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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
AAP ASHBY LLC 804FITCHBURG STATE RD 0120150005000000 M_176091_93247409/21/20182019
ABIJAH WYMAN HOUSE LLC 10COMMON RD 0120090000600000 M_173718_93647211/12/20142019
ACOSTA, ANNETTE & MARCUS, JAN K 830MAIN ST 0120100002700000 M_173760_93634512/16/20022019
ADAMS CONSTRUCTION & REALTY, INC 1341RICHARDSON RD 0120140006200000 M_174909_93244905/18/20162019
ADAMS CONSTRUCTION & REALTY, INC 0RICHARDSON RD 0120140006200070 M_174897_93200512/05/20112019
ADAMS, BRUCE W & DIANE E 1223RICHARDSON RD 0120140006400000 M_174653_93239108/27/20042019
ADAMS, BRUCE W & DIANE E 290DEER BAY RD 0120120008000000 M_173270_93418903/07/20172019
ADAMS, JUSTIN & ALYSSA 1433RICHARDSON RD 0120140006200090 M_174720_93211508/09/20122019
ADAMS, RICHARD R 419COUNTY RD 0120110009100040 M_175589_93540206/01/19842019
ADKINS, GERALD N & THERESA M 1020RICHARDSON RD 0120140003700000 M_174148_93289311/28/19972019
AIREY, RONALD & COYLE-AIREY, TERESA M 206PIPER RD 0120100001700010 M_173344_93562804/26/19962019
ALAMED, CHARLES H 640COUNTY RD 0120110011100030 M_176290_93553712/10/20182019
ALBIZU, DEMETRI & EMILY L 341HEYWOOD RD 0120040003100080 M_176492_93811104/06/20182019
ALDEN, FRED S IV & APRIL R 126JONES HILL RD 0120030003700000 M_173603_93845805/17/20112019
ALDEN, HELEN I  157WARES RD 0120150004300000 M_176356_93312007/12/20162019
ALFOND, MATTHEW D & MICHELLE M 64WILDER RD 0120080000700030 M_172129_93700811/28/19972019
ALLARD, LAWRENCE S 826TURNPIKE ROAD 0120050006400010 M_176745_93583711/01/19842019
ALLARD, LINDA L 705RICHARDSON RD 0120140004600000 M_173442_93336806/15/19712019
ALLEGRETTO, MICHAEL E 66WELLINGTON DR 0120070000900000 M_169573_93775805/20/19922019
ALLEN, ARTHUR & MARY ANN:A&M REALTY TRST 275WARES RD 0120150007300120 M_176523_93290602/16/19942019
ALLEN, CHRISTOPHER B 248SOUTH RD 0120120006800000 M_173648_93553206/05/19922019
AM TEL & TEL CO: PROPERTY TAX UNITATTN: PROPERTY TAX DEPT90TELEPHONE RD 0120140005900000 M_174518_93225410/04/19632019
AMADON, BRADLEYTERRELL, CINDI34PARK RD 0120070002700000 M_170990_93769101/16/20182019
AMADON, CARL R & JENNIFER D 279RICHARDSON RD 0120120003400020 M_172351_93385105/02/19972019
AMARI, DAVID M & SHELLEY A 75NASH RD 0120110000600090 M_174324_93558708/31/19982019
AMMENDOLIA, MERIDITH C 818MAIN ST 0120100002800000 M_173794_93633706/22/20012019
AMMESMAKI FAMILY IRREV TRUSTAMMESMAKI, JARI J TRUSTEE180HOSMER RD 0120110006100000 M_176166_93423905/07/20122019
AMMESMAKI, NICHOLAS 141FORT HILL RD 0120110012300000 M_176638_93431110/06/20172019
ANDERSON, DIANNE M LIFE ESTATENELSON, JENNIFER R TRSTE27DAMON RD 0120110005000000 M_175023_93562110/18/20122019
ANDERSON, DONALD E & REBECCA A 152SIMONDS RD 0120040000300000 M_174558_93919010/28/20132019
ANDERSON, DONALD E & REBECCA A 260SIMONDS RD 0120040000300010 M_174550_93896007/08/19882019
ANDERSON, LESLIE E & ETHEL V 234SIMONDS RD 0120040000400000 M_174477_93900610/25/19622019
ANDERSON, NEAL W & GENIFER G 1147NEW IPSWICH RD 0120030001800000 M_173739_93984510/08/19702019
ANDERSON, ROBERT A 782TURNPIKE ROAD 0120050006300000 M_176686_93574709/14/20152019
ANTTILA, SCOTT EANTTILA, DWIGHT A & DONNA27ALLEN RD 0120100004800000 M_174151_93611710/05/20162019
ARCHIBALD, MARKCHAPIN, CORRINNE496COUNTY RD 0120110009000000 M_175814_93551506/15/20102019
ARJANEN, ARVO & ESTHER RC/O TIINA ARJANEN AULER0LOWER WRIGHT POND 0120140001200000 M_174418_93324005/23/19532019
ARNOLD, WILLIAM L 840MAIN ST 0120100000400000 M_173718_93635007/31/20032019
ARNOLD, WILLIAM L  0NEW IPSWICH RD 0120030001700000 M_173589_93988206/11/20152019
ARNOLD, WILLIAM L 1238NEW IPSWICH RD 0120030001500000 M_173432_93981807/02/20032019
AROMAA, JAMES 400SOUTH RD 0120120006100000 M_173454_93529510/04/20022019
ARSENAULT FAMILY TRUSTARSENAULT, STEPHAN J & DUFFY, LINDA A TR0MASON RD 0120040001800000 M_175762_93973005/19/20152019
ARSENAULT, STEPHAN J & DUFFY, LINDA A 0MASON RD 0120040001900000 M_176104_93968708/26/20052019
ARSENAULT, STEPHAN J & DUFFY, LINDA A 1163MASON RD 0120040001900010 M_175779_93980607/23/20032019
ARSENAULT, TRACY L & BABINEAU, SCOTT P 256RICHARDSON RD 0120120003400130 M_172345_93405004/22/20112019
ART, ADAM & SUNNY 40SOUTH RD 0120100002500000 M_173748_93623008/05/20142019
ARUTE, HEIDE 54FITCHBURG STATE RD 0120110003100000 M_175657_93458008/04/19992019
ASENCIO SENCION, ALDRIN MREGUEIRA, JACQUELINE G1423PIPER RD 0120130000300000 M_171147_93328312/19/20132019

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