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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
  326MIDDLEFIELD RD 0594070000000090 M_77532_89556203/27/20182019
  39SYL HAMILTON RD 0594070000000340 M_79202_89392103/27/20182019
  404ROUTE 20 0594120000000390 M_78941_89217711/16/20162019
  475ROUTE 20 0594120000000470 M_79177_89116403/19/20182019
  520SKYLINE TRAIL 0594050000001270 M_80596_89644206/19/20152019
  0TAFT (EXT) RD 0594070000000310 M_79154_89554410/27/20062019
  7WILLIAM ST 0592010000000290 M_77567_89330802/07/19922019
  0LYON HILL RD 0594050000000540 M_81569_89623006/05/19982019
  609SKYLINE TRAIL 0594050000001490 M_80188_89776111/19/20092019
  0N CHESTER RD 0594050000000370 M_82176_89701906/11/19842019
  0MIDDLEFIELD RD 0594060000000070 M_77521_89755702/08/20062019
  457MIDDLEFIELD RD 0594060000000100 M_77331_89704709/15/20052019
  0MIDDLEFIELD RD 0594060000000110 M_77684_89682909/15/20052019
  102OLD STATE HWY 0594140000000240 M_82717_88982311/25/20142019
  0OLD STATE HWY 0594140000000290 M_82796_88976611/25/20142019
  48BROMLEY RD 0594100000000250 M_84563_89084702/14/19862019
  0BROMLEY RD 0594100000000260 M_84462_89089902/01/19862019
  23INGELL RD 0594080000000241 M_80341_89543810/25/20012019
  0INGELL RD 0594080000000246 M_80276_89518405/20/20022019
  80MIDDLEFIELD RD 0592010000000480 M_77699_89371408/01/19852019
  0JOHNSON HILL RD 0594050000001310 M_80579_896687 2019
  0ROUND HILL RD 0594120000000260 M_77875_89131409/03/19912019
  50KINNE BROOK RD 0594040000000090 M_83957_89608708/05/20022019
  36MIDDLEFIELD RD 0592010000000360 M_77613_89339408/10/20062019
  349MIDDLEFIELD RD 0594060000000140 M_77556_89581708/29/20142019
  9LYNES RD 0594060000000550 M_79359_89701003/24/20172019
  11CAMPBELL RD 0594060000000292 M_78780_89719308/01/19882019
  25MIDDLEFIELD RD 0592010000000820 M_77740_89330007/22/19992019
  285BROMLEY RD 0594090000000080 M_83105_89449212/01/19862019
  17BROMLEY RD 0594150000000280 M_85051_89045404/08/20152019
  613ROUTE 20 0594140000000060 M_79546_89035411/18/20112019
  0LYNES RD 0594060000000350 M_78383_89777806/30/20172019
  0LYON HILL RD 0594050000000530 M_81595_89617505/05/20052019
  83LYON HILL RD 0594050000000520 M_81608_89606205/05/20142019
  0EAST RIVER RD 0594050000000293 M_82262_89746803/01/19882019
  11SCHOOL ST 0592020000001140 M_77686_89301705/29/20152019
  78LYON HILL RD 0594050000000810 M_81732_89630002/27/20152019
  632ROUTE 20 0594140000000110 M_80820_89063809/13/19732019
  80INGELL RD 0594050000001431 M_79558_89607012/31/20012019
  20CAMPBELL RD 0594060000000270 M_78751_89689306/23/20082019
  0SKYLINE TRAIL 0594100000100010 M_83750_89080011/10/19752019
  102SKYLINE TRAIL 0594100000000010 M_83506_89082611/10/19752019
  0CRANE RD 0594050000000450 M_82176_89624708/01/20162019
  93CRANE RD 0594050000000460 M_82215_89616607/01/20102019
  14SOVEREIGN RD 0594110000000070 M_82194_89307711/22/20052019
  0LYMAN RD 0594110000000050 M_81879_89271405/12/20112019
  310ABBOTT HILL RD 0594080000000260 M_80999_89566301/20/19952019
  2EMERY ST 0592020000000220 M_78127_89319501/04/19942019
  9PROSPECT ST 0592020000000261 M_78266_89322311/01/19862019
  9PROSPECT ST 0592010000001190 M_78103_89328407/19/19962019

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