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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
1 MILL STREET LLC 1MILL STREET 0190260000000820 F_631789_302909002/06/20142019
1 MILL STREET LLC 16WEST STREET 0190260000001180 F_632096_302928907/31/20142019
1 MILL STREET LLC 10WEST STREET 0190260000001190 F_632083_302920807/31/20142019
1 MILL STREET LLC 63MAIN STREET 0190260000001200 F_632071_302913707/31/20142019
11 FOREST STREET LLCS/O SAUL C ALARCON - JTS11FOREST STREET 0190260000002960 F_632467_302840806/07/20172019
114 EAST MAIN STREET LLC 114EAST MAIN STREET 0190280000001190 F_636865_302727208/01/20172019
114 EAST MAIN STREET LLC 14SANDY POND ROAD 0190340000000750 F_636470_302700908/04/20172019
123 CENTRAL AVE REALTY CORPS/O 123 CENTRAL LLC123CENTRAL AVENUE 0190280000000800 F_636598_302770406/22/20012019
15 GROSVENOR ST REALTY TRUSTBERTIN J RICHARD - TR15GROSVENOR STREET 0190350000000850 F_637822_302532611/05/19842019
1517 MAIN LLC 17MAIN STREET 0190260000002250 F_632574_302900707/15/20142019
17 PINGRY WAY NOMINEE TRUSTDUVARNEY CRAIG D & JOANNE M - TR17PINGRY WAY 0190370000000470 F_643378_302354709/10/20122019
179 WEST MAIN STREET TRUSTDAVID J ALLEN - TR179WEST MAIN STREET 0190320000000220 F_628482_302801012/13/19842019
190 LITTLETON ROAD TRUSTS/O BRENT C ROUTHIER - TR190LITTLETON ROAD 0190300000000130 F_646017_302613208/04/19832019
190 LITTLETON ROAD TRUSTS/O PAUL J ROUTHIER - TR0LITTLETON ROAD 0190300000000160 F_646263_302614601/05/19842019
2008 REV LIV TR LAURETTE L CASEYWM G CASEY JR & LAURETTE L CASEY - TRS71HICKORY WAY 0190360000000840 F_643036_302527301/25/20132019
21 PLEASANT LLCLISA LINNANE21PLEASANT STREET 0190260000001780 F_632426_302945510/20/20102019
22 TANNERY STREET TRUSTRONALD J & KATHLEEN A RAFFI - TR22TANNERY STREET 0190260000002890 F_632399_302858711/05/19912019
25 PINGRYWAY LLCS/O JOSHUA KOTFILA - TE25PINGRY WAY 0190370000000430 F_643835_302341910/05/20172019
3 NEMCO REALTY CORP 3NEMCO WAY 0190080000000190 F_648141_303151912/12/20132019
33P LLC 33PLEASANT STREET 0190260000001720 F_632548_302977302/02/20172019
37 WASHINGTON LLC 37WASHINGTON STREET 0190260000001960 F_632868_302988112/31/20132019
38 JACKSON TRUSTSTEPHEN J & PATRICIA L WALCH-TRUSTEES38JACKSON STREET 0190190000000680 F_632774_303137609/11/19842019
3G REALTY GROUP LLC 32COLUMBIA STREET 0190260000002060 F_633024_302953208/18/20172019
52-54 ATHERTON STREET NOMINEE TRUSTGUY & KATHLEEN KEENAN - TR52ATHERTON STREET 0190350000001590 F_638734_302506909/23/20142019
584 KING STREET REALTY CORP 54WASHINGTON STREET 0190190000001420 F_632906_303045710/12/19882019
8 NEMCO WAY LLCS/O NEMCO WAY AYER LLC8NEMCO WAY 0190080000000210 F_647670_303148605/09/20132019
91 FITCHBURG ROAD LLC 91FITCHBURG ROAD 0190020000000390 F_628720_303560408/01/20122019
99 FITCHBURG ROAD LLP  0FITCHBURG ROAD 0190010000000050 F_627262_303609605/09/20012019
99 FITCHBURG ROAD LLP 0FITCHBURG ROAD 0190010000000060 F_627418_303609305/09/20012019
99 FITCHBURG ROAD LLP 0FITCHBURG ROAD 0190010000000070 F_627592_303608905/09/20012019
99 FITCHBURG ROAD LLP 99FITCHBURG ROAD 0190010000000030 F_627032_303642905/09/20012019
ABBES CLAUDIA 20LAWTON STREET 0190260000001270 F_632251_303006908/15/20032019
ABBOTT DANA - TEMARIELLYN ABBOTT8GARDNER LANE 0190120000001320 F_631492_303368806/01/19932019
ABEL BRIANS/O KRISTEN ABEL28WASHINGTON STREET 0190260000001740 F_632596_302966305/29/20142019
ABRAMOWITZ FREDERIC 46PARTRIDGE RUN 0190360000000810 F_642556_302517207/26/20132019
ABRAMOWITZ KENNETH R 73EAST MAIN STREET 0190340000000440 F_634888_302745403/26/20082019
ACKROYD-KELLY MICHAEL H - TEPENNY D ACKROYD-KELLY0OLD GROTON ROAD 0190040000000360 F_636939_303552507/14/19842019
ADAMS JANIS MDAVID E ADAMS23SANDY POND ROAD #3 0190280008900030 F_638245_302774211/25/20022019
ADAMS JASON MICHAEL -TEMEREDITH LEIGH ADAMS145OAK RIDGE DRIVE 0190210000000660 F_638782_302919901/19/20162019
ADAMS LARIVIERE NORMAN J 30GROTON HARVARD ROAD 0190270000000660 F_635211_302896403/04/20132019
ADAMS LESLIE E 66PEARL STREET 0190190000000330 F_632782_303217212/08/20142019
ADAMS MARK SJENNIFER D WALKER5THIRD STREET 0190340000001220 F_634609_302693605/10/20112019
ADAMS MARK SS/O OSCAR CLARK - JTS5FOURTH STREET 0190340000001250 F_634440_302665212/23/20132019
ADAMSON JAMES R - TEKAREN A ADAMSON60CENTRAL AVENUE 0190270000000550 F_634769_302858112/26/19852019
ADAMSON WILLIAM 49LINCOLN STREET 0190200000000510 F_634125_303116811/25/20052019
ADAMSON WILLIAM L IIIKIMBERLY J ADAMSON34PARTRIDGE RUN 0190360000000820 F_642684_302531608/01/20122019
ADELMAN MERLE - TES/O MERLE ADELMAN6TURTLE HILL ROAD #B 0190070006800150 F_646043_303211411/15/20162019
ADESARA NEIL VS/O SUSAN CRISOSTAMO 28WEST STREET #5A 019026001150005A F_632123_302954511/14/20162019
ADONIS BERNARDRHODE MARTIAL-ADONIS16LONGVIEW CIRCLE #B 0190300002400680 F_646561_302707606/16/20082019
AEFT LLC 55LITTLETON ROAD #24E 019036000090024E F_639526_302486601/02/20152019

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