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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
10-16 CHARLES STREET, LLC 10CHARLES ST 1990750002300000 F_731016_293696601/30/20072016
1032 HIGHLAND AVE., LLCC/O DERENZO PROPERTIES INC1032HIGHLAND AVE 1990630001000000 F_727906_293122612/21/19992016
113 UNION WHARF LLC 687HIGHLAND AVE 1990770001200340 F_728542_293402510/27/20002016
113 UNION WHARF LLC 687HIGHLAND AVE 1990770001200360 F_728542_293402510/27/20002016
113 UNION WHARF LLCC/O MCCLAN PROPERTIES LLC687HIGHLAND AVE 1990770001200380 F_728542_293402510/27/20002016
113 UNION WHARF, LLC 687HIGHLAND AVE 1990770001200160 F_728542_293402510/27/20002016
117 KENDRICK DE, LLC250 FIRST AVE SUITE 200117KENDRICK ST 1993000001200000 F_733744_293352212/03/20142016
12 JAYNE ROAD LLC 12JAYNE RD 1990660005000000 F_731076_293332705/07/20132016
14 DARTMOUTH AVENUE, LLCC/O FITZMAURICE, STEPHEN A. & SARAH A.14DARTMOUTH AVE 1990600002900000 F_730330_293142111/15/20102016
1401/1417 HIGHLAND AVE., LLCC/O DERENZO PROPERTIES, INC1417HIGHLAND AVE 1990510000400000 F_727515_292796712/21/19992016
1451 HIGHLAND AVE LLC 74CHAPEL ST 1990510000200000 F_727499_292771609/08/20142016
1478 HIGHLAND AVENUE CO., LLC C/O WALGREEN CO.1478HIGHLAND AVE 1990500002200000 F_727796_292756408/27/20092016
15 HIGHLAND, LLCC/O BOYLSTON PROPERTIES13HIGHLAND PL 1990500001600000 F_727788_292773001/13/20062016
15 HOWE LLCC/O NELDNER, ERIK S. & MAESTAS, NICOLE A15HOWE RD 1991190002500000 F_721786_292960808/22/20132016
15-FOUR REALTY LLCC/O ELIZABETH CACCIATORE15FOURTH AVE 1993000002300000 F_733776_293512812/26/20142016
150A #1 LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 130A ST 1993000003500000 F_732700_293525107/22/20142016
151 NEHOIDEN STREET LLCC/O FLEISHER, CARL A. & LEWIS, REBECCA L151NEHOIDEN ST 1991290001600000 F_725273_292933705/15/20142016
155 FOURTH, LLC, TRUSTEEC/O BLUESTONE MANAGEMENT SVCS63KENDRICK ST 1993000000600000 F_734268_293355704/21/19972016
163 HIGHLAND LLC,C/O 163 HIGHLAND OWNER LLC161HIGHLAND AVE 1990740002300000 F_731871_293655308/25/19982016
171 RESERVOIR STREET, INC. 171RESERVOIR ST 1990800000700000 F_729400_293859008/01/20002016
173 CHESTNUT STREET LLC 173CHESTNUT ST 1990470008400000 F_727150_292611203/30/20122016
193 WORCESTER RD ASSOCIATES LLC 12BROOKSIDE RD 1991130002700000 F_722430_293460910/28/20142016
197 FIRST AVENUE, LLCC/O MARIC, INC.195FIRST AVE 1993000004800000 F_731320_293469710/25/20002016
20 OAK STREET LLC 20OAK ST 1990470008800000 F_726940_292600203/10/20142016
2076 DORCHESTER AVENUE, LLC 379HUNNEWELL ST 1990990003200010 F_727258_293308510/01/20042016
208 GREENDALE AVENUE, LLC 208GREENDALE AVE 1990660004100000 F_730857_293320805/05/20092016
295-297 HUNNEWELL STREET LLC 297HUNNEWELL ST 1990980002800000 F_726580_293390603/13/20092016
30 CHARLES STREET LLC 30CHARLES ST 1990750002100000 F_731204_293686708/05/20042016
300 FIRST AVE REALTY LLC 300FIRST AVE 1993000003000000 F_731817_293416802/01/20122016
31 FREMONT STREET, LLC 31FREMONT ST 1990750001300000 F_730477_293646307/30/20082016
31 THORPE ROAD, LLC 31THORPE RD 1990640007402040 F_728968_293174303/09/20102016
32 HIGH STREET LLCC/O MCGUIRE, KEVIN J. & JANINE32HIGH ST 1990640009000000 F_728991_293222707/25/20142016
32-34 PLEASANT STREET LLC 32PLEASANT ST 1990410000400000 F_728712_292575705/02/20142016
320 CEDAR STREET, LLCC/O REX, JOHN H. TR.320CEDAR ST 1992270001500000 F_726639_293752406/04/20072016
359 HUNNEWELL CORP.C/O MICROWAVE DEVEL.- J.M.RICHMOND,PRES.359HUNNEWELL ST 1990990003700000 F_727058_293328309/30/19942016
37 FRANKLIN LLC 37FRANKLIN ST 1990750000600000 F_730708_293647302/27/20122016
376 CARTWRIGHT ROAD ASSOCIATES. LLC 376CARTWRIGHT RD 1992190001600000 F_716023_292811707/03/20082016
388 HILLSIDE AVENUE LLC 388HILLSIDE AVE 1991000001000000 F_727389_293173609/01/20002016
43 CHARLES STREET LLC 43CHARLES ST 1990750001900000 F_731192_293659302/27/20092016
43 WEXFORD STREET LLC 43WEXFORD ST 1990740002900000 F_731319_293636301/13/20122016
437 SOUTH STREET, LLC 28MARR RD 1992020000900000 F_730620_292338306/22/20052016
46 PINE GROVE NOMINEE TRUST 46PINE GROVE ST 1990950003700000 F_727071_293398211/15/20132016
50 CABOT REALTY ASSOC LLCC/O RK CENTER50CABOT ST 1993000005500000 +08/22/20122016
51 FREMONT STREET, LLC 51FREMONT ST 1990750001000000 F_730710_293659701/07/20102016
54 HORACE LLCC/O BRAU, RICARDO & SUAREZ, LARA54HORACE ST 1990920002900000 F_727351_293606211/22/20132016
544-546 HUNNEWELL STREET, LLC 544HUNNEWELL ST 1990690004100000 F_728063_293237607/17/20102016
55 FRANKLIN LLC 55FRANKLIN ST 1990750000500000 F_730647_293647102/27/20122016
56 PICKERING LLC 52PICKERING ST 1990500001900000 F_727953_292764311/04/20082016
568 SOUTH STREET, LLC 568SOUTH ST 1992030003200000 F_729188_292277409/23/20082016
57 DEDHAM AVE LLC 15OAK ST 1990470008100000 F_726994_292621508/15/20142016

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