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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
1209 SOMERSET AVE, LLC 1209SOMERSET AV 0760050007700000 F_760351_276555101/12/20092019
1650 WHEELER ST REALTY TRUST 1650WHEELER ST 0760020001900000 F_746335_277733711/16/20092019
1866 COUNTY STREET, LLC 1866COUNTY ST 0760170008300000 F_759559_275981911/21/20112019
1886 COUNTY STREET LLC 1886COUNTY ST 0760170008400000 F_759463_275974903/05/20042019
1970 WINTHROP STREET LLC 1970WINTHROP ST 0760010006900000 F_742692_277954105/09/20142019
1988 WINTHROP STREET, LLC 1988WINTHROP ST 0760010006800000 F_742467_277953305/09/20142019
2673 PARK AVE REALTY TRUSTC/O DYER, ANDREW 2673PARK AVE 0760250021100000 F_759706_275235010/31/20172019
270 MT HOPE ST IRREV REALTY TRUST 270MT HOPE ST 0760040010700000 F_756667_277583407/11/19782019
660 SCHOOL ST IRREV REALTY TRUST 660SCHOOL ST 076004001070000A F_756636_277573901/15/20132019
775 & 785 SOMERSET AVE NOMINEE TRUSTFRANCES D & NATALIE PATOTA TRUSTEES785SOMERSET AV 0760050010000000 F_760915_276857610/14/19982019
775 & 785 SOMERSET AVE NOMINEE TRUSTFRANCIS D & NATALIE PATOTA TRUSTEES0SOMERSET AV 0760050002300000 F_761657_276849510/14/19982019
775 & 785 SOMERSET AVE. NOMINEE TRUSTFRANCIS D & NATALIE M PATOTA TRUSTEES775SOMERSET AV 0760050002200000 F_760819_276882410/14/19982019
A & M REALTY TRUST U/D/T 1420WILLIAMS ST 0760110000900000 F_747271_276549911/01/20132019
ABBA REALTY TRUST, DON A & JANICE LBACKLUND TRUSTEES0HORTON ST 0760100002800000 F_738892_276962211/20/19862019
ABBRUZZI, JUDITH A & LAWRENCE J 693SPRING ST 0760040019100000 F_756461_277652306/17/19972019
ABERS, KARL TC/O DIETZLER, DIANE L & GEORGE L63SUMMER ST 0760040024900000 F_755692_277793511/20/20142019
ABW REALTY TRUST 0WILLIAMS ST 0760080002400010 F_748871_277314210/13/19932019
ABW REALTY TRUST 0WILLIAMS ST 0760080002400020 F_748669_277390110/13/19932019
ABW REALTY TRUST 0WILLIAMS ST 0760080002400050 F_748869_277350010/13/19932019
ACHTELIK, PAUL R & LOIS M 269BAYLIES ST 0760040022300000 F_755825_277596008/15/19672019
ACHTELIK, ROBERT B 276BAYLIES ST 0760040023300000 F_755613_277592804/07/20112019
ADAMS STEVEN J AND PATRICIA 1969HORTON ST 0760110002900000 F_744814_276876110/14/20052019
ADAMS, CHARLES L & DOROTHYC/O CHRISTINE WEBBER0ELM ST 076023000290000B F_753418_274952108/12/19872019
ADAMS, CHRISTOPHER S. & ALICEN E.C/O CHIODI, GEORGE D & BETH L2594COUNTY ST 0760240010200000 F_757676_275353507/18/20112019
ADAMS, ERIKA G & FLEMING, DAVID L 1266WILLIAMS ST 0760110001800000 F_748980_276720811/21/20142019
ADAMS, GARY E & SUSAN A 2675PARK AVE 0760250021400000 F_759745_275228208/04/19882019
ADAMS, ROBERT W 0ELM ST 0760230002900000 F_752696_274972210/09/20092019
ADAMS, ROBERT W 0ELM ST 0760220001000000 F_750600_275010510/09/20092019
ADAMS, ROBERT W & GUSTAFSON, SUSAN JC/O HEUG, VANNARIE & MONTEIRO, NICHOLAS 1463SOMERSET AV 0760050006200000 F_759726_276308510/22/20102019
ADAMS, ROBERT W & SUSAN G 3064ELM ST 076023000290000A F_753873_274959312/13/20002019
ADAMS, ROBERT W & SUSAN J GUSTAFSON 3068ELM ST 0760230003700000 F_753668_274962908/07/19912019
ADAMS, STEVEN J & PATRICIA 0ELM ST 0760230003500000 F_753420_274967207/17/19982019
AFTOSMES, CARL J 751COUNCIL OAK WAY 0760170020900080 F_754470_275946303/23/20172019
AGRESTI MICHAEL J MICHELLE L 1953MASSASOIT RD 0760170020900040 F_754382_275984512/04/20022019
AGUIAR DELIA FAMILY TRUST TRUSTEE THERESA A ENTIN382MAIN ST 0760170006000000 F_757977_275818105/05/20032019
AGUIAR MICHAEL M & ANA P 1730CEDAR ST 0760150000700030 F_745736_276031603/08/20062019
AGUIAR, DAVID M 343WILLIAMS ST 0760030001200000 F_749120_277564508/05/20152019
AGUIAR, JAMES D JRC/O DIGHTON CENTRE LLC0SOMERSET AV 076017000300000B F_759786_275907302/03/20172019
AGUIAR, RONALD C JR & NANCY 631HART ST 0760230003200000 F_755001_275426310/17/19972019
AGUIAR, RONALD C JR & NANCY J 680SOMERSET AV 076009000170000A F_760509_276983003/28/20142019
AHEARN, SETH R & DIANE M 2405MAYNARD LN 0760010008200010 F_738801_278121412/29/20112019
AJOUE PAUL A & KATHLEEN A 1735OAK GROVE DR 0760110002300170 F_746595_276896808/05/20032019
AKAKA, TARYN 932OAK ST 0760060001400010 F_740805_277177002/09/19962019
ALDRICH, ARTHUR J & CHERYL A 677OAK ST 0760070003000010 F_742175_277339701/05/20062019
ALEGRIA, CLIFFORD M & MANUEL C 194CHERRY ST 0760250009200000 F_759345_275201702/04/20142019
ALEGRIA, DAVID M 846MIDDLE ST 0760080003900000 F_753471_276982206/12/20082019
ALEGRIA, MANUEL C & SALLY L 1052BRIGGS ST 0760080004100000 F_753223_276901406/14/19792019
ALEGRIA, SCOTT 0MIDDLE ST 0760090017300000 F_754337_276883206/06/20072019
ALEGRIA,SCOTT 910MIDDLE ST 0760080003700000 F_752977_276973506/06/20072019
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH III 168WASHINGTON ST 0760250012500000 F_759444_275221701/08/20132019

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