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Owner Name1Owner Name2St.No.StreetParcel IDLoc-IDLast Sale DateFiscal Year
  17DEPOT ST 0041130000000940 M_67222_93155407/01/20112016
  49ELM ST 0041200000000090 M_66365_93070709/22/20052016
  223COLUMBIA ST 0041070000000900 M_67736_93303504/15/19832016
  72COMMERCIAL ST 0041190000002430 M_66798_93060506/02/20142016
  82COMMERCIAL ST 0041190000002440 M_66801_93056106/02/20142016
  21RANDALL ST 0041160000002390 M_67572_93123206/02/19952016
  11SUMMER ST 0041160000002590 M_67384_93110612/09/19862016
  92SUMMER ST 0041120000000660 M_67590_93160801/02/19532016
  114EAST RD 0041170000000390 M_68430_93144801/09/20092016
  11CRANDALL ST 0041190000001110 M_67160_93088305/01/19702016
  88NO SUMMER ST 0041090000001470 M_67889_93251103/27/19902016
  0NO SUMMER ST 0041090000001480 M_67894_93252603/27/19902016
  2WALNUT ST 0041080000000340 M_66649_93231711/15/20132016
  185COLUMBIA ST 0041070000000940 M_67707_93290705/08/20012016
  0ORCHARD ST 0042210000000300 M_67511_92858105/09/19672016
  1EAST RD 0042230000000340 M_68589_92961807/10/20142016
  0WALLING RD 004223000000034C M_68651_92962207/10/20142016
  204COLUMBIA ST 0041070000001450 M_67664_93298211/17/20142016
  58LIME ST 0041050000000020 M_68254_93340812/23/20132016
  3E MAPLE ST 0041130000000990 M_67190_93164809/19/20062016
  1COLUMBIA ST 0041130000001030 M_67156_93166104/27/19952016
  93PARK ST 0041130000001040 M_67151_93163701/20/19832016
  2CENTER ST 0041150000000140 M_67112_931277 2016
  0MYRTLE ST 0041150000000160 M_67156_93128712/16/19692016
  1PLEASANT ST 0041150000000460 M_67236_93129609/16/20052016
  0FOREST PARK AVE 0041150000001170 M_66375_93110911/18/19682016
  0FOREST PARK AVE 0041150000001180 M_66513_931356 2016
  0FOREST PARK AVE 0041150000001151 M_66656_93116411/18/19682016
  0W MAPLE ST 0041130000000061 M_66419_93212010/19/20062016
  3COLUMBIA ST 0041130000001020 M_67178_931685 2016
  0NOTCH RD 0041080000000150 M_66684_93225107/07/19652016
  117EAST RD 0041110000000290 M_68506_93154409/28/20052016
  0ORCHARD ST 0042220000000010 M_67674_928531 2016
  0ORCHARD ST 004223000000003C M_67738_92958101/07/20022016
  0E ORCHARD TERR 0042230000000060 M_67980_93023403/06/20072016
  5HOXIE BROOK RD 0042180000000190 M_66170_93233711/12/19762016
  0WEST RD 0042090000000140 M_64098_929434 2016
  52GLEN ST 0041190000001770 M_67213_930481 2016
  131E HOOSAC ST 0042320000000120 M_69284_931667 2016
  0BURLINGAME HILL 0042350000000010 M_69408_928961 2016
  37ELM ST 0041190000000550 M_66407_93069405/28/19862016
  3GROVE ST 0041220000000230 M_66463_93014103/31/19752016
  113COLUMBIA ST 0041090000001110 M_67638_93262905/05/19812016
  102COLUMBIA ST 0041090000000260 M_67556_93251301/22/19752016
  174NO SUMMER ST 0041070000000750 M_68082_93304901/31/19752016
  0NOONAN ST 0041070000000270 M_67433_93315503/31/19752016
  219EAST RD 0041060000000430 M_68621_93309802/18/19752016
  4COLUMBIA ST 0041130000000860 M_67212_93192204/05/19712016
  9NO HOOSAC ST 0041120000000900 M_67582_93185204/24/19752016
  19COMMERCIAL ST 0041150000000990 M_66947_93102008/20/19752016

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