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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
1 SYCAMORE LANE TRUSTCOSTA JOSEPH & ANA P TRUSTEES1SYCAMORE LN 0270170004200030 F_779765_276437809/26/20172019
117 JEROME STREET LLC 117JEROME ST 0270010006300000 F_768904_277849606/06/20012019
124 FREMONT STREET NOMINEE TRUST 45WATER ST 0270070003100000 F_761206_275421804/07/20002019
131 PADELFORD ST REALTY TRUSTHUERTH JR CARL, KEVIN C & CARL, TRUSTEES131PADELFORD ST 0270200002200000 F_783453_276546012/30/20152019
14 MYRICKS STREET REALTY LLC 14MYRICKS ST 0270220002000000 F_782707_275942401/25/20162019
2 EQUESTRIAN WAY REALTY TRUST 2EQUESTRIAN WAY 0270180006500020 F_778980_276067802/26/20102019
2 ORCHARD ST NOMINEE TRUSTC/O TOMMER KRISTEN M2ORCHARD ST 0270100011400000 F_774618_277359305/16/20002019
2014 DAVIDSON IRREVOCABLE TRUSTBARTHE WAYNE J TRUSTEE109SO MAIN ST 0270130000700150 F_769003_276053707/30/20142019
24 LOCUST STREET REALTY TRUST C/OMORIN JUNE A24LOCUST ST 0270110006200000 F_771972_276934701/12/20122019
3 GROVE STREET BERKLEY, LLC% CORREIA ED & JOHN3GROVE ST 0270210008700000 F_785116_276320909/29/20062019
42-44 COUNTY STREET LLC 44COUNTY ST 0270200009200000 F_787229_276803205/11/20172019
42-44 COUNTY STREET LLC 42COUNTY ST 0270200009300000 F_786965_276794605/11/20172019
42ND REALTY NOMINEE TRUSTSOUSA LISA A & EYMA SANDRO TRUSTEE2542ND ST 0270070009800120 F_761494_275160607/11/20172019
44 HOLLOWAY STREET TRUSTRANNACHER, CAROLYN J. TRUSTEE44HOLLOWAY ST 0270190002100000 F_786127_276883511/28/20142019
5 BAYVIEW REALTY TRUSTCO SCHOLL KURT TRUSTEE5BAY VIEW AVE 0270040004500000 F_766960_276398005/25/20122019
541 BERKLEY STREET REALTY TRUSTWEB PRESS SERVICE, INC541BERKLEY ST 0270010001700000 F_766169_277760402/12/19992019
57 BAY VIEW AVE TRUSTALMEDA JEFFREY & REGINA A TRUSTEES57BAY VIEW AVE 0270050005500120 F_766471_275933208/23/20172019
61 FORREST ST TRUSTQUINN EDWARD J & DOREEN M61FORREST ST 0270030004400040 F_764936_276876008/07/20152019
659 BERKLEY STREET TRUST UDT 12/1/2009RICE DIANA M TRUSTEE659BERKLEY ST 0270030003000000 F_763503_276909012/04/20092019
85 PLAIN ST WST NOM TRST LIFE ESTATEPEREIRA TRUSTEE85PLAIN ST W 0270090004700000 F_776164_277457301/15/20032019
A ONE REALTY GROUP LLC 17MILL ST 0270210002800000 F_784159_276288310/21/20082019
ABDALLAH PETER J & JOANNE L 47PORTER ST 0270100003500030 F_772651_277003809/29/20002019
ABREAU JOSEPH & KRISTIN ATRUSTEES OF THE ABREAU FAMILY NOMI55MACOMBER ST 0270190001100020 F_783112_277069410/17/20132019
ADAM GARY & SUZANNE 10ELMWOOD DR 0270170004200250 F_779146_276411008/27/20142019
ADAMCZYK DAVID T 83SEYMOUR ST 0270170000800000 F_776260_276541210/04/19852019
ADAMIEC DEREK 542BERKLEY ST 0270010003000000 F_766859_277735712/13/20162019
ADAMS BRENDA 9MYRICKS ST 0270220001900000 F_782991_275917902/11/20152019
ADAMS GARY E & TIMOTHY E & PAUL R 20MYRICKS ST 0270220002400000 F_782978_275970809/21/19902019
ADAMS HOMER E TRUSTEEC/O ADAMS JEFFREY & BRENDA15MYRICKS ST 0270220002500000 F_783238_275944506/16/20112019
ADAMS MICHAEL E & MYLENE J 29THOMAS RD 0270130000900031 F_767794_276008201/13/19892019
ADAMS MICHAEL J 11CHURCH ST 0270200003700060 F_785986_276517305/23/20162019
ADAMS PAUL R & STEPHANIE JEAN 108LOCUST ST 0270120003300000 F_773176_276286707/09/19932019
ADAMS TIMOTHY E & SUZANNE R 749BERKLEY ST 0270050000600010 F_762289_276265711/19/19982019
ADAMS WILLIAM L JR OR CURRENT OWNERDAVID DOUGLAS29MYRICKS ST 0270220003900000 F_784272_276048106/01/20052019
AG BERKLEY REALTY TRUSTARGIROS ALEXANDER A & ELIOPOULOS EL539BERKLEY ST 0270010001400000 F_766265_277774207/12/20052019
AGGI REALTY TRUSTPERRY ANDREA A TRUSTEE8GROVE ST 0270210007400000 F_785360_276322610/11/20062019
AGUDO EDGAR M & CORDEIRO ROBIN L 39SEYMOUR ST 0270160005700090 F_775520_276895406/19/20132019
AGUIAR ARTHUR M & MARIA D 94SO MAIN ST 0270130004500000 F_769558_276209106/22/19992019
AGUIAR BENTO M & VEASEY ELIZABETH M 9DEERFIELD DR 0270100012600080 F_770106_277276501/18/20132019
AGUIAR FAMILY TRUSTC/O AGUIAR ARTHUR M & MARIA D130MYRICKS ST 0270230000400000 F_788593_276687808/30/19962019
AGUIAR JAMIE M & JOY J 3BAY MEADOW RD 0270070013900090 F_764553_275169903/30/20072019
AGUIAR LARRY & ALICE B TRUSTEES 740BERKLEY ST 0270050007800010 F_762978_276321406/27/20162019
AGUIAR PAUL & DENISE 86SO MAIN ST 0270120002000000 F_768809_276276201/22/20022019
AGUIAR STEVEN M & DIANE 8CRYSTAL DRIVE 0270160006900050 F_778030_276610503/26/20022019
AHERN CATHLEEN B 19TIDE MEADOWS DR 0270010002300080 F_765072_277600909/24/20152019
AHMAD KHEIREDDINE 31LOCUST ST 0270110003800020 F_772005_276824001/20/20162019
ALBERNAZ JEFFREY J & BARBARA T 5BLOSSOM LN 0270150000500340 F_776307_277288002/28/19952019
ALBERNAZ MESSIAS & MARIA L 29MILL ST 0270210009900020 F_784747_276219511/30/19932019

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