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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
111 ADAMS ROAD LLC 0PARKER RD 1470410000001920 M_184193_90922108/30/20172019
111-125 MAIN STREET REALTY TRUST 111SO MAIN ST 1470410000002350 M_184667_90985207/10/20002019
210 MILL STREET REALTY TRUSTDUBE JOSEPH E TRUSTEE210MILL ST 1470420000000190 M_185033_90985707/22/20162019
2176 MAIN ST LLC 2176NO MAIN ST 1470240000000020 M_183309_91472806/22/20092019
2176 MAIN ST LLC 0NO MAIN ST 147024000000006A M_183471_91465206/22/20092019
2176 MAIN ST LLC 0COLONY LN 1470240000000100 M_183375_91460506/22/20092019
289 SEVEN BRIDGE ROAD LLC 289SEVEN BRIDGE RD 147030000000128A M_186436_91261304/18/20122019
338 MILL STREET NOMINEE TRUSTLOCKE WILLIAM B & JUDY A TRUSTEES338MILL ST 1470420000000250 M_185430_90969607/08/20162019
485 MILL STREET EXTENSIONNOMINEE REALTY TRUST485MILL ST EXT 1470430000000090 M_186820_90951211/15/20172019
56 KILBOURN LLC 56KILBOURN RD 1470380000000740 M_184869_91018803/03/20172019
ABARE MARK S & ELIZABETH A 245SO MAIN ST 1470370000001070 M_184769_91024410/19/20072019
ABBOT RICHARD I 185SHIRLEY RD 1470300000000520 M_186003_91366001/11/20162019
ABENDROTH MICHAEL L & KIMBERLY 88BEACH POINT RD 1470460000000070 M_182476_90742601/21/20032019
ABERMAN PAULA K 2086NO MAIN ST 1470240000000070 M_183524_91466106/28/19902019
ABREU LINDA & RONALD 32MT LAUREL LN 147004000000061A M_184521_91961205/10/20122019
ABREU LINDA B & RONALD P 33MT LAUREL LN 1470040000000620 M_184542_91955202/20/20072019
ACKERMAN BRIAN 71SO MEADOW RD 147041000000035A M_182918_90907504/12/20062019
ACMC LIMITED PARTNERSHIP CO 0DUVAL RD 147004000000006C M_183137_91909806/09/19972019
ACMC LIMITED PARTNERSHIP NO 1 0DUVAL RD 147004000000006E M_183050_91907712/04/20012019
ADAMS CRAIG MLORETTA A CARTER91MARY CATHERINE DR 147036000000006M M_182536_91036806/03/20102019
ADAMS DONALD E & DEBORAH A 48OLD HICKORY RD 1470410000000450 M_183135_90919109/19/19942019
ADAMS DONALD E & DEBORAH A 0OLD HICKORY RD 147041000000045A M_183117_90921309/19/19942019
ADAMS SUZANNE C 188SHIRLEY RD 1470250000000330 M_185883_91370906/23/20172019
ADSHADE SHAWN 87MILL ST EXT 1470420000001020 M_185616_90937305/19/19992019
AECZD LLC 233SO MAIN ST UNIT 2R 147037000000106I M_184750_91021808/24/20122019
AGEVINE JOANNE 242BOLTON STATION RD 1470420000001300 M_186382_90987306/24/20032019
AGORITSAS MELTIE & DONNA L 15NICHOLAS DR 147036000000017I M_182464_91081102/24/20112019
AGUIRRE NICOLE M 75SYLVAN RD 1470370000000700 M_184207_91015111/30/20092019
ALARCON RAUL & MARIA 19SYLVAN RD 1470410000000290 M_184254_90999906/14/20052019
ALDEN JOHN W & CAROL L 80SHIRLEY RD 1470300000000460 M_185748_91340510/28/19982019
ALDRICH DENISE H 427NECK RD 147034000000051B M_186561_91191411/01/19952019
ALFANO VINCENT C & CHRISTINE C 117SHIRLEY RD 1470300000000560 M_185931_91346907/22/20132019
ALGIERI LOUIS G 22CHACE HILL RD 1470400000000260 M_182800_90906609/13/19962019
ALIX ROBERT L & LAURA L 61WOODLAND MEADOW DR 147040000000043F M_182339_90897806/30/20162019
ALLAIN RAYMOND & ELIZABETH ALLAIN PAQUET 0SPEC POND VINCENT AV 1470100000001020 M_185446_91794109/14/19542019
ALLARD ERNEST & LOIS ANN 531SO MEADOW RD 1470440000000390 M_182532_90778807/30/19692019
ALLARD JOAN P 104YELLOW BIRCH LANE 147042000000204Y M_185783_91015205/26/20102019
ALLEN RONALD J & JEANNE M 59SO MEADOW RD 1470400000000270 M_182955_90909808/14/20092019
ALLEN STEVELEBLANC MICHELLE113CARTER ST 1470420000000530 M_184989_90975308/31/20072019
ALLISON JASON A & LESLEY R 343BROCKELMAN RD 1470230000000240 M_182545_91424609/28/20072019
ALMEIDA ERIC P & HEATHER A 805GEORGE HILL RD 1470370000000010 M_182995_91081211/20/20172019
ALVAREZ-BACKUS EDEN B & BLAINE A 228DEVONSHIRE WAY 147024000000042I M_183713_91375311/04/20082019
ALVING JONATHAN 780MAIN ST 1470340000000160 M_185637_91181902/17/20172019
ALZAPIEDI JOHN A DAVID J MARK A &JOHN J0GREELEY ST REAR 1470410000001770 M_184047_90904509/08/19982019
AMABILE HENRY P & JOSHUA MTRUSTEES OF 361 GOSS LANE RLTY TR361GOSS LN 1470370000001290 M_184332_91045811/05/20102019
AMABILE HENRY P TRUSTEE OFBEACON STREET REALTY TRUST9MT LAUREL LN 1470040000000500 M_184306_91949610/14/20052019
AMARAL KENNETH B & ANA F 132DEVONSHIRE WAY 147024000000042E M_183969_91382105/18/20122019
AMERTIL DISCIPLE & NINON 66SYLVAN RD 1470370000000800 M_184207_91010202/08/19992019
AMMERMAN DAVID W & SUSAN ESUSSMAN TRUSTEES OF THE SUSAN E64NICHOLAS DR 147036000000016F M_182259_91081305/29/20142019
AMODIA MICHELLE 111HIGH ST EXT 1470420000001880 M_185510_90961611/21/20162019

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