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Sorting Results:
All matching parcels will be displayed. Click on a column header to sort by that header. Click on the parcel ID for properties you would like to view in detail.
HINT: Use the wildcard search if you want to search for a specific street number with the street name. E.g. 110 Main
Search by Street Name:
Enter all or part of the street name. Do not include street number.If too many results come up, try using the wildcard search, which can include both a street number and a street name.
Search by Wildcard:
Enter all or part of a name, parcel id, or street number with street name. Results will appear in real time as you select your criteria.
Search by Property Owner:
Enter all or part of the owner's last name. If too many results come up, try entering the first name as well. All matching parcels will be displayed if the community provides ownership information online; if it does not, ownership information must be obtained directly from the assessors office.
Search by Parcel ID:
Parcel ID display starts with a 3 digit community code, then a 4 digit map ID, 4 digit Block ID and 5 digit Lot ID. You can enter all or part of the parcel ID.
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