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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
1000 LLC 41OLD STONE CIRCLE 034002D000000790 M_192279_90600106/19/20172018
1000 LLC 72OLD STONE CIRCLE 034002D000000920 M_192513_90625806/19/20172018
1000 LLC 75CENTURY MILL RD 034003D000000080 M_192641_90744008/24/20172018
1000 LLC 91CENTURY MILL RD 034003D000000510 M_192548_90749208/24/20172018
1084 MAIN STREET BOLTON LLCC/O KELLER WILLIAMS RTY NO CENTRAL1084MAIN ST 034006B000000040 M_188857_91100611/20/20152018
117 INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATIONC/O EDWARD SALZBERG0MAIN ST 034005E000000560 M_195592_90998904/11/19802018
21 CENTURY MILL LLC 21CENTURY MILL RD 034003D000000320 M_192932_90744907/12/20162018
626 MAIN STREET LLC 626MAIN ST 0340020000000190 M_191516_90901407/19/20132018
626 MAIN STREET LLC 0MAIN ST 0340020000000270 M_191477_90907507/19/20132018
ABYSALH JONATHAN & KRISTINA M CIOCIOLA 16CENTURY MILL RD 034003D000000270 M_193053_90721308/11/20172018
ACHORN AMY R 128HUDSON RD 034003D000000140 M_193150_90792310/01/20122018
ACIERNO PAUL S & LINDA P 19POWDER HILL RD 034005D000000770 M_192213_90988707/10/20022018
ACKROYD-CASA LUCIA & JAMES E ACKROYD139OAK TRAIL 034004A000000400 M_188447_90918912/22/20142018
ADILETTA MATTHEW JAMES & KAREN 244SAWYER RD 034002B000000580 M_189171_90702105/08/20092018
AGHJAYAN JEFFREY A & LINDA M 55POWDER HILL RD 034005D000000570 M_192445_90984007/03/19952018
AGRETELIS NICHOLAS S & JOAN M 4DEER PATH 034006B000001530 M_189377_91188806/15/20062018
AHEARN GERARD W 145NASHAWAY RD 034007B000000480 M_189712_91221106/20/20122018
AHMED MAROOF MTAHERA R AHMED134SUGAR RD 034005D000000560 M_192445_90993506/28/19942018
AIREY DONALD R & CAROL P 185WILDER RD 034005B000000730 M_188854_91033609/29/19932018
AKERS STEVEN & MARY ELIZABETH AKERS 133FOX RUN RD 034006B000001470 M_189248_91182411/14/20082018
ALBERTS-PIRANI BARBARA 313BERLIN RD 034002B000000130 M_190230_90689106/07/20102018
ALEX JAMES DMARY F ALEX335STILL RIVER RD 034007B000000130 M_189225_91275904/17/19862018
ALEXANDER VU & KESONE SOUPHARATH 167ANNIE MOORE RD 034004E000000300 M_194991_90887809/28/20072018
ALGONQUIN CNCL BSA 75HUDSON RD 034003D000000210 M_192949_90759803/28/19412018
ALGONQUIN CNCL BSA 75HUDSON RD E SHOR 034003D000000211 M_192497_90798703/28/19412018
ALKHOURY HOUSSAM 97FOX RUN RD 034006B000001620 M_189192_91176906/23/20162018
ALLEN EDWARD & BARBARA 61TEELE RD 034003E000000420 M_195169_90767005/10/20122018
ALLEN JOHN DLINDA ANN ALLEN93SPECTACLE HILL RD 034001C000000360 M_191897_90563605/19/19882018
ALLEN WILLIAM E, TRWILLIAM E ALLEN INVEST TR271VAUGHN HILL RD 034007B000001450 M_189712_91315002/23/20152018
ALLISON DONALD E JRPAMELA A BUMP40LAUREL RD 034006D000000100 M_192750_91114401/18/19822018
ALMOND WALTER & ELAINE A 55PONDSIDE DR 034005B001800550 M_190123_91033409/05/20172018
ALTONGY BRIAN J & LORI M 26ANNIE MOORE RD 034004E000000610 M_194425_90852508/25/20052018
ALVORD WILLIAM & ANNA G 32FRYE RD 034002B000000320 M_190484_90639707/21/20092018
ALZAPIEDI ROBERT ROBERT A & AMIE B ALZAPIEDI345LONG HILL RD 034003E000000560 M_194386_90689812/06/20072018
ALZAPIEDI ROBERT A & KAREN C GREEN 3WEATHERS LN 034005B000000250 M_189712_91060301/14/20132018
AMABILE HENRY P & GAIL B AMABILE 698MAIN ST 0340010000000320 M_191047_90915803/31/19972018
AMABILE HENRY P & JESSAMYN ROCKWELL, TR720 MAIN STREET RTY TR720MAIN ST 0340010000000370 M_190912_90928708/03/20072018
AMBROSE DARA & PEQUITA LORING 273BALLVILLE RD 034003A000000690 M_187783_90803312/01/20162018
AMBROSE DARA G & PEQUITA LORING 7POWDER HILL RD 034005D000000790 M_192247_90980207/01/20052018
AMELOTTE LARAINE R 84PONDSIDE DR 034005B001800680 M_190123_91033404/17/20122018
AMERICAN TEL & TEL CO%AT&T COMMUNICATIONS0PINE HILL 034008A000000030 M_188207_91366409/29/19642018
ANACHI RAJINI & BALA JANA 134DRUMLIN HILL RD 034007C000001110 M_191903_91206212/10/20072018
ANDERSON DOROTHY L &WILLIAM A & DOROTHY L MCNAMARA67OLD BAY RD 034003B000000130 M_190149_90787312/20/20062018
ANDREWS KAREN 1BRIGHAM FARM LN 034004C002600140 M_192190_90923909/07/20172018
ANDREWS KATHLEEN L 368S BOLTON RD 034002C000000540 M_191528_90609208/24/20102018
ANDREWS LAURA P 37SUNSET RIDGE LN 034003B008000250 M_188672_90781512/02/20112018
ANDRONICO SALVATORE & CONCETTA &RICHARD W & DIANA M ADAMS84OAK TRAIL 034004A000000230 M_188660_90885104/28/20172018
ANDRONICO WILLIAM S & CHERYL A, TRANDRONICO RTY TR102OAK TRAIL 034004A000000270 M_188346_90886604/18/20102018
ANESTIS JASON T, TRTHE ANESTIS FAMILY TR448STILL RIVER RD 034008B000000090 M_189664_91363703/07/20172018

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