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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
1110 NEW WINDSOR ROAD NOMINEE TRUSTC/O MARK D. MCILQUHAM TRUSTEE184SHORE DR 1321120000002830 M_69644_91272705/13/20032017
1110 NEW WINDSOR ROAD NOMINEE TRUSTC/O MARK D. & KELLY W. MCILQUHAM, TR.100ROBINSON RD 1324060000000240 M_65633_91118309/25/20072017
1110 NEW WINDSOR ROAD NOMINEE TRUSTC/O MARK D. & KELLY W. MCILQUHAM90ROBINSON RD 1324060000000970 M_65672_91115709/25/20072017
1110 NEW WINDSOR ROAD NOMINEE TRUSTMCILQUHAM, MARK D. & KELLY W. TRUSTEES0NEW WINDSOR RD 1324130000000080 M_68991_91400609/25/20072017
1110 NEW WINDSOR ROAD NOMINEE TRUSTC/O MARK D. & KELLY MCILQUHAM1110NEW WINDSOR RD 1324130000000020 M_69228_91379607/08/20032017
229 GEORGE SCHNOPP LIMITED PARTNERSHIPC/O DONNA TRUEX ESQ.229GEO SCHNOPP RD 1321110000000020 M_69423_91319312/14/19992017
318 MAPLE STREET NOMINEE REALTY TRUSTC/O RONALD E. & ELLEN M. JONES, TRUSTEES455MAPLE ST 1324060000000251 M_67416_91150505/04/20092017
40 ROSE DRIVE REAL ESTATE TRUSTC/O PATRICK R. MEHR40ROSE DR 1321040000000160 M_65999_91004011/26/19962017
AARONSON, DORIS G. 25BEACH LANE 1321130000000650 M_69755_91202610/03/19862017
AARONSON, DORIS G.  SKYLINE DR 1321130000000670 M_69792_91203407/01/19752017
AARONSON, TRACEY J.C/O AARONSON-GOTT FAM RE NOM TRUST55ASHMERE RD 1321130000000910 M_69961_91207203/07/20112017
ADAMS COMMUNITY BANKC/O EMERALD CITY RENTALS LLC145MAIN ST 1321020000000230 M_66076_91134302/23/20152017
ADAMS, DONALD K. &ROY, PATRICIA P.230ROBINSON RD 1324060000000190 M_65466_91155501/03/19902017
ADAMS, FREDERICK R. & BEVERLY R.  0ASHMERE RD 1321130000001230 M_70037_91200907/28/20112017
ADAMS, JOHN W. LEC/O HOLLY M. ADAMS101ROBINSON RD 1324060000000090 M_65485_91103808/07/20082017
ADAMS, KENNETH B. & CATHERINE W.  84LONGVIEW AVE 1321030000000330 M_65915_91081302/20/20132017
ADAMS, MAE J.Y M.C/O SHERRY M. BETIT OLD WINDSOR RD 1324040000000060 M_67087_91499708/27/19962017
AL-ANGURLI, ABBY DUBOW 1425EAST WASHINGTON RD 1324090000000100 M_68935_905232 2017
ALDERMAN, DANIEL A.  281BUTTERMILK RD 1324060000001040 M_67692_91046411/16/20122017
ALDERMAN, DAVID A. 291NEW WINDSOR RD 1324050000000500 M_67612_91211712/14/20022017
ALDERMAN, DONALD L. Jr. 271NEW WINDSOR RD 1324050000000490 M_67886_912175 2017
ALEXANDER BRUCE H 39ASHMERE DR 1321130000000230 M_70001_91189310/20/20152017
ALLEGRONE ANTHONY L 68SHORE DR 1321110000000730 M_69369_91294211/16/20152017
ALLEGRONE HOMES INC 0GEO SCHNOPP RD 1321110000000800 M_69705_91337802/24/20152017
ALLEGRONE HOMES INC  GEO SCHNOPP RD 1321110000000810 M_69842_91309802/24/20152017
ALLEGRONE HOMES INC  GEO SCHNOPP RD 1321110000000590 M_69475_91302802/24/20152017
ALLEGRONE HOMES INC 0CREAMERY RD 1324110000001320 M_68821_90997202/24/20152017
ALLEGRONE HOMES INC  CREAMERY RD 1324110000001330 M_68826_90992502/24/20152017
ALLEGRONE HOMES INC 0CREAMERY RD 1324110000001340 M_68835_90988002/24/20152017
ALLEGRONE HOMES INC 0CREAMERY RD 1324110000001350 M_68841_90983502/24/20152017
ALLEGRONE HOMES INC 0CREAMERY RD 1324110000001360 M_68852_90978802/24/20152017
ALLEGRONE HOMES INC  CREAMERY RD 1324110000001290 M_69001_91030302/24/20152017
ALLEGRONE HOMES INC 0CREAMERY RD 1324110000001300 M_68816_91007202/24/20152017
ALLEGRONE, LOUIS J. &SUSAN L. CREAMERY RD 1324110000001310 M_68817_910022 2017
ALLEGRONE, LOUIS J. & SUSAN L 771ROBINSON RD 1324030000000060 M_63860_91254505/06/19762017
ALLEGRONE, LOUIS J. & SUSAN L.   ROBINSON RD 1324030000000110 M_64029_912726 2017
ALMA R. ARLOS REALTY TRUSTC/O ALMA ARLOS0SOUTH SHORE RD 1321050000000020 M_65708_90944608/01/20112017
ALVERIO MELLEY, DIANE 91HENRY DR 1321120000000350 M_69602_91235605/04/20122017
AMELIA M WAHL 2013 IRREVOCABLE TRUST C/O DOROTHY HAGUE, TRUSTEE40PLUNKETT AVE 1321020000000770 M_66343_91120411/22/20132017
ANDERSON BENJAMIN CANDERSON JACQUELINE K10BRIDGE ST 1321020000000130 M_66182_91110008/31/20152017
ANDERSON, EDWARD W.  610ROBINSON RD 1324030000000170 M_64603_91228306/07/20062017
ANDRE, JULIA 0ASHMERE DR 1321130000001310 M_70085_911951 2017
ANDREWS, KEVIN W.  268WASHINGTON RD 1324070000000240 M_66921_90876601/11/20072017
ANGELILLO, CYNTHIA L. 65CANTERBURY LANE 1321130000000100 M_69807_91196211/08/19992017
ANNEMARIE HUNT 25HOLMES RD 1321020000000200 M_66100_91127603/04/20022017
ANTHONY, ALAN & MARSHA  ASHMERE ISLAND 1321130000001330 M_70065_911636 2017
ANTHONY, MARSHA R. 354MAPLE ST 1321090000000070 M_67186_91126209/18/19982017
ANTON, MARY A.  GEO SCHNOPP RD 1324120000000140 M_70176_912788 2017

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