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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
  0VAN DEUSENVILLE RD 113026000000029A  12/30/20162018
10 KALLISTE HILL LLC 10KALLISTE HILL 1130320005100700 M_46319_88659905/30/20142018
1100 MAIN STREET LLC 1100MAIN ST NORTH 1130020000000100 M_46216_89135810/31/20062018
12 BENTON AVE LLCC/O DAVID & HEATHER RASCHE12BENTON AVE 1130190000000100 M_45786_88433909/02/20162018
121 EAST LLCANDERSON & GNAEDINGER121EAST ST 1130140000002840 M_46702_88460708/25/20162018
14 GIDDINGS STREET REALTY TRUSTMARVIN SANDLER TRUSTEE14GIDDINGS ST 1130150000000100 M_47360_88494501/17/19952018
140 WEST AVENUE LLC 140WEST AVE 1130210000000180 M_45499_88356806/03/20162018
148 MAPLE HOLDINGS LLC 148MAPLE AVE 1130210000000380 M_45544_88336608/03/20152018
16 PROSPECT LLCANDERSON & GNAEDINGER16PROSPECT ST 1130130000001190 M_45587_88458808/03/20162018
16-18 SEEKONK ROAD LLC 0SEEKONK RD 113033000000052A M_43550_88659505/23/20132018
16-18 SEEKONK ROAD LLC 0SEEKONK RD 1130330000000530 M_43591_88667405/23/20132018
16-18 SEEKONK ROAD LLC 16SEEKONK RD 1130330000000540 M_43595_88659605/23/20132018
17 MAHAIWE GROUP LLC 17MAHAIWE ST 1130220000000510 M_45898_88348010/27/20162018
1783 WHITING LLC 0MAPLE AVE 1130220000000420 M_45762_88352408/25/20042018
1783 WHITING LLC 141WEST AVE 1130210000000270 M_45712_88353708/25/20042018
185 EAST STREET 01230 LLC 185EAST ST 1130200000000320 M_46703_88438701/13/20142018
19 GILMORE AVENUE LLC 19GILMORE AVE 1130140000001590 M_46879_88488101/11/20162018
2 STATE ROAD LLC 2STATE RD 1130140000000080 M_46631_88508603/30/20122018
20 CASTLE STREET LLC 20CASTLE ST 1130190000000870 M_46082_88434305/13/20142018
20 HOLLENBECK LLCC/O PIER BOUTIN20HOLLENBECK AVE 1130130000001400 M_45764_88449709/24/20152018
209 OAK STREET LLC 209OAK ST NORTH 1130030000000260 M_45592_89073307/06/20152018
22 RIVER LLC 22RIVER ST 1130140000002600 M_46528_88441808/31/20162018
232 STOCKBRIDGE ROAD LLC 232STOCKBRIDGE RD 1130120000000010 M_47568_88560611/30/19922018
271 MAIN STREET NOMINEE TRUSTDEAN AMIDON & CLAUDIA SCHMITZ TRUSTEES271MAIN ST 1130190000001140 M_46295_88438610/31/19972018
31-35 LLC 31RAILROAD ST 1130190000000780 M_46092_88437612/31/20032018
312 MAIN STREET PARTNERSHIP 312MAIN ST 1130190000000890 M_46145_88432701/02/19862018
314 NOMINEE TRUSTANN L MERCER TRUSTEE314NORTH PLAIN RD 1130270000000240 M_45599_88961608/26/19962018
33 POPE STREET LLC 0MAPLE AVE 113022000000043B M_45835_88356311/14/20052018
33 POPE STREET LLC 33POPE ST 1130220000000400 M_45837_88357408/01/20052018
342 MAIN STREET LLC 342MAIN ST 113019000000092A M_46061_88423804/01/20162018
38 DRESSER AVENUE LLC 38DRESSER AVE 1130140000002470 M_46463_88451009/19/20162018
394 STOCKBRIDGE RD LLC 394STOCKBRIDGE RD 113009000000003F M_47693_88618111/15/20162018
45 CASTLE HILL LLCC/O B WILLIAMS & A COSGROVE45CASTLE HILL AVE 1130130000001460 M_45879_88459108/25/20162018
47 RAILROAD LLCSAMUEL NICKERSON47RAILROAD ST 1130190000000760 M_46069_88439504/05/20162018
49-51 RAILROAD LLC 49RAILROAD ST 1130190000000750 M_46077_88442312/07/20162018
4S REALTY LLC 168MAIN ST 1130140000501790  12/07/20162018
5 SQUAW PEAK LLC 5SQUAW PEAK RD 1130320002200280 M_46424_88728508/13/20132018
50 STOCKBRIDGE RD LLC 50STOCKBRIDGE RD 1130120000000720 M_47494_88520504/09/20032018
500 MAIN STREET LLC 500MAIN ST 1130220000000120 M_45974_88364708/01/20032018
503 MAIN STREET LLC 503MAIN ST 1130220000000200 M_46043_88363901/19/20062018
54 STOCKBRIDGE ROAD LLC 54STOCKBRIDGE RD 1130120000000510 M_47510_88524009/25/20012018
578 SOUTH MAIN STREET NOMINEE TRUSTPAUL A KLEINWALD TRUSTEE578MAIN ST 1130220000000810 M_45949_88337111/05/19962018
6 M INCJAMES MERCER80MAPLE AVE 1130220000100410 M_45799_88362712/31/20012018
6 M INC JAMES MERCER80MAPLE AVE 1130220000400410 M_45799_88362712/31/20012018
6 M INCJAMES MERCER80MAPLE AVE 1130220000700410 M_45799_88362712/31/20012018
6 M INC 95WEST AVE 1130210330300100 M_45701_88385312/31/20012018
6 M INCJAMES MERCER15COMSTOCK LN 113026000000057O M_44985_89078612/31/20012018
6 M INCJAMES MERCER80MAPLE AVE 113022H000000410 M_45799_88362712/31/20012018
6 M INCJAMES MERCER0STOCKBRIDGE RD 1130290000000020 M_47685_88702712/31/20012018
6 PARLEY LLC 6PARLEY ST 1130140000000910 M_46467_88479301/16/20042018

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