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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
101 OLIVE ST REAL ESTATE TRUSTCAPPADONA ROSE M TRUSTEE101OLIVE ST 0140230024100000 F_662033_291226203/19/19932019
11 CORDAVILLE ROAD LLC 11CORDAVILLE RD 0140130003200000 F_661529_292150502/12/20042019
120 POND ST LLC 120POND ST 0140220004800000 F_675447_291713205/16/20122019
125 ARROWHEAD LLC 125ARROWHEAD CIRCLE 0140250033520002 F_674101_291477412/28/20152019
13 METROPOLITAN LLC 13METROPOLITAN AVE 0140200016000000 F_665588_291788102/28/20142019
135 SPYGLASS LLC 135SPYGLASS HILL DR 0140260020713001 F_675391_291210512/28/20152019
174-176 ALDEN STREET LLC 174ALDEN ST 0140140044100000 F_667077_291848703/27/20172019
183 CORDAVILLE ROAD TRUST 183CORDAVILLE RD 0140070020600000 F_657941_292193712/19/19912019
185 CORDAVILLE ROAD TRUST 185CORDAVILLE RD 0140070020700000 F_657829_292202512/19/19912019
19-21 ESTY STREET LLC 19ESTY ST 0140140032600000 F_665744_291898010/28/20052019
190 PLEASANT STREET LLC 180PLEASANT ST 0140130010500000 F_663142_292033112/31/20132019
190 PLEASANT STREET LLC 190PLEASANT ST 0140130010600000 F_663042_292028012/31/20132019
21 MAIN STREET LLC 21MAIN ST 0140140002100000 F_664973_292069602/20/20152019
223 CAPTAIN EAMES LLC 223CAPTAIN EAMES CIRCLE 0140210018729003 F_673318_291677312/28/20152019
24 ESTY STREET LLC 24ESTY ST 0140140034700000 F_665882_291907110/28/20052019
24 YALE ROCCO LLC 0YALE ST 0140260026100000 F_675288_291475301/14/20152019
24 YALE ROCCO LLC 24YALE ST 0140260002100000 F_675313_291493301/14/20152019
24 YALE ROCCO LLC 8YALE ST 0140260002200000 F_675325_291510801/14/20152019
24 YALE ROCCO LLC 0YALE ST REAR 0140260002300000 F_675428_291509501/14/20152019
251 MAIN STREET ASHLAND LLC 251MAIN ST 0140140033200000 F_666062_291920207/28/20152019
258-260 MAIN STREET REALTY TRUSTTAI CHRIS & JI SALLY & XUE XIA TR258MAIN ST 0140140036900000 F_666254_291930812/04/20152019
30 EAST BLUFF LLC 30EASTBLUFF RD 0140260021403004 F_675252_291267712/28/20152019
300 ELIOT LLC 300ELIOT ST 0140260001500000 F_674570_291337304/28/20162019
346 TRAILSIDE LLC 346TRAILSIDE WAY 0140300000305004 F_675572_291186912/28/20152019
41 FRONT STREET LLCC/O NEEDHAM BANK41FRONT ST 0140140029000000 F_665919_291989602/03/20142019
58 EXCHANGE ASHLAND LLC 16UNION ST 0140150007600000 F_669952_291996811/04/20152019
58 EXCHANGE ASHLAND LLC 12UNION ST 0140150007700000 F_669761_292004911/04/20152019
58 EXCHANGE ASHLAND LLC 1EAST UNION ST 0140150007800000 F_669929_292027111/04/20152019
58 NICKERSON ROAD LLC 58NICKERSON RD 0140250035200000 F_673592_291386003/06/20152019
81 WEST UNION STREET LLCN/O WSP STORAGE ASHLAND LLC81WEST UNION ST 0140190006700000 F_663554_291692311/10/20142019
83 HOMER AVENUE REALTY TRUST 83HOMER AVE 0140140037600000 F_666605_291956005/19/20162019
9-19 SUMMER STREET LLC 9SUMMER ST 0140140006700000 F_665735_291945608/19/20052019
92-100 FRONT STREET LLC 100FRONT ST 0140140026200000 F_666369_291993906/29/20122019
92-100 FRONT STREET LLC 92FRONT ST 0140140048500000 F_666327_291996506/29/20122019
A AND R WAVERLY LLC 0WAVERLY ST 0140150000500000 F_670279_292144412/23/20042019
A AND R WAVERLY LLC 61WAVERLY ST 0140150001200000 F_670864_292127112/23/20042019
A M PEARSON LLC 44FRONT ST 0140140013200000 F_665917_292006209/07/20072019
A M PEARSON LLC 24FRONT ST 0140140013300000 F_665857_292004607/27/20162019
A S J REALTY LLC 367POND ST 0140290015200000 F_674201_291199007/28/20162019
AARDEN MARK 319CEDAR ST 0140250026400000 F_671823_291243911/16/19902019
AARDEN RUDY & BERNARDA JTRUSTEES AARDEN FAMILY 2013 REALTY52CUTLER DR 0140100001100000 F_670175_292425711/19/20132019
AARON SHELLEY A 32ALGONQUIN TRAIL 0140210018757002 F_673318_291677307/30/20082019
ABASCIANO BRIAN MTHERESA E ABASCIANO34RIDGEWOOD ST 0140180010800000 F_657723_291802206/11/20102019
ABASCIANO MICHAEL PJESSICA ABASCIANO E11MAGNOLIA POINTE 0140210002100000 F_670668_291745908/16/20122019
ABAZARI MAHINANSARI ARDESHIR400CHESTNUT ST 0140240006000000 F_667713_291413712/22/20002019
ABBATINE STEVENTEODORA RUTA ABBATINE32LORRAINE DR 0140190014700000 F_661679_291706607/28/19972019
ABBOTT STEPHEN RAMANDA G ABBOTT111WINTER ST 0140080017600000 F_662528_292331408/19/20152019
ABCUNAS PETER TLORI ANN ABCUNAS97PROSPECT ST 0140250023600000 F_669691_291350104/15/20032019
ABDOU ATEF S 7DALE RD 0140120018000000 F_656978_291980107/01/20142019

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