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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
  124ADAMS ROAD 0840140010000040 F_511243_289687401/27/19952017
  0PODUNK ROAD 0840140018900820 F_510366_289628201/27/19952017
  0PODUNK ROAD 0840140018901150 F_510439_289568901/27/19952017
  105WEST MAIN STREET 0840043021100030 F_505263_290735305/25/20072017
  199NO. BROOKFIELD ROAD 0840030017400330 F_503223_290844202/28/20032017
  109POND VIEW ROAD 0840180022600830 F_503271_288769910/07/20052017
  113POND VIEW ROAD 0840180022600870 F_504106_288782806/07/20162017
  115POND VIEW ROAD 0840180022600910 F_504305_288786506/30/20162017
  114POND VIEW ROAD 0840180022600920 F_504329_288811403/25/20162017
  0POND VIEW ROAD 0840190022600930 F_504510_288788210/07/20052017
  0POND VIEW ROAD 0840190022600940 F_504586_288811710/07/20052017
  0POND VIEW ROAD 0840190022600950 F_504766_288790810/07/20052017
  0POND VIEW ROAD 0840190022600960 F_504900_288812710/07/20052017
  0POND VIEW ROAD 0840190022600980 F_505462_288820710/07/20052017
  0POND VIEW ROAD 0840190022600990 F_505186_288792510/07/20052017
  0POND VIEW ROAD 0840190022601000 F_505596_288805710/07/20052017
  121HOWE STREET 0840070015000100 F_509391_290715007/28/20082017
  116DOANE AVENUE 0840043012300080 F_506192_290896407/21/19882017
  289EAST MAIN STREET 0840042013000390 F_507806_290789203/15/19892017
  225ADAMS ROAD 0840140010000370 F_514444_289854304/16/20042017
  540PODUNK ROAD 0840130018901071 F_508216_289581804/17/20022017
  538PODUNK ROAD 0840130018901070 F_508695_289441810/09/19922017
  0ADELE ROAD 0840152010200010 F_501699_289118712/07/20052017
  101PINE ROAD 0840152019200020 F_501633_289142112/07/20052017
  105COURT STREET 0840023011400070 F_512516_291132511/03/20092017
  117HARRINGTON STREET 0840054014800110 F_511652_291022001/26/20152017
  118BAKER HILL ROAD 0840023010600081 F_511665_291126106/24/20152017
  0BAKER HILL ROAD 0840023010600082 F_511665_291126106/24/20152017
  120BAKER HILL ROAD 0840023010600083 F_511665_291126106/13/20162017
  119BLAINE AVENUE 0840043010800060 F_504425_290755009/26/20142017
  0HARRINGTON STREET 0840010014800810 F_510138_291397306/01/19882017
  137FAITH DRIVE 0840054013600170 F_511798_291098111/03/19722017
  437WEST STURBRIDGE ROAD 0840180021200749 F_503299_288961710/30/19962017
  101PLEASANT STREET 0840042018800010 F_508218_290768801/30/19852017
  0HOWE STREET 0840080015000460 F_513492_290465106/17/20112017
  226ADAMS ROAD 0840140010000260 F_514253_289921205/15/20022017
  117BAKER HILL ROAD 0840054010600090 F_511908_291104802/03/20092017
  630PODUNK ROAD 0840170018901290 F_510857_289463110/02/20152017
  298EAST MAIN STREET 0840042013000400 F_507948_290811608/27/20142017
  125PARK STREET 0840041016200390 F_509584_291063806/21/19772017
  166LASHAWAY DRIVE 0840041016200391 F_509641_291062702/25/20142017
  126OAKWOOD DRIVE 0840152018100170 F_502818_289237805/25/20052017
  245HARRINGTON STREET 0840012014800710 F_510303_291304710/16/19852017
  114NO. BROOKFIELD ROAD 0840043017400060 F_504902_290784909/05/20122017
  135MAPLE STREET 0840043016800270 F_506951_290890606/10/19942017
  137MAPLE STREET 0840043016800290 F_507020_290899509/02/19752017
  742PODUNK ROAD 0840170018901430 F_511216_289244411/25/20142017
  122PAULA CIRCLE 0840061018700110 F_501987_290608410/20/19992017
  0HARRINGTON STREET 0840054014800010 F_511952_290999909/16/19812017
  127PAULA CIRCLE 0840061018700140 F_501896_290622907/27/20062017

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