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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
38 MAIN STREET, LLC 38MAIN ST 0900140000008120 M_41754_88079704/03/20182020
44 MT WASHINGTON ROAD, LLC 44MT WASHINGTON RD 0900040000002390 M_40203_88033011/20/20152020
4XCHAI, LLC 22TACONIC LN 090008000000346R M_38754_88177108/25/20112020
78 UNDERMOUNTAIN ROAD, LLC 78UNDERMOUNTAIN RD 0900040000002850 M_41617_87881210/25/20182020
78 UNDERMOUNTAIN ROAD, LLC 0UNDERMOUNTAIN RD 090004000000285K M_41635_87877710/25/20182020
ABBOTT, DAVID LYMANABBOTT, ANNE110MT WASHINGTON RD 0900070000004210 M_38658_88014507/31/19692020
ABBOTT, MICHAELABBOTT, JENNIFER274JUG END RD 0900050000007580 M_41431_87754102/17/19932020
AGAR, STEPHEN WAGAR, HANNAH W0WESTERHOOK RD 0900160000005570 M_41263_879638 2020
AGAR, STEPHEN W 10WARNER RD 0900160000008530 M_41281_87957703/01/19772020
ALBANO, CHRISTOPHER D & WENDY S 24SHEFFIELD RD 0900040000004280 M_42280_88013905/10/20162020
ALBERT, S. JANEALBERT-SKYE, ALBERT-HALL2THE AVENUE 0900070000007450 M_39824_88008306/28/20192020
ALBERTSON, J MARK TR JMA LIV.TRALBERTSON, ELLEN I, TR EIA LIV TR0ROWE RD 0900100000001210 M_40436_88667804/30/20122020
ALDEN JOHN E JRALDEN, CHERYL D103HILLSDALE RD 0900030000007090 M_40577_88086810/08/19932020
ALEXANDER INN, LLC 22OX BOW RD 090009000000347A M_37620_88401903/30/20092020
ALEXANDER, RAYMOND H. 11GREENWOOD CIR 0900150000003660 M_41040_87991806/09/20062020
ALGIERIE, EDITH 0LAKESIDE DR 0900120000002750 M_38548_88452309/01/19822020
ALGIERIE, EDITH MAY 33LAKESIDE DR 0900130000006330 M_38526_88448302/01/19742020
ALGIERIE, ROBERTALGIERIE, EDITH MAY34LAKESIDE DR 0900130000004910 M_38604_88450401/01/19992020
ALGIERIE, ROBERTALGIERIE, EDITH MAY0LAKESIDE DR 0900130000010060 M_38581_88447105/02/20062020
ALGIERIE, THOMAS PATRICK 0LAKESIDE DR 0900120000003290 M_38615_88452904/05/19962020
ALLEN, RICHARD MALLEN, LAURA45SECOND ST 0900120000009840 M_38643_88499107/07/19892020
ALLEN, RICHARD M 55SHUN TOLL RD 0900100000003940 M_38607_88524901/23/20032020
ALLEN, RICHARD M 39OX BOW RD 090009000000075C M_37396_88391412/18/20192020
ALPER, GERTALPER, CYNTHIA W.18NICHOLSON RD 0900080000002010 M_36702_88197207/23/19872020
ALPER, GERTALPER, CYNTHIA0NICHOLSON RD 0900080000006420 M_36752_88190907/23/19872020
AMATO, VICTOR CAMATO, MARIA A27OX BOW RD 0900090000005400 M_37366_88386511/20/20002020
AMES, DAVID 234MT WASHINGTON RD 0900070000004340 M_36633_88002006/13/19832020
AMON, CARRIE & COHEN, IRA S 5GILBERT RD 0900080000006930 M_36879_88221508/19/20192020
ANKER, STEVENANKER, KATHY243HILLSDALE RD 090008000000140A M_37671_88195511/14/20002020
ANSELMINI, JAMES JANSELMINI, CARLA15TACONIC LN 090008000000638L M_39036_88156403/15/19852020
ANSEMI, SEBASTIANO,ANSEMI, ANN A3GENERAL KNOX LANE 090011000000041A M_39659_88486810/02/20172020
ANSON, WARREN EANSON, EUNICE FAY111EGREMONT PLAIN RD 0900020000001240 M_41838_88327205/02/20142020
APPALACHIAN TRAIL CONSERVANCY 0JUG END RD 0900040000000100 M_40349_87906503/01/19992020
APPALACHIAN TRAIL CONSERVANCY 0UNDERMOUNTAIN RD 090004000000285J M_41262_87886508/20/19902020
APPALACHIAN TRAIL CONSERVANCY 0UNDERMOUNTAIN RD 090004000000285G M_41518_87876206/25/19982020
APPALACHIAN TRAIL CONSERVANCY 0UNDERMOUNTAIN RD 090004000000641A M_41396_87891902/18/19972020
ARIELLA, RAYA 104PROSPECT LAKE RD 090009000000230C M_37992_88381806/26/19962020
ARONSON, ERICARONSON, JENNIFER0WHITES HILL RD 090010000000782G M_38297_88700111/08/20192020
ASHENDORF, RONALD & SONDRA 25MILLARD RD 090009000000230B M_38065_88437711/30/20042020
ASWEM PINES LLC 26PINE CREST HILL 0900040000008510 M_41556_88028409/30/20152020
ATTARIAN, FARSHIDATTARIAN, CHERYL M.60MAIN ST 0900140000005450 M_41403_88082309/10/20102020
BACHELDER, SUSAN P 26MAIN ST 0900140000000030 M_41970_88073312/17/19902020
BALESTRO, KEVIN J & LISA J 0EGREMONT PLAIN RD 090002000000404S M_40915_88377206/11/20042020
BALESTRO, KEVIN J & LISA J 14MILLER VIEW RD 0900020000004100 M_40885_88383706/25/19972020
BALESTRO, KEVIN J & LISA J, TRSSARAH NOMINEE TRUST0MILLER VIEW RD 0900020000004090 M_40829_88374012/17/20072020
BALLON, MICHAEL LKREILKAMP. JULIA229MT WASHINGTON RD 0900070000003160 M_36875_87990001/03/20182020
BANK STEVEN & SELINA 65SHUN TOLL RD 090010000000494B M_38036_88543411/03/20172020
BAPTISTA, KEITHHOUSER, SUSAN15PINE CREST CROSS RD 0900040000004580 M_41844_88024108/11/20112020
BARB NUMBER ONE 43CREAMERY RD 0900030000005170 M_41832_88192309/26/20162020

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