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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
  100JEFFREY AVE 1360120000400240 M_207333_88480105/26/20092018
  100KUNIHOLM DR 1360140000400050 M_205831_88672007/02/20152018
  123WASHINGTON ST 1360120000100060 M_207108_88518007/30/20092018
  0CONCORD ST 1360140000300041 M_205542_88713001/17/20022018
  702CONCORD ST 1360140000300045 M_205635_88721601/17/20022018
  13EXCHANGE ST 136008F000100670 M_205834_88316812/24/20072018
  13WATER ST 136008F000400101 M_206049_88299110/05/20112018
  1500WASHINGTON ST 1360050000400331 M_204401_88111412/18/20152018
  1650WASHINGTON ST 1360050000400281 M_203839_88094802/28/20062018
  17WHITNEY ST 1360120000400030 M_207295_88508611/17/20102018
  0WATER ST 136008F000400350 M_206076_88291510/22/20142018
  18WATER ST 136008F000400180 M_206104_88297810/22/20142018
  58HOPPING BROOK RD 1360040000600352 M_202619_88010304/18/20142018
  2016WASHINGTON ST 1360040000600113 M_202554_88032204/02/20142018
  58HOPPING BROOK RD 1360040000600122 M_202674_88026304/02/20142018
  58HOPPING BROOK RD 1360040000600190 M_202766_88038104/02/20142018
  224CONCORD ST 1360110000803420 M_205957_88535810/11/20162018
  260HOPPING BROOK RD 136001000010062A M_202667_87929707/13/20092018
  29EVERETT ST 1360120000400190 M_207544_88458303/08/20022018
  0WASHINGTON ST 1360040000600640 M_203529_88085010/17/20082018
  50WOODLAND ST 136011G000600520 M_206699_88470401/04/20072018
  531CONCORD ST 1360110000600140 M_205689_88646101/17/20072018
  589CONCORD ST 1360140000400070 M_205715_88666509/10/20042018
  6PINE OAK ST 1360080000100260 M_203602_88399706/29/20162018
  0WASHINGTON ST 136008F000300030 M_205844_88329209/12/19962018
  760WASHINGTON ST 136008F000300040 M_205845_88330603/13/20072018
  770WASHINGTON ST 136008F000300020 M_205837_88327205/09/20022018
  847WASHINGTON ST 136008E000300540 M_205698_88316512/30/20162018
  89OCTOBER HILL RD 1360110000600370 M_206160_88629209/10/20072018
  90BARTZAK DR 1360140000400313 M_205867_88694401/29/20022018
  93BARTZAK DR 1360140000400223 M_206108_88676606/16/20112018
  351HIGH ST 1360110000600230 M_205882_88589504/02/19902018
  11WINGATE RD 1360110000802670 M_205303_88552301/01/19702018
  1144HIGHLAND ST 136008E000100240 M_204891_88281803/30/19902018
  659HIGHLAND ST 1360110000100120 M_204120_88456407/20/20012018
  0HIGHLAND ST 1360110000100140 M_204020_88453805/04/19872018
  350PRENTICE ST 136007000070004M M_203129_88360403/21/20132018
  7JEFFREY AVE 1360120000400370 M_207307_88442407/01/19992018
  25NORFOLK ST 136008F000800040 M_206292_88338306/10/19872018
  205SHAW FARM RD 1360090000500950 M_207293_88205906/28/19992018
  15WINGATE RD 1360110000802680 M_205286_88555008/15/20012018
  75ROLLING MEADOW DR 1360050000501060 M_205911_88144708/01/20142018
  38TRACY LYN RD 1360060000300620 M_207782_88121207/19/20132018
  2249WASHINGTON ST 1360040000300190 M_201897_87991705/13/20042018
  417SOUTH ST 1360010000200210 M_202010_87854301/31/20022018
  172WESTFIELD DR 1360110000802200 M_205313_88611410/11/20062018
  899WASHINGTON ST 136008E000300400 M_205600_88300710/13/20162018
  46MARKED TREE RD 1360080000800660 M_205202_88264610/17/20162018
  44TEMI RD 1360110000802550 M_205264_88578308/31/20042018
  34HIGHLAND ST 1360140000101240 M_203554_88677406/22/20152018

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