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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
10K PROPERTIES, LLC 60SOUTH RIVER RD 0530171000400050 M_87154_93119103/24/20142017
10K PROPERTIES, LLC 225MAIN ST 0530200000000040 M_88125_93175903/24/20142017
10K PROPERTIES, LLC 214MAIN ST 0530200000000090 M_88047_93159403/24/20142017
133 WARFIELD REALTY, LLC  MAIN ST 0530180000000370 M_86673_93154809/22/20142017
133 WARFIELD REALTY, LLC 133WARFIELD RD 0530070000000900 M_86726_93342509/22/20142017
133 WARFIELD REALTY, LLC  RIDDELL RD 0530070000000930 M_86965_93272609/22/20142017
ACADEMY AT CHARLEMONT INC 1359ROUTE 2 0530030000000220 M_91193_93074406/01/19882017
ACADEMY AT CHARLEMONT INC 1351ROUTE 2 0530030000000221 M_91166_93065706/01/19882017
ACADEMY AT CHARLEMONT INC  ROUTE 2 0530030000000241 M_91247_93061606/01/19882017
ACADEMY AT CHARLEMONT INC  ROUTE 2 0530030000000242 M_91180_93059406/01/19882017
ACADEMY AT CHARLEMONT, INC 0BURRINGTON RD 0530030000000521 M_90914_93076805/27/20072017
ACADEMY AT CHARLEMONT, INC.  ROUTE 2 0530030000000190 M_91332_93064206/29/19992017
ACADEMY AT CHARLEMONT, INC. 1369ROUTE 2 0530030000000200 M_91313_93073306/29/19992017
ADAMS, ROBERT ALLAN TRUSTEEC/O ADAMS, EDWARD7EAST OXBOW RD 0530040000000660 M_94517_93128104/08/19932017
ADAMS, ROBERT ALLAN TRUSTEEC/O ADAMS, EDWARD ROUTE 2 0530040000000650 M_94576_93106004/08/19932017
ADAMS, ROBERT F. & MARY ANN P. 100MAXWELL RD 0530070000000705 M_87812_93440609/11/20082017
ADDISON, SEAN K & COATES, AMY MARIE 0WEST OXBOW RD 0530090000000301 M_93560_93302407/06/20122017
ADDISON, SEAN K & COATES, AMY MARIE 336WEST OXBOW RD 0530090000000360 M_93877_93322507/08/20122017
ADDISON, SEAN K & COATES, AMY MARIE  WEST OXBOW RD 0530090000000370 M_93774_93338207/06/20122017
ALBANO, DENISEC/O SPARKS, WILDER B. & MUKTARIAN, SIMON63HAWK HILL RD 0530040000000710 M_94221_93176602/17/20092017
ALBEE, JOHN C. & JAYCEE ALBEE 430SOUTH RIVER RD 0530030000000090 M_89459_93076709/01/20042017
ALTISON, JOHN P. & COLLEEN A.  SCHAEFER WAY 0530070000000340 M_84730_93281610/17/20022017
ALTISON, JOHN P. & COLLEEN A.  SCHAEFER WAY 0530070000000220 M_84823_93275609/10/20102017
ANDERSON, BURTON G., III  MAXWELL RD 0530120000000714 M_87889_93478305/13/20112017
ANDREN, EMILY ADEE & GENEVIEVE MCGREGOR  SOUTH RIVER RD 0530160000000080 M_86867_93104311/28/19972017
ANGELICO, EMANUELLE J & CHRISTINE B 60SOUTH RIVER 0530171000400010 M_87154_93119111/08/19892017
ANNEAR, DOUGLAS S. TRUSTEEANNEAR INVESTMENT TRUST247LEGATE HILL 0530070000000470 M_85005_93391804/18/20142017
ARON, CATHLEEN, REBECCA M. & PATRICIA M 49POTTER RD 0530070000000550 M_85676_93411503/29/20022017
ARSENAULT, STEPHEN J.  502SOUTH RIVER RD 0530030000000120 M_90141_93017005/02/20052017
ATWATER, JOHN M 1859ROUTE 2 0530040000000790 M_94824_93134009/23/19682017
AUBREY, BRIAN D. & BARBARA A. 230MAIN ST 0530200000000100 M_88115_93164309/14/20012017
AVERY, DENNIS & JOHN AVERY  RIDDELL 0530120000000720 M_86563_93479704/01/19932017
AVERY, DENNIS C & HOGNESS, KAREN LC/O 127 MAIN STREET REALTY LLC127MAIN ST 0530190000000370 M_87342_93176311/02/20162017
AVERY, DENNIS C & HOGNESS, KAREN L 99MOUNTAIN RD 0530080000000200 M_88492_93379603/23/20072017
AVERY, DENNIS C & KAREN L HOGNESSC/O 127 MAIN STREET REALTY LLC MAIN ST 0530190000000360 M_87313_93176111/02/20162017
AVERY, DENNIS C & KAREN L HOGNESSC/O 127 MAIN STREET REALTY LLC128MAIN ST 0530190000000810 M_87329_93170811/02/20162017
AVERY, JONATHAN H., TRUSTEEAMCOURT REALTY TRUST AVERY BROOK RD 0530040000000200 M_92644_93085109/27/20012017
BABIONE, MICHELLE  169MAIN ST 0530190000000480 M_87664_93175807/03/20092017
BAHLMAN, DAVID A. & KLOSTERMAN, HOWARD D  LEGATE HILL RD 0530120000000100 M_85252_93532005/30/20142017
BAKER, ALFRED J. LIFE ESTATEIYAMORO BAKER & MISHIARA BAKER1HIGH ST 0530190000000330 M_87396_93176207/08/20102017
BANK OF AMERICA, NA  SOUTH RIVER RD 0530171000000041  09/02/19882017
BANKS, PHILIP A & MARY ELLEN M., TRUSTEEBANKS RESIDENCE TRUST0ZOAR RD 0530060000000230 M_83673_93380502/24/20102017
BANKS, PHILIP A. & MARY ELLEN M., TRUSTEBANKS RESIDENCE TRUST247ZOAR RD 0530060000000250 M_83426_93367102/24/20102017
BANNISH LAND PRESERVES, INC.  TODD MOUNTAIN RD 0530060000000241 M_84092_93394412/22/20002017
BANNISH LAND PRESERVES, INC.  LEDGE LANE 0530070000000460 M_84857_93380912/22/20002017
BANNISH LAND PRESERVES, INC.  TODD MOUNTAIN 0530110000000280 M_83545_93556812/22/20002017
BARBEAU, KENNITH G. & DARLENE E.   HAWK HILL RD 0530090000000290 M_93843_93245405/11/20052017
BARBEAU, KENNITH G. & DARLENE E.  215WEST OXBOW RD 0530090000000270 M_93589_93242201/06/20052017
BARNAT, LESZEK & MCADAMS, MARTHA 255WARNER HILL RD NO 2 0530130000000100 M_88311_93582805/22/19862017

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