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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
ADAMS, RICHARD P. 0ADAMS ROAD 2024050000000110 M_152009_89805301/01/19812018
ADAMS, RICHARD P.  224ADAMS ROAD 2024050000000170 M_152302_89802301/01/19812018
ALBANO, DONALD V. 0WORCESTER ROAD 2024060000000340 M_154370_89629204/28/20052018
ALDRICH, KALEIGH A. 79UNITAS ROAD 2024030000000030 M_145944_89724012/31/20152018
ALDRICH, WILLIAM F. AND LAURA K. 0DENNIS WHITNEY ROAD 2024010000000430 M_150043_90030102/02/19962018
ALGOO, LLC 0RAVINE ROAD 2024010000000270 M_149081_90063511/07/20052018
ALGOO, LLC 0RAVINE ROAD 2024010000000271 M_149039_90040111/07/20052018
ALGOO, LLC 0RAVINE ROAD 2024010000000272 M_149022_90050211/07/20052018
AMONS, HEATHER M. 185MCKAY ROAD 2024030000000580 M_147415_89815308/29/20052018
ANDERSON, WESLEY F. & MARCIA J. 452WINE ROAD 2024030000000760 M_147154_89689807/27/20012018
ANDREWS JAMES III & SHAWNA RAE 0GILBERTVILLE ROAD 2024090000000240 M_142120_89584206/12/19972018
ANDREWS, HARRY J.ANDREWS, CARROL D.0HARDWICK ROAD 2024040000000160 M_148250_89810908/11/20102018
ANDREWS, HARRY J.ANDREWS, CARROL D.0HARDWICK ROAD 2024040000000350 M_148658_89824708/11/20102018
ANDREWS, HARRY J.ANDREWS, CARROL D.0HARDWICK ROAD 2024040000000360 M_148217_89840808/11/20102018
ANDREWS, HARRY J.ANDREWS, CARROL D.0HARDWICK ROAD 2024040000000370 M_148320_89902908/11/20102018
ANDREWS, JAMES IIIANDREWS, SHAWNA RAE0GILBERTVILLE ROAD 2024090000000270 M_142233_89575203/13/20122018
ANDREWS, JAMES III & SHAWNA RAE 1930GILBERTVILLE ROAD 2024090000000260 M_142380_89571606/12/19972018
ATWOOD MICHELE L 510WINE ROAD 2024030000000750 M_147002_89691109/12/20022018
ATWOOD MILDRED 56SLEIN ROAD 2024030000000740 M_147036_89698009/12/20022018
AYER, JASON R.AYER DOROTHY M.0DENNIS WHITNEY ROAD 2024040000000670 M_149675_89870109/30/20112018
AYER, JASON R. & DOROTHY M. 100DENNIS WHITNEY ROAD 2024040000000660 M_150049_89867101/26/19982018
AYOTTE-LAPIERRE, KRISTINLAPIERRE, RICHARD A. JR.230WINE ROAD 2024080000000740 M_147870_89662508/16/20162018
BAKER, CHRISTINE J. MANGSEN 205GOODFIELD ROAD 2024090000000130 M_141848_89510405/02/19972018
BANTHIN, ROBERT S.  0NO. BROOKFIELD ROA 2024060000000270 M_154279_89538402/07/19972018
BARD, NOE M. III & HEATHER 120WORCESTER ROAD 2024040000001280 M_151130_89723601/03/20032018
BARRETT, RICHARD L. 93BARR ROAD 2024080000000050 M_146583_89460512/11/20072018
BARTELS, GENVIEVEO'KEEFE-SHEA, DORRINDA55PADRE ROAD 2024080000000300 M_145441_89491307/23/20152018
BAUMAN, CATHERINE A. 0DENNIS WHITNEY ROAD 2024010000000450 M_150349_89973106/01/19862018
BAUMAN, CATHERINE A. 1890BARRE ROAD 2024010000000340 M_149743_89997401/01/19622018
BELDEN, JAYSON H.BELDEN, KATHERINE B.61WARE ROAD 2024100000000070 M_141324_89421311/29/20072018
BELDEN, JAYSON H.BELDEN, KATHERINE B.0WARE ROAD 2024100000000071 M_141308_89415810/23/20022018
BENNETT HUDSON D & JESSICA A 0WEST ROAD 2024030000000390 M_146548_89769808/17/19932018
BENNETT, HUDSON D. & JESSICA A. 1101WEST ROAD 2024030000000210 M_146146_89780008/17/19932018
BENNETT, MICHAEL J. & TARA A. 0BARRE ROAD 2024040000000800 M_150287_89774402/13/20032018
BENNETT, MICHAEL J. & TARA A. 880BARRE ROAD 2024040000000820 M_150340_89771504/26/20012018
BENOIT, JASON J. 1200HARDWICK ROAD 2024030000000530 M_147679_89882108/06/19982018
BENOIT, JASON J. 0HARDWICK ROAD 2024030000000540 M_147788_89877209/24/20012018
BENSON, GORDON L.C/O SALLY BLAIS0TUCKER ROAD 2024080000000210 M_144461_89442401/01/19612018
BENSON, GORDON L.C/O SALLY BLAIS0PADRE ROAD 2024080000000630 M_144917_89619501/01/19612018
BEST, JOHN H. JR 335WORCESTER ROAD 2024050000000010 M_151792_89740907/27/20152018
BETTENCOURT, JOHN H. III & JESSICA A. 330WORCESTER ROAD 2024040000001260 M_151516_89726908/28/19962018
BETTER, ROBERT J. JR & ROXANN 1020GILBERTVILLE ROAD 2024080000000250 M_144693_89516610/21/20052018
BEYER, DONALD J. & CATHERINE A. 1808BARRE ROAD 2024010000000350 M_149462_89989309/14/20042018
BIGOS, ALAN R. & JANET E. 505WINE ROAD 2024080000000850 M_146939_89675404/16/19982018
BJORKLUND, LUKAS J. 125MCEVOY ROAD 2024010000000140 M_148147_90036407/24/20082018
BLAKE, HAZEL 0PADRE ROAD 2024080000000320 M_144881_89592101/01/19722018
BOHAN, THOMAS J. TRUSTEEACORN REALTY TRUST0WEST BROOKFIELD ROAD 2024110000000030 M_147911_89377903/08/20052018
BOHAN, THOMAS J. TRUSTEEACORN REALTY TRUST0WEST BROOKFIELD ROAD 2024110000000240 M_147194_89353803/08/20052018
BOHAN, THOMAS J. & KRISTIN M. 860WEST BROOKFIELD ROAD 2024110000000241 M_147519_89391012/21/20062018
BONNEAU, SAMUEL R. AND ISABEL R. 1845BARRE ROAD 2024010000000030 M_149060_89991903/26/19992018

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