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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
A PLUS ENTERPRISES INC 0COLE ST 0690190000500005 M_78098_91287706/24/20112016
A PLUS ENTERPRISES INC 0COLE ST 0690190000500006 M_78226_91240706/24/20112016
A PLUS ENTERPRISES INC 0COLE ST 0690190000500001 M_78076_91310606/24/20112016
AARON, DANIEL & JANET 0FRENCH RD 0690350001000000 M_85859_91098109/25/19682016
AARON, JAMES & PAUL, TRUSTEESTHE CUMMINGTON REALTY TRUST0FRENCH RD 0690350002000000 M_86090_91073509/21/19952016
AARON, JAMES & PAUL; TRUSTEESTHE CUMMINGTON REALTY TRUST42FRENCH RD 0690350000700000 M_85919_91056609/21/19952016
ABERNATHY, JAMES 0TROUBLE ST 0690260000900000 M_78686_91189104/21/20112016
ADAMS, WILLIAM F. & JANE W. 0PORTER HILL RD 0690290000200000 M_83038_91119404/06/19922016
ADAMS, WILLIAM F. & JANE W. 108DODWELLS RD 0690290001400000 M_84045_91236910/26/20012016
ADDLESON, BENJAMIN C 36MAIN ST 069023A003900000 M_85406_91323708/13/20122016
ALTERMAN, MICHAEL 127MOUNT RD 0690360000700000 M_86839_91027206/26/20092016
ALTERMAN, MICHAEL 0MOUNT RD 0690360001800000 M_86627_91032106/26/20092016
AMES, ELISE STAUBER 43BRICKHOUSE RD 0690210000100000 M_82444_91268702/13/19942016
AMES, ELISE STAUBER 0WEST CUMMINGTON RD 0690210001700000 M_82236_91257702/13/19942016
ANDERSON, KELLYANDERSON, ROBERT & PATRICIA9FLAT IRON RD 069023D004500000 M_85767_91246301/26/20092016
ANDERSON, NORMAN E. & DORSET J. 197TROUBLE ST 0690260002100000 M_78867_91199610/17/19732016
ANDERSON, TEGAN 199TROUBLE ST 0690260002200000 M_78875_91222708/05/20132016
ANSELL, ALIZA R. 35POTASH HILL RD 0690220004200000 M_83688_91344812/01/20002016
ARBIB, ROBERT B. & BRENDA S. 35MAIN ST 069023A000400000 M_85313_91317411/22/19822016
ARSLANIAN, LEON DANIEL & GAIL M. 0POWELL RD 0690120000700000 M_78020_91441508/04/19872016
ARUNAH HILL NATURAL SCIENCE CENTER, INC. 0TROUBLE ST 0690260002800000 M_78404_91259407/17/20012016
AUGSPURGER, MICHAEL W.LENORE, FRIED494STAGE RD 0690170003300000 M_87333_91380506/08/19942016
BACKENROTH, ADAM & OFRA 0COLE ST 0690260001200000 M_78070_91190406/01/20122016
BACKENROTH, ADAM & OFRA  138COLE ST 0690260001300000 M_78056_91200405/12/20002016
BADNER, BARBARA R & PAUL A SONERSON 98TROUBLE ST 0690270002000000 M_80449_91240106/02/20102016
BAILEY JR, DOUGLAS LBEAUDIN, KATHLEEN M20TROUBLE ST 0690280000600000 M_81483_91176301/25/20102016
BAKER, DOROTHY & BURROWS, MEADE GC/O PIERCE, LAURA & KOLODNY, MICHAEL0POTASH HILL RD 0690220004900000 M_83332_91359303/21/20062016
BAKER, MARSHA E; TRUSTEEWEST CUMMINGTON SIX TRUST14RIVER RD 0690010001500000 M_78492_91622609/06/19852016
BAKER, NORMAN 0TIRRELL RD 0690010001800000 M_78220_91625711/25/20092016
BALL, CHARLES V & JOANNE MDELANEY, JENNIFER R74TROUBLE ST 0690270001200000 M_80832_91265802/12/20142016
BANNISH LAND PRESERVES 0BERKSHIRE TRAIL 0690220001500000 M_84305_91327112/22/20002016
BANVILLE, MAURICE RC/O JOSHUA J BANVILLE361WEST CUMMINGTON RD 0690210001600000 M_82425_91284112/07/20122016
BARBOUR, ANNE S. 51BUG HILL RD 0690140001100000 M_82404_91462702/01/20012016
BARONAS, ANN-MARIE K. 121STAGE RD 0690080001900000 M_83975_91566303/17/20032016
BARRUS, TIMOTHY W & LAURA A 9THAYER CORNER RD 069023D003900000 M_85946_91253404/14/20112016
BATES, BARBARAC/O MAY B. DAW4THAYER CORNER RD 069023D004000000 M_86003_912612 2016
BATES, BARBARAC/O MAY B. DAW0THAYER CORNER RD 069023D003300000 M_86064_91251503/04/19352016
BAUMANN, BENJAMIN K 395WEST CUMMINGTON RD 0690280001900000 M_82217_91235206/08/20122016
BEACH, CHRISTOPHER S & SANDI L 0MAIN ST, OFF 069023B001600000 M_85546_91313810/25/20102016
BEACH, CHRISTOPHER S & SANDI L 24MAIN ST 069023B000300000 M_85487_91308110/25/20102016
BEAN, NANCY G. & TIMOTHY F. 17MOUNT RD 0690300003900000 M_85620_91141805/08/19962016
BEAN, STEPHANIE 97MOUNT RD 0690360001700000 M_86510_91077605/13/20092016
BEAUDOIN, PATRICK 0RIVER RD 0690080002200000 M_84148_91586903/11/20132016
BECKER, JULIELYN P 54LILAC AVE 069023B000700000 M_85832_91333610/01/20142016
BEEGHLY, ELIAS H & ELLA J 0TROUBLE ST 0690270001800000 M_80480_91198106/12/19682016
BELL, PATRICIA A & THOMAS C 0WEST CUMMINGTON RD 0690070002900000 M_82110_91499303/16/19832016
BERGERON, BARBARA A.; BELCHER, LINDATHAYER, CLIFFORD S.0BRYANT RD 0690150000400001 M_83286_91410601/01/20002016
BERKSHIRE TRAIL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 2MAIN ST 069023D002400000 M_85718_912851 2016

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