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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
102 TAVERN INC 1180PLEASANT ST 1500300000000460 M_54043_89356605/08/19782017
152 W. PARK ST NOM TRUSTC/O ROBERT DENLEY152WEST PARK ST 150018A000000600 M_55592_89634212/06/20012017
1700 CAPE STREET LLC 1700CAPE ST 1500280000000140 M_61386_89529208/05/20102017
303 ASSOCIATES LLCC/O PARAGON AFFILIATES, INC540FAIRVIEW ST 150024000000038H M_54632_89451908/17/20072017
33 PARK ST REAL ESTATE MANGMNT 33PARK ST 150019A000000880 M_55915_89624212/31/20132017
45 PARK STREET LLC 43PARK ST 150019A000000870 M_55898_89631002/06/20042017
54-58 MAIN STREET LLC 54MAIN ST 150018A000000750 M_55794_89648712/28/20122017
55 CRANWELL LLC 617LAUREL ST 1500070000000100 M_54707_89882812/31/19962017
57 PARK STREET LLC 65PARK ST 150018A000001190 M_55812_89629212/31/19962017
57 PARK STREET LLC 57PARK ST 150018A00000119A M_55839_89629912/31/19962017
723 SCHOOL STREET LLC 238MAIN ST 150012A000001440 M_55628_89693401/22/20072017
723 SCHOOL STREET LLC 232MAIN ST 150012A000001450 M_55640_89692301/22/20072017
ABBOTT DONNA MARIE 435GREYLOCK ST 1500130000001340 M_56501_89700710/27/19862017
ABBOTT EDWARD J III 42WEST PINE ST 1500290000001060 M_53359_89329406/16/20082017
ABBOTT PAUL E & LAURA M 431GREYLOCK ST 1500130000001330 M_56437_89700405/18/19882017
ABDALLA KELLY & MICHAEL G JR 110MOUNTAIN VIEW TER 150018000000043J M_54858_89572111/13/20132017
ABDERHALDEN EDW., WALTER, COCO, CANDACE 35TAMARACK AVE 1500130000001550 M_56857_89704006/19/19872017
ABDERHALDEN EDWARD C & LISA A 25ROSE AVE 150008A000000610 M_56932_89849206/03/20152017
ABDERHALDEN EDWARD C JR 241LANDERS RD 1500130000000830 M_57532_89745009/30/19582017
ABDERHALDEN JOSEPHBORDEAU KIMBERLY 193WASHINGTON MT RD 150004000000034B M_56934_89932710/16/20032017
ABDERHALDEN JOSEPH U & LINDA C 228WASHINGTON MT RD 1500040000000450 M_57039_89929207/16/19792017
ABDERHALDEN JOSEPH U IV & J ROBERTS 220WASHINGTON MT RD 1500040000000470 M_57030_89925505/22/20132017
ABDERHALDEN PAUL F * 360EAST ST 1500130000001980 M_57221_89717812/31/19602017
ABDERHALDEN WILLIAM R & BARBARA J 40THERESA TER 1500070000000920 M_55024_89789809/21/19832017
ABEL MARK & CLARA 880EAST ST 150008000340019D M_57014_89878709/16/20052017
ABRUZZO JAMES TRUSTEE 65ANTELOPE DR 1500200000003760 M_59342_89551808/26/20042017
ADELSON MATTHEW & JOLLY BERYL 75SUMMER ST 150012000000151A M_55115_89713510/14/20052017
ADLER JEANNE TRUSTEEC/O JEFF ADLER880EAST ST 150008000340014A M_57014_89878710/15/19972017
AGLER JOEL & YELENA 250ANTELOPE DR 1500270000003260 M_59795_89528608/03/20062017
AJT REALTY TRUSTC/O THOMAS E TOUPONCE TRUSTEE1900CAPE ST 150028000000016D M_61760_89521301/24/20062017
AJT REALTY TRUST 15CONE AVE 1500250000000680 M_56688_89502509/14/20072017
AJT REALTY TRUSTC/O THOMAS E. TOUPONCE TRUSTEE335FOREST ST 1500260000000160 M_58372_89521401/27/19872017
AJT REALTY TRUSTTHOMAS TOUPONCE TRUSTEE1140CAPE ST 1500210000000130 M_59664_89561106/08/20072017
AKAAL MANAGEMENT 35OLD PLEASANT ST 1500250000000320 M_56460_89515710/30/20122017
AKEY ROBERT C & PAUL JC/O AKEY JOSEPHINE M124CENTER ST 150012A000001390 M_55684_89701003/30/19652017
ALDRICH RICHARD & CATHLEEN 55MARBLE ST 150018A00120116A M_55672_89616005/05/20052017
ALLEN BEVERLY J 120WATER ST 1500190000000640 M_57078_89553803/11/20112017
ALLEN GARY W & BARBARA 250SUMMER ST 1500120000000330 M_54713_89756901/18/19842017
ALLEN PATRICK A & BONNIE J 110TYRINGHAM RD 1500250000000570 M_56599_89498905/04/20072017
ALLEN RUTH & STEWART WILLIAMC/O WILLIAM I & EVELYN C STEWART106EAST CENTER ST 1500130000001290 M_56414_89718411/01/20112017
ALLEN SHARON & HOLIAN SEAMUS 60HARTWOOD RD 1500130000002270 M_57138_89674412/19/20052017
ALLIANCE PROPERTIES LLC 110MAPLE ST 150019A000001220 M_56316_89611905/15/20122017
ALLIANCE PROPERTIES LLC 59WEST CENTER ST 150012A000000710 M_55485_89703007/08/20112017
ALLIANCE PROPERTIES LLC 265BRADLEY ST 1500080000000190 M_56622_89883209/10/20132017
ALMORI REGIO A & LESLIE M 385CHURCH ST 1500230000000360 M_53096_89458011/22/19882017
ALSON NAOMI 1495PLEASANT ST 1500290000000790 M_53156_89339711/14/19842017
ALSON NAOMI F 1505PLEASANT ST 1500290000000780 M_53095_89338410/06/19822017
ALTER MIKE & ROMEO KATRINA 160SUMMER ST 1500120000000370 M_54942_89743204/09/20042017
AMATO DIANE & BERNAD KRISTIN 260LEISURE LEE RD 1500260000002490 M_59519_89530203/05/20132017

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