALTY TRUSTDAVID M. SIDOTI, TRUSTEE11PINE RIDGE ROAD 2100650014500000 M_233985_93615005/22/20142017
11-13 THIRD STREET LLCC/O ANTHONY CONTE11THIRD STREET 2100300001800000 M_230326_93886411/07/20062017
1140 OSGOOD STREET TRUSTKENNETH HAPHEY, TR1140OSGOOD STREET 2100350005300000 M_231650_94080504/26/19992017
1159 OSGOOD STREET TRUSTKENNETH HAPHEY, TR1159OSGOOD STREET 2100350000700000 M_231751_94083104/26/19992017
1175 TURNPIKE STREET LLC 1175TURNPIKE STREET 210107C001200000 M_233091_93338707/18/20142017
121 WAVERLY ROAD REALTY TRUSTFAHEY, WILLIAM & FINNERAN, JOHN121WAVERLY ROAD 2100140002400000 M_229902_93899108/18/20042017
124 PHILLIPS COMMON TRUSTV.R.GOKUL PRAKASH, TRUSTEE124PHILLIPS COMMON 2100580004700000 M_231168_93755512/08/20102017
129 MAIN STREET REALTY TRUSTC/O JANE DIPERRI129MAIN STREET 2100300000100000 M_230233_93915212/06/19852017
132 ACADEMY TRUSTHARRY R DOW III & MARIE G DOW,200BRIDLE PATH 210104C007900000 M_234392_93787101/07/19932017
1320 OSGOOD STREET CORPORATIONC/O MTM INSURANCE1320OSGOOD STREET 2100340003000000 M_231724_94143801/31/20122017
140 WILLOW STREET, LLC 140WILLOW STREET 210098D005200010 M_231840_93447206/20/20072017
140 WILLOW STREET, LLC 140WILLOW STREET 210098D005200020 M_231840_93447206/20/20072017
1430 GREAT POND ROAD TRUSTGARY E. MULDOON, TRUSTEE1430GREAT POND ROAD 2100620002600000 M_233550_94031311/23/20112017
1538 TURNPIKE LLC 1538TURNPIKE STREET 210107B000500000 M_234185_93247610/03/20142017
1575 GREAT POND ROAD RLTY TRSTDIANE M. DEMOULAS, TRUSTEE1575GREAT POND ROAD 2100620001600000 M_233067_94045612/31/20152017
1591 OSGOOD PROPERTIES, LLC 1591OSGOOD STREET 2100340000400000 M_231722_94251607/24/20132017
1600 OSGOOD STREET LLCC/O OZZY PROPERTIES0OSGOOD STREET 2100340001500000 M_231536_94182709/03/20032017
1600 OSGOOD STREET, LLCC/O OZZY PROPERTIES1600OSGOOD STREET 2100340001700000 M_231364_94222709/03/20032017
1602 CATALPA DRIVE LLC 1602CATALPA DRIVE 210108C003916020 M_235993_93028608/11/20142017
1627 OSGOOD REALTY TRUSTTHOMAS J. MURTHA, III, TRUSTEE1627OSGOOD STREET 2100340000300000 M_231712_94261008/12/20112017
17 MASS AVE REALTY LLC 17MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE 2100020004000000 M_229126_93872206/20/20082017
176 FRENCH FARM ROAD REALTY TRUSTELLEN M FORD, TRUSTEE176FRENCH FARM ROAD 2100620006300000 M_232519_94088201/30/20032017
1761 SALEM STREET REALTY TRUST 1761SALEM STREET 210106B008900000 M_236243_93265106/16/20082017
178 ROSEMONT REALTY TRUSTGREGORY T CHRISTO, TR178ROSEMONT DRIVE 210098B004000000 M_232416_93455010/28/19982017
198 MASS AVE REALTY LLC 198MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE 2100100037100030 M_229697_93843512/28/20122017
198 MASS AVE REALTY LLC 198MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE 2100100037100040 M_229697_93843512/28/20122017
198 MASS AVE REALTY LLC 198MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE 2100100037100050 M_229697_93843512/28/20122017
198 MASS AVE REALTY LLC 198MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE 2100100037100060 M_229697_93843512/28/20122017
198 MASS AVE REALTY LLC 198MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE 2100100037100070 M_229697_93843512/28/20122017
198 MASS AVE REALTY LLC 198MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE 2100100037200000 M_229697_93843512/28/20122017

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