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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
A DESIGN SOLUTION LLC 193BALD MT RD 0290190000300110 M_114833_93755504/19/20132015
ABBOTT, MICHAEL E 363FOX HILL RD 0290230000100022 M_111929_93819603/27/20082015
ABBOTT, MICHAEL E. 0FOX HILL RD 0290230000100030 M_111598_93844003/27/20082015
ABRAMSON, MARK D.ABRAMSON, WENDOLYN J.0EDEN TRAIL RD 0290110000200021 M_110861_93572405/26/19932015
ABRAMSON, MARK D.ABRAMSON, WENDOLYN J.372EDEN TRAIL RD 0290120000100010 M_110602_93601605/26/19932015
ABRAMSON, MARK D.ABRAMSON, WENDOLYN J.520EDEN TRAIL RD 0290120000200010 M_110948_93621805/26/19932015
ADAMS, STEPHENADAMS, SUSAN258NORTHFIELD RD 0290080000100091 M_116229_93596508/21/20032015
AJA, WARREN D.AJA, LINDA D.84WEST MT RD 0290020000200020 M_112299_93480706/30/20062015
ALDRICH ESTATE, JOEL~ 0NORTHFIELD TOWN LINE 0290180000200080 M_117811_938608 2015
ALEMAN, RONALD J.ALEMAN, CAROL M.55DEACON PARKER RD 0290070000500012 M_118132_93611007/01/19872015
ALLEN, DAVID K.ALLEN, SUSAN G.283MARTINDALE RD 0290180000200026 M_117345_93841907/02/20032015
ALLEN, ROBERT G. JRALLEN, DEBRA L.188RIVER ST 0290030000300120 M_114401_93473110/08/19872015
ALLIS, PAUL W. 22SOUTH ST 029009A000100201 M_113560_93601812/16/19922015
ALMEIDA, ERIC P.SCHLEICHER , ERIC J. JR124SOUTH ST 0290020000600080 M_113405_93527112/05/20122015
AMIDON, HELENA I. REVOCABLE TRUST 206GILL RD 0290050000200090 M_117423_93499807/30/20132015
AMIDON, HELENA I. REVOCABLE TRUST 168NORTHFIELD RD 0290080000200090 M_115566_93604107/30/20132015
ANDREWS, LEONANDREWS, ADA15HIGH ST 029009A000300080 M_113975_93581311/20/20092015
ANDREWS, LEON L.ANDREWS, ADA M.0EDEN TRAIL BRANCH RD 0290010000100030 M_110814_93434701/01/19802015
ANDREWS, MARK B.ANDREWS, JANE367BRATTLEBORO RD 0290250000200030 M_114000_93887206/28/20072015
ANDREWS, RONALDANDREWS, SUZANNE19WEST MT RD 0290020000100031 M_112787_93475402/11/20132015
ANDREWS, RONALD M.ANDREWS, SUZANNE L.256BALD MT RD 0290200000300011 M_114658_93791012/01/20082015
ANDREWS, RONALD M.ANDREWS, SUZANNE L.242BALD MT RD 0290200000300012 M_114690_93785212/01/20082015
ANDREWS, RONALD M.ANDREWS, SUZANNE L.230BALD MT RD 0290200000300013 M_114706_93780112/01/20082015
ANNIS, AIS JR.ANNIS, CAROL L.28BURKE FLAT RD 0290250000200100 M_114363_93816306/24/19942015
ATHERTON, KATHERINE T. 155BALD MT RD 0290190000300030 M_114851_93723701/13/20052015
ATHERTON, KATHERINE T. 0GILL RD OFF/RAYMOND 0290050000200057 M_117034_935232 2015
ATHERTON, MICHAEL P. 114NORTHFIELD RD 0290090000500080 M_115122_93604312/16/20092015
BACHELDER, DONALD F. JRSMITH, SALLY ANN134GILL RD 0290050000100021 M_116787_93527011/06/20092015
BACHINSKI, STEPHEN W.BACHINSKI, CHERYL ANN190KEETS BROOK RD 0290430000100040 M_110941_94139605/18/20012015
BACHINSKI, STEPHEN W.BACHINSKI, CHERYL ANN144KEETS BROOK RD 0290430000100050 M_111089_94182205/18/20012015
BACHINSKI, STEPHEN W.BACHINSKI, CHERYL ANN42KEETS BROOK RD 0290420000100010 M_111475_94170905/18/20012015
BAGLEY, PETERBAGLEY, ELAINE48WEST MT RD 0290020000200050 M_112547_93471701/08/19712015
BAGLEY, PETER F.BAGLEY, ELAINE56WEST MT RD 0290020000200040 M_112491_93473205/19/20062015
BAKER, BETTIE J. TRUST 148COUCH BROOK RD 0290310000100010 M_111869_93905706/07/20132015
BALL, GAYLE M. 44DEPOT ST 029009A000300100 M_113920_93580206/01/20002015
BALTZER, HERNDALE R.BALTZER, LEILA E.0GILL RD 0290050000200140 M_117559_93492111/11/20112015
BALZARINI, RICHARD A.BALZARINI, JOANNE H.137PARMENTER RD 0290080000100020 M_115393_93639504/11/19702015
BALZARINI, RICHARD A.BALZARINI, JOANNE H.0BRATTLEBORO RD 0290350000100011 M_112608_94071505/22/20082015
BALZARINI, RICHARD A.BALZARINI, JOANNE H.0BRATTLEBORO RD 0290350000100013 M_112565_940626 2015
BANCROFT, MARY E. 17HALES CROSSING 0290020000500040 M_112816_93428303/31/20032015
BARDWELL, NEAL R. 210PARMENTER RD 0290090000400020 M_114938_93610509/13/19912015
BARDWELL, NEAL R. 5GILL RD 0290080000400010 M_116172_935870 2015
BARDWELL, RUSSELL J.BARDWELL, RAELENE A.41WEST MT RD 0290020000100040 M_112618_93480408/12/19882015
BARITEAU, SALLY A. 243BALD MT RD 0290190000100050 M_114785_93800205/31/19942015
BARNES, WILLIAM L. 115MERRIFIELD RD 0290030000300210 M_114984_93513107/05/19772015
BARNES, WILLIAM L. 125MERRIFIELD RD 0290030000300230 M_114988_93506404/08/19832015
BARRETT (RATH), HELEN M. 13BURROWS TURNPIKE 0290140000200030 M_113698_93645506/29/19712015
BARRETT (RATH), HELEN M. 6BURROWS TURNPIKE 0290140000200040 M_113677_93642906/06/19512015
BARTLETT, DEXTER W.BARTLETT, DONNA298NORTHFIELD RD 0290080000100112 M_116493_93602107/05/20052015
BARTLETT, JUDITH M.GUNN, PAUL E.90BALD MT RD 0290140000500090 M_114655_93672912/07/20052015

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