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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
A T & T LONG LINESPROPERTY TAX UNIT43MOLASSES HILL RD 045003B000000020 F_489652_289126603/08/19562017
ACHILLES, HARRISON AACHILLES, PAMELA A35GAY RD 045002C000000120 F_495973_288580706/01/19842017
ACHILLES, HARRISON AACHILLES, PAMELA A33GAY RD 045002C000000160 F_496008_288601808/01/19752017
ACHILLES, HARRISON AACHILLES, PAMELA A33GAY RD 045002C000000270 F_496100_288617706/01/19842017
ACKERMAN, ROBERT CACKERMAN, JUNE H15LOWER RIVER ST 045006C000200060 F_492660_290213703/26/19872017
AFTON, GREGORY C 19MAIN ST 045006C000100950 F_494016_290500511/01/19922017
AFTON, JOSEPH AFTON, ANA2MAPLE ST 045006C00010085A 006C.1-099A-085A02/12/20092017
ALBERTSON, SANDRAPOWELL, SUSAN92ALLEN RD 045003E000000290 F_499768_288702310/29/19802017
ALONZO, ERNEST T 142TOWN FARM RD 045003A000000430 F_484949_288928201/14/19852017
AMAZEEN, MICHAEL D 24PINE LN 045005D000000300 F_500453_289893811/27/20072017
AMOROSO, DOMENIC 76QUABOAG ST 045005E000000100 F_501795_290021003/01/20002017
AMOROSO, DOMENIC 78QUABOAG ST 045005E000000110 F_501878_290019803/01/20002017
ANASTASIA LAND TRUST 8PLEASANT ST 045006C000100820 F_493861_290354010/15/20152017
ANASTASIA LAND TRUST 42QUABOAG ST 045006D000000170 F_500292_290142407/17/20152017
ANDERSON, EDWARD LBANDERSON, KAREN1SALMON BROOK RD 045005B001800520 F_485907_289981910/13/19942017
ANDERSON, TERRY L 9MILL ST 045006C00000008A F_495653_290171904/08/20132017
ANDERSON, TERRY L 38SOUTH MAPLE ST 045006C000000220 F_496550_290260211/24/19972017
ANDERSON, THEODORE R 7MARTIN RD 045005B000000120 005B-0016-001207/31/20012017
ANDREW J PERREAULT 54TOWN FARM RD 045004B000000500 F_487051_289585302/08/19882017
ANGEL, ROBERT F, JR 42GAY RD 045002C000000370 F_496449_288529903/24/20142017
ANTINOVICH, JOSEPH TANTINOVICH, MARY A12COTTONWOOD RD 045002B000000370 F_488778_288767504/21/20052017
APODEMI, UGO C 15MAPLE ST 045006C000100650 F_494295_290434701/25/20052017
ARMENDO, D ANTHONYARMENDO, TINA L13SOUTH MAPLE ST 045006C000200960 F_495086_290314201/16/19912017
ARMSTRONG, JOHN SARMSTRONG, HELEN H9MAIN ST 045006C000100600 F_493712_290460103/01/19642017
ARSENAULT, DAVID GBLOMBERG, DIANE M86LONG HILL RD 045005B001800480  12/10/19932017
ARSENAULT, JEFFREYARSENAULT, ANGELA M6CLEAR CREEK LANE 045003B00000001G F_487900_289104407/15/20082017
ARSENEAULT, PAUL G 5LAKEVIEW AVE 045005E000000270 F_501630_290054106/13/20122017
ASTUKEWICZ, MICHAEL C 125RICE CORNER RD 045002C000000500 F_495082_288753012/28/20102017
AUBIN, EUGENEAUBIN, SHARON6LINCOLN ST 045006C000100140 F_493171_290351607/01/19942017
AUBIN, KEVIN JAUBIN, RHIANNON L51QUABOAG ST 045005D000000050 F_500714_290051705/30/20142017
AUDETTE, LENARD A 173RICE CORNER RD 045001C00000005G F_492452_288401208/31/20042017
AUDETTE, RAYMONDAUDETTE, FAITH6GROVE ST 045006C000100890 F_494342_290471511/26/20132017
AUDETTE, TAMARA A 26TOWN FARM RD 045005B00000009F F_489240_289728110/24/20122017
AUSTIN, MARKO'DAY-AUSTIN, SHARRON32WEBBER RD 045003A00000006E F_486284_289069006/28/19992017
AUSTIN, MARKO'DAY-AUSTIN, SHARRON36WEBBER RD 045003A00000006F F_486022_289027306/28/19992017
AYER, RICHARD T, JR 0OFF DEVILS ELBOW RD 045008B000000140 F_490688_291218908/02/20102017
AYERS, BRIAN 18LONG HILL RD 045005B000000310 005B-0011-003104/19/20022017
AYERS, PAULAYERS, DEBORAH23LONG HILL RD 045005B000000620 F_490175_289982507/08/19942017
AYERS, ROBERT R SRAYERS, SUSAN L12LINCOLN ST 045006C000100250 F_493428_290347208/20/19912017
BABB, THOMAS J 13HOBBS AVE 045005D000000120 F_500555_289976407/24/19892017
BACHAND, DEREK MLAMOUREUX, DANIELLE M0OFF DEVILS ELBOW 045008B00000014A F_490558_291206806/22/20122017
BACON, ROGER DBACON, MARGUERITE M16MAIN ST 045007C000000010 F_493126_290575505/01/19612017
BAILEY, LYNN R 103TOWN FARM RD 045004A000000170 004A-0015-001708/28/20032017
BAKER, GLENNA V 109WEBBER RD 045002A000000010 F_482342_288718902/22/20052017
BANNISH, MARTIN PBANNISH, SANDRA L18BRUNNELL AVE 045005D000000160 F_501109_289950804/12/20112017
BANSFIELD, FRANCISBANSFIELD, ELIZABETH J16COMMON ST 045006C000100230 F_493053_290366006/01/19622017
BARNES, GORDON BARNES, JANE14WELLS RD 045002B000000130 F_486481_288640506/07/20062017
BARNES, RAYMOND O BARNES, RAE ANNE5PLEASANT ST 045006C000100300 F_493666_290369412/21/20002017

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